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61. Axs ij, 36. GOD hath made that fame

Jefus - both Lord and Christ.


iii, 15. The Prince of Life, whom GOD hath raised from the dead.

See N° 58.

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24, 30. They lift up their Voice to GOD, saying; Lord, thou art GOD; grant that wonders may be done by the Name of thy Holy 1 Child Jesus. + See N° 869.


V; 3,4. — to lie to the Holy Ghost. thou hast not lied unto men, but unto GOD.

The meaning is : Ananias, by Lying to the Apofiles in whom the Holy Spirit dwelt, did in effect Lie to the Holy Spirit; and Lying to the Holy Spirit, was the very same thing as Lying to GOD bimself

, who dwelt in the Apostles by his Holy Spirit. The like manner of speaking, is very frequent in Scripture. 1 Sam. viii, 7. They bave not rejected THEE, but they have rejected Me. Luke x, 16, He that despiserb rou, despiserb ME ; and be that despiseth ME, despiserb HIM that fent me. And i Ther. iv, 8, He ibat deSpiserb, despiseth not MAN, but GOD, who hath also given unto us his HOLY SPIRIT. He therefore


that lied to the Apostles, lied to the Holy Spirit; and he that lied to the Holy Spirit, lied to GOD who gave them his Holy Spirit. Again; CHRIST himself is said to be in them, who bave the SPIRIT of Cbrift, or in whom the SPIRIT of Christ dwelleth, Rom. viii. ver. 10, compared with ver. 9. And That which is called the Demionstration of the SPIRIT and of Power, 1 Cor. ii, 4; is in the next verse called, the Pewer of GOD. In like, manner, 1 Cor. iii, 16, Te are the Temple of GOD, for the SPIRIT OF GOD dwelleth in you: And Ephef. ii, 21, 22, Ye are an Hoy Temple in the Lord, an Habitation of GOD through the SPIRIT.

And what the Apostle says, 2 Cur. vi, 16, Ye are the Temple of the Living GOD; is in another place thus expreft, 1 Cor. vi, 19, Tour Body is the Temple of the HOLY GHOST, which is in you, which ye have of GOD. Now, as our Bodies, by being Temples of the Holy Ghost, are the Temples of GOĎ, because God dwells in us by his Holy Spirit ; fo, Lying to the Holy Ghost, is in like manner. Lying unto 'GOD, who spake in the Apostles by his Holy Spirit.

Athanafius himself explains this Text in the same manner : He that "Ωςε ο ψευσάμεν τω lied (faith he) to the Ho- ezó a veu peali, TW Demo ly Goo , lied to FOP elegara,Ta xalaxSVT: mbo dwelleth in Men by bis Spirit. For where the avecémois dece! Tsi ove Spirit of God is, there is para autõ 77878 3770 God [himself.) For bereby, a vetja Tš Oes, excâu 8 faith the postle, we knong Debco és Tóta gegenov, gia that GOD' άwellets in , νώσκομεν ότι ο Θεός ημίν because be bathy given us of jévei, oto er og over pic

τG. αυτο δέδωκεν ημίν. . De Incarnat, Verbi & contr. Arianos,


bis Spirit.


Afts v, 31. Him (viz. Christ,] hath GOD exalted with his right hand, to be a Prince and a Saviour.


31, 32. Him (viz. Chrift,7 hath God exalted ; And we are his Witnesses, and so is also the Holy Ghost, whom GOD hath given to them that obey him.


vii, 35. The same Mofes did GOD send to be a Ruler and a Deliverer, by the hands of the Angel which appeared to him in the Bush.

+ Viz. Christ; the Angel of ibe Covenant, the Angel of Gods Presence, the Angel in whom the Name of God was. See N° 597,359,616, 916.


55. He being full of the Holy Ghost, saw the Glory of GOD, and Jesus standing on the right hand of GOD.

56. I fee

the Son of Man standing on the right hand of GOD. 72. viii, 12. Concerning the Kingdom of

GOD, and the Name of Jesus Christ. 73. 19, 20. The Holy Ghost,

the Gift of GOD.


x, 38. GOD anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and with Power; for GOD was with him.


75. AEts X, 40. Him GOD raised up the third


See N° 58. 76. 42.

that it is He, which was [or is j ordained of GOD, to be the Judge

of quick and dead.
77. xi, 17. GOD gave them the like Gift

[of the Holy Ghost,] as he did unto us who
believed on the Lord Jefus Cbrift,


xiii, 23.

Of this mans seed hath

raised unto Israel a Saviour



30. But GOD raised him from the dead. See N° så.

33. GOD hath fulfilled, - in that he hath raised up Jesus again.


But he, whom GOD raised again.




hath ap

xvii; 30, 31, GOD
pointed a day, in the which he will judge
the World

by that Man whom hę
bath ordained.

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xx, 21. Repentance toward GOD, and Faith toward our Lord Jesus Chrift.

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84. Afts XX, 24. I have received of the Lord Jesus,

to testify the Gospel of the Grace of GOĎ.


xxvi, 18.

from the Power of Satan unto GOD, --- by Faith that is in Me.

86. xxviii, 23. testified the Kingdom of

GOD, perswading them [Gr. ana perswading

them] concerning Jesus. 87.

31. Preaching the Kingdom of GOD, and teaching those things which concern the Lord Jesus Christ.

88. Rom. i;1, 3.

the Gospel of GOD, concerning his Son Jesus Christ our Lord.

89. 7. Grace to you and peace from GOD

our Father, and [from] the Lord Jesus Christ.

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8. I thank my GOD, through Jesus Chrift.


9. GOD --- whom I serve with my Spirit [Gr. in my Spirit. the Spirit,] in the Gospel of his son.

92. 16. - The Gospel of Christ

Power of GOD unto Salvation.

is the

93. ii, 16. GOD shall judge the Secrets of men by Jesus Christ.



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