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hason of 'who contend that the Son is 'sonam, non eflentiam five $ 44. of the Trinity. Part

' ; again, that all the bonour Patrem redundate, in ipt and Worship, which we pay fümque, ut L9861010 to Him, muft redonnd to ultimo referri. Id. ibid. n the Father, and be referred ultiniately to the Faber, the Fountain of Divinity. ****

' confidered as God absolutely, and the fame person conGod, This Distinction (Ifay, ) has not only no Foundation in the Nature of Things, (for Christ is manifestly no otherwise God; than as he is God of God;) nor in the Writings of Origen, (for He speaks every where uniformly concerning This Matter ; See above in $ 11, some remarks upon That passage of Origen, contr. Celf. lib. s, which our very Learned Author principally refers to in making This Distinction :) but it is contrary also, even to the doctrine Mian sex ww old a les 7óó

Athanafius, (who af- De Snursegèv nógov otokbreki firms that we acknowledge s'y étreba tryce Teótor byen One only Original of Things, Je6t1176, n Wa Mórs o't, and that the creating Word die toote auto cepurevc. has no other Sort of Divini

rat. 3. Contr. Arianos. ty, but That of the Only

gult God, as being derived from Him;)and directly contraTy to this excellent Authors own expiess doctrine, in his whole Fourth Section, and in other places: where Aiunt Filium a Deo Pahe affirms that those' Au- tre esse, quà Filius eit thors contradi&t themselves, non quà Deus est; perfrom the Father, only as he naturam divinam, a Patre is the Son, not as he is God; accepiffe. Atqui hoc fiand that bis personality only, bi ipfi contrarium eft. De por his essence or divine Na- fent. Sect. 4, cap. 1. $ 7. Jure, is derivative from

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the Farber ; and where he declares, (speaking of Christ, got as Man, but as God,d that Ali tbe Honour paid unto the Son, redounds to God the Father who be Quod omnis Filii honos, gut him; and commends in Deum Patrem, qui ipOrigen for alleging this sum genuit,redundet. Se£t. very Thing as an Argu- 4, cap. 4, 6 s. ment, to prove that the Christians did not derogate from the Monarchy of the Father : and testifies that the Notion of the Antient Intelligentes scilicet, per Christians was, that the Filium Patris gloriam ma: Glory of the Father was ma- nifeftari; omnemq; Filii nifested by the Son ; and that gloriam ad Patrem, ut All the Honour of the Son Fontem divinitatis, redunredounds to the Father as the dare. Seet. 2. cap. 3, $ 6. Fountain of Divinity.

To mention but One Quid, quòd hæc Patris place more, of the fame Box) in omnibus CathoLearned Author : What licæ Ecclefiæ Liturgiis need. I add ( laith he ) that hodièq; agnoscitur. Nam This pre-eminence of the Fa- & in ozonogíaus Deum Pather, is acknowledged even trem & fpurn To H (ut at This day, in all the Li- Justinus loquitur) gloriturgies of the Catholick ficamus; & preces pleChurch. For both in the ralq; ad ipsum dirigimus. Doxologies we glorify God Quâ de re notatu fane digthe Father in the first place, na sunt Petavii, Crellio (as Justin Martyr speaks) de Spiritu Sancto responand almost all Prayers also dentis, verba; (de Trinit. are put up, directly to Him. lib. 3, cap. 79 S15.) Nam, Concerning which matter, inquit, quod ad Spiritum Temarkable are the words of Sanctum preces in Ecclefia Petavius, in Answer to publicè ferè non diriguntur, Crellius concerning the fruftrà ex co calumniam Holy Spirit: 'Tis in vain Aruit Crellius ; fiquidem, (faith he) that Crellius veteri ex ufu, pleræg ad Pro


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thinks to draw any Argue trem referuntur. Atqz. ita ment, from the Church's decretum legimus on Curtha hardly directing any of her ginenfi tertia Synodo, canone publick Prayers to the Holy 23, ut cùm ad altare alliSpirit : For almost Ail stuur, Semper ad Patrem Prayers are, by antient u dirigatur oratio. Nimirum, Sage, directed to the Father. quia tunc Chriffi corpus, five

