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(a) New applications.-Applications describe in chart or narrative format the considered relevant to EPA research and progress achieved in relation to the apdemonstration objectives will be reviewed poved schedule and project milestones. for technical merit by at least one re- Special problems or delays encountered viewer within EPA and at least two re- must be explained. A summary progress viewers outside EPA. Review by a Na- report covering all work on the project tional Advisory Council is statutorily re- to date is required to be included with quired for radiation grants.

applications for continuation grants (b) Continuation applications.-Con- (see § 40.165b). This report may be subtinuation applications will be reviewed mitted one quarter prior to the end by appropriate EPA staff only. Recom- of the budget period. mendations for continuation of funding

$ 40.160—2 Report of project expendiwill be based on progress toward the ac

tures. complishment of the goals set forth for the project and continued Agency needs A written expenditures report for each and priorities.

budget period must be submitted to the

grants officer within 90 days after the 8 40.155 Confidential data.

end of each budget period within the (a) Applicants submitting proposals project period and within 90 days after containing confidential data should completion of the project. clearly indicate their desire for confiden

$ 40.160-3 Reporting of inventions. tial treatment of such data by EPA. Confidential treatment will be rendered by

As provided in appendix B of this subEPA to the extent permissible under the

chapter, immediate and full reporting of Freedom of Information Act (5 U.S.C.

all inventions to the Environmental Pro552) and EPA regulations promulgated tection Agency is required. In addition: pursuant thereto (40 CFR pt. 2).

(a) An annual invention statement (b) Each application containing data

is required with each continuation which the applicant desires to be held

application. confidential and used by EPA for evalua

(b) A final invention report is retion purposes only, shall be marked on

quired within 90 days after completion the cover sheet with the following legend:

of the project period.

(c) When a principal investigator Data contained in pages through

changes institutions or ceases to direct of this application shall not be used or disclosed, except for evaluation purposes, un

a project, an invention statement must less such data is obtained from another be promptly submitted with a listing of source without restriction. I, however, a all inventions during his administration grant or contract is awarded as a result of or of the grant. in connection with this application, the government shall have the unlimited right to

$ 40.160-4 Equipment report. duplicate, use or disclose such data for any At the completion or termination of a purpose, unless otherwise provided in such

project, the grantee will submit a listing grant or contract. Such data may be subject to disclosure pursuant to the Freedom of In

of all items of equipment acquired with formation Act (5 U.S.C. 552), and EPA regu

grant funds with an acquisition cost of lations promulgated pursuant thereto (40 $300 or more and having a useful life CFR p. 2).

of more than 1 year. (c) All information and data contained $ 40.160-5 Final report. in the grant application will be subject

The grantee shall submit a draft of the to external review unless deviation is ap- final report for review no later than 90 proved for good cause pursuant to 40 days prior to the end of the approved CFR 30.1001.

project period. The report shall docu$ 40.160 Reports.

ment project activities over the entire

period of grant support and shall de$ 40.160–1 Progress reports.

scribe the grantee's achievements with The grant agreement will normally re- respect to stated project purposes and quire the submission of a brief progress objectives. The report shall set forth in report after the end of each quarter of complete detail all technical aspects of the budget period. A monthly progress the projects, both negative and positive, report may be required for some demon- grantee's findings, conclusions, and restration projects, if set forth in the grant sults, including, as applicable, an evaluaagreement. Progress reports should fully tion of the technical effectiveness and

economic feasibility of the methods or techniques investigated or demonstrated. The final report shall include EPA comment when required by the grants officer. Prior to the end of the project period, one reproducible copy suitable for printing and such other copies as may be stipulated in the grant agreement shall be transmitted to the grants officer. 8 40.165 Continuation grants.

To be eligible for a continuation grant within the approved project period, the grantee must:

(a) Have demonstrated satisfactory performance during all previous budget periods; and

(b) Submit no later than 90 days prior to the end of the budget period a continuation application which includes a detailed summary progress report, an estimated financial statement for the current budget period, a budget for the new budget period; and an updated work plan revised to account for actual progress accomplished during the current budget period.



