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896. Rom. xv, 8. 1.Jefus Christiwasia Minister

of the Circumcision for the Truth of God. Il lubdul 9r! ! ] Pirit is oorw baA

30. In Christ Jefus, 'who of God is made unto us Wisdom and Righteousness and San&tification and Redemption. Et

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Si iii, 23. And ye are Christ's, ande
Chrif is Gods.

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vi, 14. God hath both raised up the Lord, and will also raise up Us, by hise own Power.



xi, 3. The Head of every man,, is Christ ; and the Head of the Woman, is the Man ; and the † Head of Christ, is God.

+ The Father (saith Τον πατέeα ή άρρητον, Juffin Martyr) and in- κύριον ή πάντων απλώς, και

effable Lord of all things surš Xeiss. Dial. cum 911 abfolátely, even of Chrift

Tryph. bo dimself.

XV, 15. We have testified of
God, that he raised up Christ, whom he rai-

fed not up, if so be that the dead rise not. 902. 1 Cor. xV; 24, 27, 28. Then comethe

the End, when he thall have delivered up

the Kingdom to God, even the Father. to For He hath put all things under his Feet.por ed ils But when he faith, All things are put un


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meg der him, vit' is manifest that Heis.exceptad which

did put all things under hid.edi tu

And when all things shall be subdued unSo to him, then shall the Son also himself be sub

ject unto him that put all things under him ; that God may be all in allo gren

903. I Cor. xv, 57. Thanks be to God, which

giveth us the Victory, through our Lord JeJus Chrift.

904 2 Cor. i, 3. Blessed be God, even the Fa

ther [or, the God and Father, o geds in wa

Tup] of our Lord Jesus Christ. 905. ii, 14. Thanks be unto God, which

always causeth us to triumph in Christ.


*iv, 4 Christ, who is the Image of God.


6. God, who commanded the Light to shine out of darkness, hath fhined

in our Hearts, to give the Light of the Knowet ledge of the Glory of God, in the Face (or) 1 in the Person, so we go cómiw,] of Jesus Chrift.

14. He which raised up the Lord Jesus, shall raise up Vs also by Jesus.

Jldini cry. 18, 19. And all things are of i Ged, who hath reconciled us to himself by


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Jefus Chrift, and hath given to us the Mini-
Iry of reconciliation ;

To wit, that God was, in Christ, [by Chrift,]

reconciling the World unto himself.
910. 2. Cor.V; 20, 21. Now then we are Em-

bassadors for Christ [Gr. nade Xeiss, in
the read, or in the place of Chrif :) as
though God did beseech you by Vs W
pray you in Christs flead, Þe ye reconeiled

to God
in n For He hath made him to be Sin for us,
*** who knew no Sin ; that we might be made

the righteousness of God in Him.

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xi, 31. The God and Father of our Lord Jesus Chrift,

+ See No 901. 912.

xiii, 4. Though He [Chrift] was crucified through Weakness, yet he liveth by

the Power of God. จาก 913. Gal. i, t. By Jesus Christ, and God the

Father, who raised bin from the dead. 9.14

4. Who [Chrift] gave himself for our Sins, according to the Will of 1.56 God and our Father.


iv, 4. When the Fulness of Time was come, God fent forth bis Son. PNG



916. Gal

. iv, 14." As an Angel of God, [6" A7945 :: tl 20 otta, as the Messenger of God, j even as

Jesus Christ.

See Alts vii ; 30, 31, 32, 35, 38: And N° 597. - 012 392, 910 64. 917. Ephef, i, 3. Blessed be the f God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ

. blood

# N
See No. 991.

19 218, n45. Having predestinated us unto the 9. Adoption of Children by Jefus Cbrift to Him

self, according to the good pleasure of bis Will.

919 6, 7. To the Praise of the Glory of

his Grace, wherein He hath made us aecepa ted in the Beloved;

In whom we have redemption through his 267 Blood &c. es disul srl 920, 9,10. Having made known unto us

the Mystery of his Will, according to his good arts pleasure, which þe hath purposed in himself

That he might gather together in One all things in Chrift.

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921. W su 11. In whom (In Chrift] also we

have obtained an inheritance, being prede

Itinated according to the Purpose of Him who sri workerk all things after the Counfel of his own Will, 2002


19120 voEphesi, 17. Thatate the God of our Lord x Jesus Christ, the Father of Glory, &c!o to 4 See N° 9810 Tu

at 20 STK LA toalind, 1

est'l habla 923. 19, 20, 22. The exceeding greatness

of his Power, according to the Workning of his mighty Power;

Which He wrought in Chrift, when he

raised him from the dead, and set him at his 23 Milower right hand in the heavenly places. Se

And hath put all things under his feet, and gave him to be the Head over all things 105 to the Church.


924.3 ii; 4, 5, 6, 7. Godio hath quickned us together with Chrift;44

And hath raised us up together [with #Cbrift,] and made us sit together in heaven si ly places, in Christ Jefus;

In his kindness towards us, through
Christ Jesus.

ce 925.

Io. For we are His Workman. Ship, created in Christ Jesus unto good uit works, which God hath before ordained that So we should walk in them.

926. se

16, 18. And that he might reiconcilc Both unto God, blo Through Him we Both have an Access, by one Spirit, unto the Father:


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