find it decreed homo Chriftus, offertur ; ac in the Third Council of Car- veteris & cruenti Sacrificii thage, canon the 23d, that memoria celebratur ; &quum when the Priest stands at the eft ad Patrem, velut AuAltar, he mould direct bis &torem ac Principium, referri Prayer Always to the Fa onnia : uti Jummum imither. The Reason is ; bio temur Sacerdotem do Ponticause the Body of Christ, or ficem Chriftum dominum,qui the Man Christ, being then tum omnia dieta fa&taq; sua offered; and the Memory of Patris ad honorem referre that antient and bloody Sa- folebat, tum in illo poftremo crifice, celebrated; it is but sacrificio tradidit femetipfum fit, that All pould be re- pro nobis oblationem ab hoferred to the Farber, as the stiam Deo in odorem fuavia Original Author of All : taris. Sect. 2, cap: 9, $15. That so we may imitate Christ our Lord and great High-Priest, who as at all ther times be directed all bis words and actions to the glory of his Fath.r, so particularly in that last Sacrifice delivered himself up to God for us an offering and oblation for a Sweet-smelling favour.

To the fame purpose, the judicious Mr Mede, in the place before cited : To Us Christians (saith he) there is but One Sovereign God, the Father, of whom are all things, and we [tos outr] to Him, (that is, To whom as-Supreme, we are to direct All our Services ;) and bui ore Lord Jesus Christ, by whom are all things which come from the Father 10 Vs, and through whom alone we find Access unto Him. Disc. on a Pet.


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And the Learned Bp Wake : [The Lords Prayer

we Mould Pray to God ONLY, and to Him as our Father, through Jesus Christ or Lord. Comments on Church Carechos pag. 130, 131. [The Meaning is not, that Prayers may not at all be offered to the Son; but that they must always ultimately be directed to God only, as our F A THER, through Chrift.7

And most fully, the Office for Ordaining of Priefts, in the "Exhortation to the Persons to be ordained, thus expresses the same Notion :

(That you will continually pray To God the Father, By the Mediation of exr only Saviour Jesus Christ, for the heavenly affiftance of the Holy Ghoft. ]

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1,09 And upon the fame Account, whatever Honour is paid to the Son who redeemed, or to the Holy Spirit who sanctifies us, must always be understood as tending finally to the Honour and Glory of the Father, by whose good pleasure the Son redeemed, and the Holy Spirit fanctifies us.

See the Texts, No 450, 452,453, 463, 405, 469, 471, 474, 475, 476, 478, 485, 486, 497, 512, 514, 515, 800, 810, 811, 820, 837, 840, 895, 919, 926, 927, 934, 955,956,961,964,971,975, 977,980,994.

And N° 761, 811, 826,837, 841, 849, 851, 863, 890, 945, 950, 975, 982.

And No 756995, 1148—1197.
See above, $. 37, 43, 44 and below, $ 46, 52.


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Notes ont ( 21 2903699 ( od now! )

54.1 wij ook ga tsunud ad: Era

1 45 os doiras

That according to the good or "Iv & Xeesõ 'Inaš seveien
pleafure of the Invisible Fa- mesto je og ny owañes vej Bag
ther, (faith Irenæus), eve in, xD iudoníveis nuteis
ry knee should bow to Jefuse Loegty av gadu apaladin
Christ our Lord and God lib. I. cap. 2.."
and Saviour and King.

And the learned Bishop Quin & cultum & hoBull: 'Tis evident (faith

omnem , quem he) that all the Worship Chrifto deferimus, eis dá and Honour which we pay Ear das aulessa in gloriam to Chrift, ought to redound Dei Patris. ( ut loquitur to the Glory of God the Fao Paulus Philipp. ii, ) omnither ; as Si Paul speaks in nò redundare. Defens. the 2d to the Philippians.

Sect. 2, 6. 9, 15.
But these passages may be understood of Christ, as
Mediatour and Incarnate': Those which follow, are
spoken exprefly of his Divinity.
The Son (faith Hilary)

Nihil enim nifi natům bath nothing but what is habet filius

habet Filius ; & geniti Derivative ; and the Grear- honoris admiratio, in honess of the Honour of Him norem generantis eft. Cerwhich is begotten, is to the fat ergò opinio contumeGlory of Him which bejat : liæ, cùm quicquid ineffe There is no room therefore Filio Majestatis docebitur, to object, that we derogate id ad amplificandum pofrom the Majesty of the Fa- teftatem Ejus, qui iftiusther; seeing that whatever modi genuerit,redundabit. Majesty we shall

, ascribe to De Trinit. lib. the Son, mout all redound to abe magnifying of the Power of Him, who begat a Son of fuch Divinity and Majesty. And the Learned Bp - Certum eft, cultum &


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