Subpart A-Training Grants Sec. 45.100 Purpose of regulation. 45.101 Applicability and scope. 45.102 Authority. 45.103 Objectives. 45.105 Definitions. 45.105-1 Professional training. 45.105-2 Scholarship. 45.105-3 Stipend. 45.105-4 Technician training. 45.115 Eligibility. 45.125 Application requirements. 45.130 Evaluation of applications. 45.135 Supplemental grant conditions. 45.140 Project period. 45.145 Allocation and allowability or

costs. 45.150 Reports. 45.150-1 Interim progress report. 45.150-2 Final progress report. 45.150-3 Report of expenditures. 45.150-4 Equipment report. 45.155 Continuation grant. Subpart B-Manpower Forecasting (Reserved] AUTHORITY: Authorities cited in $ 45.102.

SOURCE: 38 FR 16059, June 20, 1973, unless otherwise noted.

Subpart A-Training Grants 8 45.100 Purpose of regulation.

This part establishes and codifies policies and procedures governing the award

of training grants by the Environmental Protection Agency. $ 45.101 Applicability and scope.

This part establishes mandatory policies and procedures for all EPA training grants. The provisions of this part supplement the EPA general grant regulations and procedures (pt. 30 of this chapter). Accordingly, all EPA training grants are awarded subject to the EPA general grant regulations and procedures (pt. 30 of this chapter) and to the applicable provisions of this part 45. $ 45.102 Authority.

The Environmental Protection Agency is authorized to award training grants under the following statu

(a) Section 103 of the Clean Air Act, as amended (42 U.S.C. 1857b).

(b) Sections 104, 109, 110, and 111 of the Federal Water Pollution Control Act, as amended (33 U.S.C. 1254, 1259, 1260, 1261).

(c) Sections 301 and 314 of the Public Health Service Act, as amended (42 U.S.C. 241 and 246).

(d) Sections 204 and 210 of the Solid Waste Disposal Act, as amended (42 U.S.C. 3253 and 3254d).

(e) Section 23 of the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act as amended by Public Law 92-516 (7 U.S.C. 136u). & 45.103 Objectives.

Grants awarded under this part are intended for occupational and professional training and to develop careeroriented personnel qualified to work in pollution abatement and control.

Training grants will be awarded:

(a) To assist in planning, implementing, and improving environmental training programs;

(b) To increase the number of adequately trained pollution control and abatement personnel;

(c) To upgrade the level of training among State and local environmental control personnel; and

(d) To bring new people into the environmental control field. & 45.105 Definitions.

As used throughout this subpart A, the words and terms defined in this section shall have the meanings set forth below. 8 45.105-1 Professional training.

Training of individuals, at the post baccalaureate level, in subjects which

pertain to pollution abatement and con- § 45.125 Application requirements. trol.

Applications shall be submitted in ac$ 45.105–2 Scholarship.

cordance with part 30, subpart B of this Financial assistance to students en

chapter. rolled in a training program, limited to 8 45.130 Evaluation of applications. tuition and fees only.

Periodically, training grant applica8 45.105-3 Stipend.

tions will be evaluated for program releSupplemental financial assistance to vance, and will compete for available students who are recipients of scholar

funds according to priorities established ships.

by EPA. Evaluations shall be conducted

by EPA staff with advisory assistance as § 45.105-4 Technician training.

appropriate. Consideration will be given Training of individuals, at the post to the following criteria: high school, junior college, and bacca- (a) Relevance of proposal to agency laureate levels, in the practical technical objectives, priorities, achievement of nadetails and special techniques of occupa- tional goals and technical merit; tions in the environmental areas.

