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Hoyland's (John) Historical Survey, of the Cus- | Manndrell's Journey from Aleppo to Jerusalem,

toms, Habits, and Present State of the Gipsies, 1697 ; also a Journal from Grand Cairo to designed to develope the Origin of this Singu- Mound Sinai ; and a Faithful Account of the lar People, 8vo. boards, 2s

1816 Religion and Manners of the Mahometans, by Noble’s (Rev. Mark) Lives of the English Regi- J. Pitts, 8vo. boards, scarce, 3s

1810 cides, and other Commissioners appointed to " A little Book, but worthy a folio, a model sit in Judgment upon King Charles I, 2 vols. to all Writers of Travels.”-Bp. Newton 8vo. boards, 4s

1798 MacMahon's Candour and Good Nature of EngPegge's Anecdotes of the English Language, lishmen, exemplified in their Deliberate, Cau8vo. boards, scarce, 3s

1803 tious, and Charitable way of Characterizing Amhurst's Terræ Filius, or the Secret History of the Customs, Manners, and Religion of Neigh

the University of Oxford, 12mo. half calf, bouring Nations, in particular a specimen of ls 6d

1764 the ingenuous and liberal manner in which Dawson's (Dr. Thomas) Memoirs of St. George, they carry on Religious Controversy, &c. 8vo. the English Patron, and of the Most Noble call, 2s 6d

1777 Order of the Garter, 8vo. fine portrait of Scotland—Sir W. Scott on the Culloden Papers George I, &c. calf, neat, 2s

1714 in the Quarterly Review, 1816—And on Three Struggles through Life, Exemplified in the va- Works relating to Ossian's Poems, 1805, 8vo.

rious Adventures and Travels in Europe, Asia, calf, is Africa, and America, of Lieut. John Harriott, Thompson's (Chas.) Travels in Turkey, the formerly of Rochford, Essex, now Thames Holy Land, Arabia, Egypt, &c. a faithful AcPolice Magistrate, 2 vols. 12mo. portrait, half count of everything remarkable in Manners, red morocco, 38

1808 Religion, Antiquities, and Natural History, Ganganelli's (Pope Clement XIV) Interesting a curious Description Jerusalem and other

Letters, with Anecdotes of his Life, 2 vols. places mentioned in Scripture, with Remarks 12mo. portrait, calf, 2s

1781 of Modern Travellers, and Notes, 2 vols. 12mo. Wit—The New Foundling Hospital for Wit, be- maps and plates, calf, 2s

1754 ing a Collection of Fugitive Pieces, not in any Fragments on Woman, being Observations on

other Collection, 6 vols. 12mo. hf. cf. 6s 6d, 1786 her Character and Influence in Society, 24mo. Popes and Cardinals, 36 oli portraits, with Bio- portrait of Lady Jane Grey, silk, gilt edges, ls

graphies in French and English, oblong 8vo. Du Vair's Moral Philosophy of the Stoics, transhalf calf, rare, 4s 6d

lated by Chas. Cotton, 12mo. calf, Is 1667 Le Clerc's Reflections upon what the World call Lipsius's Discourse of Constancy, containing

Good Luck and Ill Luck, 12mo. calf, Is 6d, 1699 Consolations against Public Evils, translated Accomplished (The) Woman, by M. Du Boscq, by N. Manley, 12mo. calf, scarce, ls 6d 1670 2 vols. 12mo. calf, scarce, 2s

1753 Alexander's (Dr. W.) Lineal Descent of the SoSkinner's Lite of General Monk, Duke of Albe- vereign Princes of Europe, and the Historical

marle, his Surprising Actions and Unparalleled Circumstances of the Remarkable Actions of Success in Accomplishing the Restoration of their Lives,&c. 12mo. cf. scarce, ls 6d, Edin. 1704 Monarchy, his Memorable March from Cold- Humourist (The) Essays upon the Spleen, Love, stream to London, &c. with Preface by Web- Witchcraft, Ghosts, and Apparitions, Art of ster, &c. 8vo. curious portrait, old calf, gilt, Begging, Story of Will Hackett, the Enthusiast 2s 60 1724 &c. &c. 12mo. calf, scarce, 1s 6d

