The Historical Register: Containing an Impartial Relation of All Transactions, Foreign and Domestick. For the Year 1716-1738, Volume 11

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Sun Fire Office, 1726 - Europe

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Page 46 - Rod, was fent with a meflage from his Majefty to the Houfe of Commons, commanding their attendance in the Houfe of Peers. The...
Page 169 - That in case the Crown and imperial dignity of this Realm shall hereafter come to any person not being a native of this Kingdom of England this nation be not obliged to engage in any war for the defence of any dominions or territories which do not belong to the Crown of England without the consent of Parliament.
Page 67 - Moved, that an humble addrefs be prefented to his Majefty, to return his majefty the thanks of this houfe for his moft gracious fpeech from the throne.
Page 47 - Europe, and to threaten my fubje&s with the lofs of feveral of the moll advantageous branches of their trade, obliged me, without any lofs of time, to concert with other powers fuch meafures as might give' a check to the ambitious views of thofe who are endeavouring to render VOL, I.
Page 250 - THerefore with Angels and Archangels, and with all the company of heaven, we laud and magnify thy glorious Name, evermore praifing thee, and faying, Holy, holy, holy, Lord God of hofts, heaven and earth are full of thy glory. Glory be to thee, O Lord moft high.
Page 250 - Being;"* and the holy seraphim, together with the six-winged cherubim, who sing to Thee their triumphal song, cry out with never-ceasing voices, " Holy, holy, holy,. Lord God of hosts! heaven and earth are full of Thy glory;" * and the other multitudes of the orders, angels, archangels, thrones, dominions, principalities, authorities, and powers cry aloud, and say, " Blessed be the glory of the Lord out of His place.
Page 64 - Lofs of time, to concert with other Powers fuch Meafures, as might give a Check to the ambitious Views of thofe, who are endeavouring to render themfelves Formidable, and put a Stop to the farther Progrefs of fuch dangerous Defigns.
Page 47 - King, and the King of Pruffia^ to which feveral other Powers, and particularly the States-General have been invited to accede, and I have not the lead Reafon to doubt of their Concurrence. This Treaty (hall in a fhort Time be laid before you. By thefe Means, and by your Support and Affiltance, I truft in God, I fhall be able not only to fecure to.
Page 36 - Venice, returned early in 1715, and was appointed one of the gentlemen of the bedchamber to the prince of Wales. In the first parliament of this reign he was elected for the borough of St.
Page 61 - T .Acquainted you laft year with the treaties of peace and ** •*" commerce concluded between the emperor and the " king of Spain. As that fudden and unaccountable con

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