(b) Competency of the proposed staff 8 45.115 Eligibility,

in relation to the type of project in

volved; Training grants may be awarded to

(c) Feasibility of the proposal; any responsible applicant as follows:

(d) Adequacy of applicant's resources (a) Clean Air Act.-Section 103(6)

available for the project; (3).-Air pollution control agencies, pub

(e) Amount of grant funds necessary lic and nonprofit private agencies, insti

for the completion of the project; tutions, organizations, and to individu

(f) In addition, grants awarded under als. No grant may be made under this

section 104 (g) (1) of the Federal Water act to any private profitmaking orga

Pollution Control Act, shall be subject to nization.

the following criteria: (b) Federal Water Pollution Control

(1) Assessment of need for training in Act.-(1) Section 104 (b) (3).-State wa

a State or municipality based on such ter pollution control agencies, interstate

problems as violation of discharge peragencies, other public or nonprofit pri

mit conditions, and faulty or improper vate agencies, institutions, organizations,

operation and/or maintenance of existand to individuals.

ing plants. (2) Section 104(g) (3) (A).-Public or

(2) Wastewater treatment works conprivate agencies and institutions, and to

struction grant activities in the State. individuals. (3) Section 104(g) (1) and 104(g) (3)

$ 45.135 Supplemental grant condi(C).-State and interstate agencies, mu

tions. nicipalities, educational institutions, and In addition to the EPA general grant other organizations and to individuals. conditions (appendix A to subchapter B

(4) Section 109, 110, and 111.-Insti- of this title), each training grant shall tutions of higher education or combina- be subject to the following conditions: tions of such institutions.

(a) The grantee shall not require the (c) Solid Waste Disposal Act.-(1) performance of personal services by inSection 204(b) (3).–Public or private dividuals receiving training as a condiagencies and institutions and individ- tion for assistance. uals.

(b) Recipients of assistance under (2) Section 210(a).-State or inter

training grants shall be entitled to the state agencies, municipalities, educa

normal student holidays observed by an tional institutions, and other organiza

academic institution, or the holiday and tions.

vacation schedule applicable to all train(d) Public Health Service Act.

ees at a nonacademic institution. Grants will be made only to a university, hospital, laboratory, other public and

(c) Recipients of assistance under private institutions, and to individuals.

training grants must be citizens of the No grant may be made under this Act to

United States, its territories, or possesany profit-making organization.

sions, or lawfully admitted to the United (e) Federal Insecticide, Fungicide,

States for permanent residence. and Rodenticide Act,-(1) Section 23 (d) Generally training grants will pro(a).-States.

vide for student support only through scholarships. Stipends are permitted ect period and shall set forth the extent when, in the judgment of the grantee, to which the project objectives have been they are needed to attract qualified stu- achieved. dents provided that not more than

$ 45.150-3 Report of expenditures. $20,000 of amounts awarded for a budget period may be used for such stipends: No later than 90 days following the And further provided, That no annual end of each budget period the grantee stipend may be less than $1,000 or more

must submit a report of project expendithan $3,000 with payment prorated tures. Final report of expenditures must monthly.

reflect cumulative project expenditures. (e) Training grants awarded under

$ 45.150-4 Equipment report. section 111 of the Federal Water Pollution Control Act will be subject to the

No later than 90 days following the following condition: Grantees must ob

end of the project period the grantee tain the following agreement in writing

must submit a listing of all items of from persons awarded scholarships under

equipment acquired with grant funds section 111 for undergraduate study of

with an acquisition cost of $300 or more the operation and maintenance of treat

and having a useful life of more than ment works:

1 year. I agree to enter and remain in an occupa


Continuation grant. tion involving the design, operation, or main

To be eligible for a continuation grant tenance of waste treatment works for a pe

within the approved project period, the riod of 2 years aster the satisfactory completion of my studies under this program.

grantee must: I understand that if I fall to perform this

(a) Have demonstrated satisfactory obligation I may be required to repay the performance during all previous budget amount of my scholarship.

periods. The grantee agrees to take such action (b) Submit a continuation application as may reasonably be required to enforce including an interim progress report and the foregoing agreement. Any sums re

an estimated report of expenditures. ceived by the grantee shall be credited or Subpart B-Manpower Forecasting paid to the United States in accordance

[Reserved] with $ 30.603 of this chapter. $ 45.140 Project period.