1724 Peter the Great of Russia, History of his Life Baudier's History of the Administration of Car

and Reign, his Travels, Studies and Fatigues dinal Ximenes, State Minister in Spain, transin pursuit of Knowledge, lis Reformations, lated by Vaughan, 12mo. calf, ls 6d 1671 Wars, and Victories, regard to Gonius and From Library of Rev. Hugh Hutton, with Merit, and severe Justice, &c. by John Banks, his Autograph”. 12mo. calf, ls 6d

1740 Way (The) to Make all People Rich, or Wis- Another Life of Peter the Great, by dom's Call to Temperance and Frugality, John Mottley, 3 vols. 12mo. plates, calf, 3s 12mo. half calf, ls 6d

N. D. Dublin, 1740 Civil Wars of France during the Bloody Reign From the Library of the Marquis of Drogheda.” of Charles IX, wherein is shewn the sad and William III (Life of), thick 8vo. portrait, plates bloody Murthers of many thousand Protestants, of Medals, &c. calf, 2s 6d

1703 dying the streets and rivers with their blood, Matrimony (Present State of), or Real Causes which cries to God for vengeance, faithfully

of Conjugal Infidelity and Unhappy Marriages, collected out of Ancient aud Modern Authors, Considerations on the Causes of the present 12mo. calf, scarce, 28

1655 Stagnation of Matrimony, 1772—Woman not Miscellanies in Prose and Verse ; Predictions

Inferior to Man, 1739, 8vo. hf. calf, scarce, 2s 6d for the Year 1708, a fainous Prediction of Debates of the House of Cominons, held at Merlin the British Wizard, above 1000 Years

Westminster and at Oxford, October and ago, relating to 1709-Description of a SalaMarch 1680, relating to the Suppression of mander- Virtues of Sid Hamet, the MagiciPopery, the Disabling James the II succeeding an's Rod, & various others, 8vo. calf, Is 6d, 1711 to the Throne, and various other important Moir's Inquiry into the most Curious Subjects of Matters, with a List of each Parliament, 8vo. History, Antiquity, and Science, with Appencalf, ls 6d

1689 dix, containing the Earliest Information of the Dryden's Fables from Homer, Ovid, Boccace, most Remarkable Cities, 12mo, bds. 1s 60, 1817

and Chaucer, with Original Poems, 8vo. fron- Tim Bobbin's Lancashire Dialect and Poems, with tispiece, calf, scarce, 2s

1713 plates by Cruikskank, post 8vo. cl. 2s6d, 1828


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(Granville) Account of the Constitutional | Taylor's (Thomas) Miscellanies in Prose and Eglish Polity of Congregational Courts, and Verse, containing the Triumph of the Wise articularly of the Great Annnal Court of the Man over Fortune, Creed of the Platonic PhiEeople, called the View of Frankpledge, 8vo. losopher, a Panegyric on Sydenham, &c. small If ls 6d 1786 8vo. boards, ls 6d

1805 Iquarian Illustrations, a series of 80 Views Letters of Father Paul Sarpi, of Venice, transAncient Towns, Castles, Abbeys, Churches, lated by Brown, 8vo. wants title, half vellum, si other Interesting Relics of Antiquity, 8vo.

scarce, 2s

1693 h, gilt edges, 5s

. From the Library of Rev. Hugh Hutton, n's (Lord) Letters written during the Reign with his Autograph.' & James the 1st, with an Historical Introduc- Clarendon (Earl of) Proceedings connected with 12 4to, calf, 2s 6d

1702 his Impeachment for High Treason, in 1667, brer's Travels, 2nd edition, with Explanatory 8vo. calf, is 60

1700 od Commendatory Verses, 2 vols. 8vo. por- Antiquity, or the Wise Instructor, a Collection fruit and maps, calf, scarce, 3s 60 1727 of the most Valuable Extracts from Christian rigues of the Qneen of Spain, with the Prince & Heathen Writers, 12mo, cf. Is 60, York, 1773 c: Peace, and others, by a Spanish Nobleman Le Moyne's Art of Writing, and Judging of Hisand Patriot, Sro. half calf, is 6d

1808 tory, with Reflections upon Ancient and Moarbam's Letter describing the Magnificent dern Historians, 12mo. calf, scarce, ls 6d, 1695

Pageants presented before Queen Elizabeth Collier's (Jeremy) Life of the Emperor Marcus * Kenilworth Castle, in 1575, with Preface Antonius, his Meditations with himself, with

and Notes, post 8vo. portrait, boards, 2s, 1821 the Preliminary Discourse of Gataker, and Gasrigne's Princely Pleasures at Kenilworth Notes from various Authorities, by Dr. Stan

