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Highest Titles ascribed to him ; even such as include All divine Powers, excepting absolute Supremacy and Independency, which to suppose Communicable is an express Contradiction in Terms.

pag. 298

S XXVIII. The Holy Spirit is described in the new Testa

ment, as the immediate Author and Worker of All Miracles, even of those done by our Lord himself; and as the Conducter of Christ in all the Actions of his Life, during his State of Humiliation here upon Earth. 301

S XXIX. The Holy Spirit is declared in Scripture to

be the Inspirer of the Prophets and Apostles, and the Great Teacher and Directer of the Apostles in the whole work of their MiniStry.


S XXX. The Holy Spirit is represented in the New

Testament, as the Sanctifier of all Hearts, and the Supporter and Comforter of good Christians under all their Difficulties. Ibid.


S. XXXI. Concerning the Holy Spirit, there are Other


Greater things spoken in Scripture, and Higher Titles ascribed to him, than to any Angel or other Created Being whatfoever.

pag. 302 S XXXII. The Word, God, in Scripture, no where liga nifies the Person of the Holy Ghost. 303

S XXXIII. The Word, God, in Scripture, never signifies

a complex Notion of more Persons than One ; but always means One person only, viz. either the person of the Father fingly, or the perfon of the Son Jingly.

304 Ś XXXIV. The Son, whatever bis metaphysical Essence

or Substance be, and whatever divinė Greatness and Dignity is ascribed to him in Scripa ture ; yet in This He is evidently Subordi: nate to the Father, that He derives his Being and Attributes from the Father, the Father Nothing from Him. Ibid.

S XXXV. Every Adion of the Son, both in making the

World, and in all other his Operations $ is only the Exercise of the Father's Power, communicated to him after an ineffable mans

313 ♡ XXXVI.


S XXXVI. The Son, whatever his metaphysical Nature

or Elence be ; yet in this whole Dispensation, in the Creation and Redemption of the World, acts in all things according to the Will, and by the Mission or Authority of the Father.

pag. 322 S XXXVII. The Son, how great foever the metaphysical

Dignity of his Nature was, yet in the whole Dispensation entirely directed all his Attions to the Glory of the Father.


S XXXVIII. Our Saviour, Jefius Christ; as, before his In

carnation, he was sent forth by the Will and good pleasure, and with the Authority of the Father ; so in the Flesh, both before and after his Exaltation, notwithstanding that the Divinity of the Son was personally and inseparably united to it, he, in acknowo ledgment of the Supremacy of the Person of the Father, always Prayed to Him, and returned him Thanks, stiling Him his God, &C.

332 $ XXXIX. The reason why the Scripture, though it stiles

the Father God, and also stiles the Son God, get at the same time always declares there

is but One God; is because, in the Monarchy of the Vniverse, there is but One Authority, original in the Father, derivative in the Son : The Power of the Son being, not Another Power opposite to That of the Father, nor Another Power co-ordinate to That of the Father ; but it self The Power and Authority of the Father, communicated to, manifested in, and exercised by the Son

pag. 332

S XL. The Holy Spirit, whatever his Metaphysical

Nature, Esence or Substance be ; and whatever divine Power or Dignity is ascribed to him in Scripture'; yet in This he is evi. dently Subordinate to the Father; that He derives his Being and Powers from the ther, the Father nothing from Him. 349

S XLI. The Holy Spirit, whatever his Metaphysical Nature, Esence or Substance be; and whatever divine Power or Dignity is afcribed to him in Scripture ; yet in the whole Dif pensation of the Gospel, always afts by the Will of the Father, is given and sent by bim, intercedes to him, &c.


$ XLII. The Holy Spirit, as he is Subordinate to the


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Father ; so he is also in Scripture represented as Subordinate to the Son, both by Nature and by the Will of the Father ; excepting only that he is described as being the Condučter and Guide of our Lord, during his State of Humiliation here upon Earth.

pag. 351 À XLIII. Vpon These Grounds, absolutely Supreme Ho

nour is due to the Perfon of the Father fingly, as being Alone the Supreme Author of all Being and Power.


For the same Reason, All Prayers and Praises

ought primarily or ultimately to be dire-
<ted to the Person of the Father, as the O-
riginal and Primary Author of all Good.

354 S XLV. And upon the fame Account, whatever Honour

is paid to the Son who redeemed, or 10 the Holy Spirit who sanctifies us, must always be understood as tending finally to the Honour and Glory of the Father, by whose good pleasure the Son redeemed, and the Holy Spirit Sanctifies us.


For, the Great Oeconomy, or the Whole Dif


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