Castle, with the Masque intended to have been hope, also thc Mythological Picture of Cebes, presented before Queen Elizabeth in 1575, Theban, 8vo. portrait, old calf, gilt, 2s 1701 with Memoir and Notes, post 8vo. portrait, Sandford's (Wm., Surgeon, Worcester) Practical boards, 2s

1821 Remarks on the Medicinal Effects of Wine Venuti's Description of the Discoveries of the and Spirits, with Observations on the Economy

Ancient City of Heraclea, near Portici in 1689 of Health, 12mo. half calf, neat, ls 6d, and 1711, translated by Skurray, 8vo. calf,

Worcester, 1799 Is 60

1750 Letters of Father Paul Sarpi of Venice, transDrunken Barnaby's Four Journeys to the North lated by Rev. E. Brown, Sundridge, Kent, of England together with Bessy Bell, and the 12mo. half calf, is 6d

1693 Ancient Ballad of Chevy Chase, all in Latin Speed's History of England, thick folio, imperand English Verse, post 8vo. boards, scarce 2s, fect at beginning and the Index, engravings, pab. at 63 1822 calf, scarce, 8s 6d

N.D. Secret History of the Amours of the most Re- Gay's (John) Plays, with Account of his Life and Downsd Queen Elizabeth and the Earl of Writings, 12mo. portrait, calf, 1s 6d 1772

Essex, 12mo. calf, scarce, ls 6d, Cologne, 1695 Gay’s Fables, 12mo. numerous plates, calf, Svart's (Stephen), The Netherland Historian, Is 60

1775 an exact Relation of what hath passed in the Temples (Sir W.) Introduction to the History late Wars between Great Britain, the French of England, 8vo. calf, Is 6d.--" Autograph of and their Allies against the States-General of C. Godolphin.”

1699 the United Provinces, with 60 Sculptures of Gozliski's Accomplished Senator, translated by the principal Fortifications, and portraiture of Oldisworth, 4to. calf, scarce, 2s 60 1733 Mighty Princes and Eminent Officers, thick Petavius's History of the World, or an Account

12mo. calf, scarce, 2s Amsterdam, 1675 of Time to 1659, with Geographical DescripDugdale's (Sir Wm.) Ancient Usage in bearing tion of Europe, Asia, Africa, and America, of sach Ensigns of Honour, as are commonly folio, calf, 5s

1659 called Arms, with a Catalogue of the Nobility Observations upon the Statutes, chiefly the more of England, Scotland, and Ireland, 12mo. Ancient from Magna Charta to 21st of James calf, scarce, 2s 60

Oxford, 1682 Ist, with Appendix on Re-modelling the StaStrauchius's Breviarium Chronologicum, a Treat- tues, 4to. calf, 2s 6d

1766 ise on the Characters, Periods, and Epoebas Gracian's the Hero, with Remarks of the Learned used in Chronology, 8vo. engraved title, calf, Courbeville, 4to. half calf, scarce, 2s 6d 1726 28


“ It must be observed, I do not confine the Cobbett's (Wm.) Trial, July 7, 1831–Cobbett on Name of Heroes to Warriors, I extend the

Parliamentary Reform-French's Cobbet on appellation to all Persons eminent in an high the Gridiron, and various Numbers of Cobbet's degree.—Chap. 1." Register, 8vo. sewed, ls

Burnet's (Gilbert) History of the Church and Pigott's Political Dictionary, explaining the true State of Scotland, Memoirs of the Lives and

Meaning of Words, illustrated and exemplified Actions of Dukes of Hamilton, and Castlehein the Lives, Moral Character and Conduct of rald, &c. 1625 to 1652, together with Letters illustrious Individuals, 8vo. half calf, scarce, and Papers written by King Charles I, folio, 1795 fine portrait, calf, 5s

1677 Rosseau's Inquiry into the Nature of the Social Osbeck's (Rev. Peter) Voyage to China and the

Contract, or Principles of Political Right, East Indies, with a Voyage to Suratte, by 12m0. boards, scarce, 2s

1791 Olof Toreen, and an Account of Chinese HusTales for Youth, with cuts by Bewick, 12mo. bandry, by Capt. Eckeberg, to which is added bound, ls 6d

1794 a Faunula and Flora Sinensis, 2 vols. 8vo. plates, calf, 38


SHAKSPEARE-Citation and Examination of CAMDEN SOCIETY PUBLICATIONS. Wil. Shakespeare and others before Sir Thos

ALL IN ('LOTII, CLEAN AS NEW. Lucy, touching Deer Stealing, in 1582, to which is added a Conference of Master Ed- Bale's Play of King Johan, 3s 6d mund Spenger with the Earl of Essex, touch- Deposition of Richard II, 3s 6d ing the state of Ireland, A. 1). 1595, post 8vo. Plumpton Correspondence in Reigns of Edward boards, 2s


IV, Richard III, llenry VII and VIII, 5s Illustrations of Shakspeare, comprised in 230 Political Songs of England, 4s 6d

engravings by Thompson, froni Designs by Hayward's Annals of Elizabeth's Reign, 2s od

Thurston, sro. boards, 2s, pub. at 10s 60, 1830 Ecclesiastical Documents, 2s 6d
Boydell's Catalogue of the Pictures in the Shaks- Norden's Description of Essex, 1594, 2s 6d

peare Gallery, with Quotations, de. 1790– Warkworth's Chroniele of Edward IV, 2s 64
Edwards' Canons of Criticism and Glossary, a Kemp's Nine Daies Wonder, 2s 6d
Supplement to Warburton's Shakspeare, 1753 Egerton Papers, Illustrative of the Times of
---Mrs. Pickering's Poems, with Additions, Elizabeth and James I, 4s
Birmingham, 1794 History of Fairford Contests in Ireland, in 1641 and 1690, 2s 641
Church, Gloucester, 1769, and 3 Old Plays, Chronicon W. De Rishanger, 1259-1322. Mira-
&c. 8vo. half calf, 2s,

cula Simonis de Montford, 2s 6d Pye’s Comments on the Commentators of Shaks- Travels of Nicander Vucius (to England, temp.

pea re, and Observations on his Genius and Henry VIII), 2s 6d Writings, and on the Labours of those who Private Diary of Dr. John Dee, 3s have endeavoured to elucidate them, 8vo. Apology for Lollard Doctrines, attributed to boards, 2s


Wicliffe, 38 Stage (The) Condemned, and its encouragement Rutland Papers, Illustrative of the Court and

by the English Schools, L'niversities and Pul- Times of Henry VII and VIII, 3s pits censured ; the Arguments of all Authors Diary of Bp. Cartwright, temp James II, 2s 60 in Defence of the Stage Considered, the Sense Original Letters and Papers of Literary Men of of the Fathers, Councils, Ancient Philoso- England, 4s phers and Poets concerning the Drama, &c. Proceedings against Dame Alice Kyteler for &ro, call, scarcp, 28

1698 Witchcraft, in 1384, 3s Richardson's (of Glasgow) Essays on Shaks- Promptorium Parvulorum, sive Clericorum peare's Character of Falstaff

, his Imitation of Lexicon Anglo-Latinum princeps, 1440, 4s 6d Female Characters, and on the Sundy of S.

Letters relating to the Suppression of the Mu-1789–J. Wilson Croker's Familiar Epistles to nasteries, temp Henry VIII, 4s 6d F. Jones, Esq. on the State of the Irish Stage, Correspondence of Duiley Earl of Leicester, in 2 vols. in 1, 12mo. calf, neat, scarce, ls 6d, the Low Countries, 1585–6, 35 60

Dublin, 1804 French Chronicle of London, from 44 Henry Kemble's Essay on Macbeth and King Richard III to XVII, Edward IV, 2s 6d III, post 8vo. boards, ls 6d

1817 Polydore Virgil's English History (Henry VI, Essay on the Writings and Genius of Shaks- Edward IV and Richard III), 35 6d

peare, compared with the Greek and French Early English Metrical Romances of Perceral, Dramatic Poets, with Remarks upon the Mis- Isumbras, Eglamour, and Degrevant, 4s representations of Voltaire, 8vo. calf

, 2s, 1770 Autobiograhy of Sir John Branston, 48 Ulrici's (Dr.) Shakspeare's Dramatic Art, and Correspondence of James Karl of Perth, with the his relation to Calderon and Goethe, 8vo.

Countess of Errol, &c. 3s cloth, 4s, puh. at 12s

1841 Liber de Antiquis Legibus, 4s 6d Curling's (Capt.), The Forest Youth, or Shaks- Chronicle of Calais, by Turpin, Reigns of Henry

peare as he Lived, 12mo. cloth, is 1853 VII and VIII, to 1540, 3s 60 Collier's (Jeremy) View of the Immorality and Polydore Virgils English History, prior to the

Profineness of the English Stage, 8vo. (wants Norman Conquest, 3s 6d binding), 1698 A Defence of Dramatic A Relation, or True Account of the Island of Poetry, being a Review of “Collier,” 8vo. calf, England, about A.D. 1500, 3s 6d 1698, 2 vols. scarce, 28

Documents relating to the Foundation and AnJones's (H.) Tour in quest of Genealogy through tiquities of Middleham Church, York, 2s 60

Wales, Somerset, and Wilts, with a Descrip- The Camden Miscellany, Vol. 1, 3s tion of Stourhead and Stonehenge, and Anec- Life of Lord Grey of Wilton, 2s 6d dotes and Curious Fragments, from a M. S. PORTRAITS :--Thos. Attwood-Wm. ChessCollection, ascribed to Shakspeare, 8vo. boards, hire-B. Hall-Rev. Hugh Hutton-Charles Is 6d


Napier-Rev. Dr. Stebbing, 6 portraits, 4to. Maurier's (Baron) Lives of all the Princes of Is 6d ; proofs on India Paper, 2s, single por

Orange, with Life of King William III, by traits, 6d each, pub. at 2s 60
Thos. Bidwn, 8vo. fine old portocalf

, is 60, 1693 Portrait of Prince Albert, 30 in. by 18 in. 55 Restoration of Edward IV, 28 6d

published at £l : js. Early in December, a Catalogue of Books on Agriculture, foc. Architecture, Astronorny, Astrology, Botany, Chemistry, Education, Farriery, fc., Geology, Mathematics, Medicine, fc. Mechanics, Mineralogy, Natural History, Painting, Soc., Phrenology, Sporting, and all Arts and Sciences. GRATIS on Application to


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Gentlemen who receive this Catalogue will oblige (after perusal) by lending or sending it, to ary Literary Friend, or Public Institution, or by returning it to the Publisher, if not wanted.

JUNE, 1855,


Chiefly the Private Library of a Birmingham Gentleman, lately deceased, Including the THIRD EDITION OF SHAKSPEARE, Books on OLD ENGLISH HISTORY AND ANTIQUITIES; LANGUAGES; METALS AND MINING; WALES and the WELSH LANGUAGE; AMERICA, and many OLD CURIOUS and SCARCE BOOKS in Miscellaneous Literature, now on Sale at


Books Bought or Exchanged.-Former Catalogues may be had Gratis.

CHARLES THE FIRST; a very valuable and Hume's Essays, 2 vols, Svo, old calf, 3s 6d 1793 searce collection of Speeches published between better copy, 5s

1769 1611 and 1017. 11 by Lord Andevers on the Macfarlane's Lives and Exploits of Banditti and Pacification and Starre Chamber. Queen Robbers, 18mo, cloth, 2s. pub at 5s 1839 Elizabeth's Speech to her last Parliament, Pope's Homer's lliad & Odyssey, with copious S0th November, 1601. A famous Speech of Notes and plates, 11 vols, 12mo, calf, neat, Henry the VIII in 1545, tending to Charity

uniform, 105

Lintot 1756 - 8 & Concord, III Speeches on his Majestiez Pope's Works, Prose and Verse, 6 vols, 12mo, refusal of a treaty of peace by Lord Brook and

calf, 6s

1767 Sir H. Vane. Bagshaw's Speeches concerning Herschel's Natural Philosophy 12mo, cloth, 2s, Episcopacy and Triall of the VII Bishops.

pub. at 6s

1830 Orders for Voting Subsidies. Speech of the Roscoe's Lives of eminent British Lawyers, Earl of Bristol in favour of continuation of

12mo, cloth, 2s

1830 the Warre. Earl of Doreet in favour of The Rambler in Worcestershire; Stray Notes Accomodation betwixt King and Parliament.

of Churches and Congregations, by J. Noake, Archbishop of Canterbury's Speech or Funeral

12mo, cloth, neatly printed, 3s 6d pub. 5s out Sermon preached by himself on the Scaffold, of print

1851 January 10th, 1844. A Pious and Learned

Reflections on Names and Places in Devonshire Speech ist Henry IV., by T.Merks then Bishop

12mo, half morocco, 2s

1845 of Carlile, wherein he Gravely and Judiciously Trial of Charles the First, and the Regicides, declares his Opinion, what should be done

plates, 18mo, cloth, ls 6d

1832 with the Deposed King Richard Il. A Speech Oracle of Health and long Life, with the Philosspoken by a worthy and learned gentleman, Naster T. Chadlicott, behalf of the King

phy of Domestic Medicine, 12mo, cloth, Is od

1837 and Parliament at Bishop's Canning, Wilt shire. Sir J. Culpeper, concerning the griev-Bailey's Universal Etymological English Dic

tionary, 2 vols, 8vo., with 500 cuts, calf, scarce, ances of the Church and Commonwealth.


1745 Sir. E. Deering concerning the Lyturgy and

Three Courses and a Dessert, original edition,
Synod; also his Declaration and Petition,
Lord Digby against Earl of Strafford, and

fine impressions of Cruikshank's engravings,

1830 Answer to the same. A printed Paper called

post 8vo, half morocco, 5s 6d Lord Digby's Speech torn in pieces and blown

Job Orton's Discourses to the Aged, 12mo., bound, ls

1773 away. Lord Digby concerning Bishops, &c. The Greeke Postcripts of the Epistles to

Addison's Evidences of Christian Religion,

1773 Timothy and Titus cleared in Parliament by METALS & MINING.–Heton's Account of

12mo. calf, ls
Sir Simon D'Ewes, also on the Bill of Sub.
sidies, also his Two Speeches on Antiquity of

Mines, and the advantages of them to this
Cambridge, &c. Sir S. Ducy concerning

Kingdom, with Appendix on the Mine adven

ture in Wales, 8vo., calf, scarce, 4s 6d 1707 the 12 Bishops. Glyn concerning Breaches of privileges of Parliament, also on impeach- Horne's Essays on Iron and Steel; Observations ment. Laud, and a great number of other on American Sand Iron, Iron Ore, Method of Speeci by Lord Bacon, Duke of Bucking- reducing into Pig & Bar Iron the sort proper ham, i ii E. Cicill, Lord Digby and others, in for Steel, on Charring Pit Coal, &c. 12mo, one thick volume, small 4to, vellum, rare, boards, 3s Od


Pettus's (Sir John) History, Laws, and Places
LODGE'S PORTRAITS of Eminent persons, of Mines, and Mineral Works of England,

12 vols, imperial 8vo, fine impressions of the Wales, and the English Pale in Ireland, also
numerous portraits, half calf, neat, cloth sides of the Mint and Money, with a clavis explain-
top edge gilt, only £5 Os pub. at £12 125, ing the difficult words relating to Mines, &c,
1835 small folio, calf, scarce, 158


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Pettus's Fleta Minor; Laws of Art and Nature, | Dalrymple's History of Feudal Property in Gt. in Knowing, Judging, Assaying, Fining, and Britain, 12mo, calf, Isod

1757 Refining Metals, with a Dictionary of metal. Dr. Watts's Lyric Poems, with portrait, 12mo, lick words, folio, portrait and engravings, calf, calf, Is neat, good copy, il's

1683 Collection of the Moral and Instructive Senti. STURTEVANT'S METALLICA; comprehend- ments, contained in the History of Pamela,

ing the doctrine of diverse new Metallick 12mo, wants title, half calf, neat, 1s6d Inventions, but especially how to Neale, Prideaux's True Nature of Imposture fully disMelt, and Worke all kin'is of Mettle Oares, played in the Life of Mahomet, 12mo., calf, Irons and Steeles, with Sea-coale, Pit-coale, Isod

1716 Earth.coale, & Brush-fewell, small 4to., good Lady Mary Wortley Montague's Celebrated sound copy, rare, half calf, 21s

Letters 3 vols in l, 18mo, half calf, Isod 1763 Anno 1612, May 22 Ordnance Map of the Country about 15 miles With the above is bound 130 puges of round Birningham, mounted on linen and Manuscript, containing the principal portions folded in leather case, 2s6d of Dud Dudley on 11etallica, and Ea tracts Teesdale's Map of Staffordshire, mounted on from various other old works on Metals and linen and folded in royal 8vo., vol. case, calf, Mining.

neat, 10s Webster's History of Metals, small 4to., half Milburn's Oriental Commence; or East India calf, 5s 6d

1071 Trader's Guide by Thornton, royal 8vo, maps, On the Ventilation of Mines, especially the boards, Isod

1825 thick Coal Mines of S. Statfordshire, plans, Mathieu's History of Lewis the XIth and the 8vo, cloth, 28

Birm. 1817 Memorable Accidents which happened in HAJRS SKETCHES OF THE COAL MINES Europe during the 22 years of his Raigne,

OF NORTIUMBERLAND AND DUR- folio, half calf, index imperfect, 2s6d 1614 HAM, with their History and Statistics, by Hildersam’s CVIII Lectures upon the fourth of M, Ross, 14 parts, imperial 4to., illustrated John, preached at Ashby de la Zouch, folio, with 44 beautifully executed line engravings, calf, scarce, 5sod

1632 containing Views of all the Collieries, (pub. at Lucy Aikin's Epistles on Women, exemplifying £1 105)-11s

their condition and character in various Ages Holmes on Coal Mines of Northumberland and and Nations, 4to, boards, 1s6d

1810 Durham, on explosions from Fire Damp, their Hooker's Ecclesiastical Politie and other Works, causes and remedy, Ventilation, &c., 8vo, folio, engraved title, calf, 3s6d

1631 plates, half calt, 3s

1816 Limborch's History of the Inquisition, 2 vols. in The Fudges in England, by Thos. Moore, the 1, 4to, plates, calf, 7s6d

1731 Poet, 12 mo. Loards, Is

1835 Lucan's Pharsalia or Civil Wars of Rome, Eliza Cook's Poems, with fine plates, post 8vo. Englished by Thomas May, Esq., with Con

cloth, clean as new, 750d, sells at 10s0d, (with tinuation of the subject, dedicated to Charles Authors Autograplı.) 1845 the first, 12mo, calf, 1s6d

1673 Livy's History of Rome translated by Spillan Patent Journal, vols 4 & 5, 8vo, 6 & 7, 4to, 4 vols, and others, 4 vols, cloth, 12s, pub. at 20s cloth, 550d, pub. at £2 12s 6d

1848-9 Bohn, 1819 Lambard's Alphabetical Description of the chief -Ditto, vol. I containing first eight books, places in England and Wales, with the Anglo3s

Saxon Etymologies, and account of the most Coker's Survey of the Antiquities and Natural memorable events which have distinguished

History of Dorsetshire, folio, mar, plates them, 4to, portrait by Vertue, scarce, 10s 1730 wanting, calf, 2s od

1732 Parliamentary Report relating to the Charities Musgrave's History of the Rebellions in Ireland of the County of Stafford, vol. 1, folio, cloth, 1to, maps and plates, calf, īsid Dublin, 1801 2s6d

1836 McIntoshi's Practical Gardener and Modern Toulmin's History of Taunton, plates, 4to., bd3., Horticulturist, 8vo, bound, 2s 6d 1828


1791 Wood's Dictionary of the Bible, 2 vols. 8vo, half Robinson's Philosophy of Human Happiness, calf, 6s

1811 12mo, silk, gilt edges, Is 6d Skinner's Etymologicon Linguæ Anglicanæ, seu Low's Beauties of French Literature, translated, explicatio Vocum Ang. ex proprüs Fontibus 12mo, sewed, ls

1853 Anglo Sax., Runicis, Gothicis, etc., folio, call, Ogilby's Translation of Virgil, 12mo, half calf, good copy, 15s 1761 ls 6d

1649 John Milton's Prose Works, folio, calf, good Lawson's Bible Cyclopædia, containing the Bio.

1671 graphy, Geography and Natural History of John Gay's Poems, 2 vols, 12mo, calf, 1s6d the Scriptures, with Introductory Essays, 3

Glasgow, 1751 vols. imperial Bvo, maps and plates, cloth, 188 Towgood's Dissent from the Church of England, MAVOR’S COLLECTION OF VOYAGES fully justified, 12mo, calf, Jsod

1770 AND TRAVELS, from the Discovery of Philosophical Essays concerning Human Un. America to the Travels of Lord Valentia, with derstanding, 12mo, calf, 1s

1748 maps and plates, 28 vols, 12mo, half calf, 20s Holy Bible interleaved with writing paper for (1 vol. damaged)

1813 Notes, 2 vols., 12mo., old half calf, 2s Baker's Poems; Monody on Dr. Adam Clarke, Edin., 1784 &c. 12mo, cloth, is


copy, 8s6d

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