Sec. The project period for a training grant 46.100 Purpose of regulation. may not exceed 3 years.

46.101 Applicability and scope.

46.102 Authority. § 45.145 Allocation and allowability of 46.103 Objectives. costs.

46.104 Type of fellowships.

46.105 Definitions. (a) Allocation and allowability of costs

46.105-1 Full-time fellow. will be determined in accordance with

46.105-2 Part-time fellow. $ 30.701 of this chapter.

46.105-3 Stipend. (b) Costs incurred for the purchase 46.110 Benefits.

46.115 of land or the construction of buildings


46.120 Application requirements. are not allowable.

46.122 Evaluation of application. § 45.150 Reports.

46.135 Award and duration of fellowship.

46.136 Initiation of studies. 8 45.150-1 Interim progress report.

46.140 Fellowship agreement.

46.141 An application for continued support

Fellowship agreement amendment.

46.145 Payment. shall include a brief (less than five

46.150 Publications and thesis. pages) progress report. This progress re- 46.155 Deviations. port must show the progress achieved

46.166 Termination. and explain special problems or delays. AUTHORITY: Authorities cited in § 46.102. $ 45.150-2 Final progress report.

SOURCE: 38 FR 16061, June 20, 1973, unless

otherwise noted. A final progress report is required 90 days prior to conclusion of the project § 46.100 Purpose of regulation. period. The report shall briefly document This part establishes and codifies project activities during the entire proj- policies and procedures governing the

award of fellowships by the Environ- § 46.105-3 Stipend. mental Protection Agency.

Supplemental financial assistance to 8 46.101 Applicability and scope.

recipients of fellowships. This part establishes mandatory pol- § 46.110 Benefits. icies and procedures for all EPA fellow

(a) Recipients of assistance under this ships.

part shall be entitled to tuition and fees, 8 46.102 Authority.

an allowance for books and supplies up

to a maximum of $250, and the normal The Environmental Protection Agency

student holidays observed by an acais authorized to grant fellowship awards

demic institution. under the following statutes:

(b) Agency fellows attending full(a) Section 103(b) (6) of the Clean

time may, on the basis of need, set forth Air Act as amended (42 U.S.C. 1857b(b)

in the application, receive an annual (6)).

stipend up to $6,500 from EPA funds. (b) Sections 104(b) (5) and 104(g) (3)

(c) Agency fellows attending part(B) of the Federal Water Pollution Con

time may receive a small stipend when trol Act, as amended (33 U.S.C. 1254 (b)

justified by needs related to the purpose (5) and 1254(g) (3) (B)).

of the fellowship. $ 46.103 Objectives.

(d) Special fellows may receive not

more than $3,600 total annual amount Fellowships awarded under this part

from EPA for full-time attendance payare intended to encourage and promote

able on a pro-rata monthly basis. the specialized training of individuals as practitioners in pollution abatement and $ 46.115 Eligibility. control.

All applicants for fellowships under § 46.104 Type of fellowships.

this part must be (a) citizens of the

United States, its territories, or posses(a) Agency fellowships are awarded

sions, or lawfully admitted to the United to present or prospective employees of a

States for permanent residence, and (b) regional, State, or local environmental

accepted by an accredited educational pollution control or regulatory agency to

institution for full or part-time enrollprovide training for and upgrading of

ment for academic credit in an educapersonnel in the areas of pollution abatement and control.

tional program which directly relates to (b) Special fellowships are awarded

pollution apatement and control. Applito individuals for education and training

cants for agency fellowships must be in pollution control science, engineering,

present or prospective employees of a and technology and in specialty areas

regional, State, or local environmental supportive of pollution abatement and

pollution control or regulatory agency. control efforts.

Present employees must be recom

mended for a fellowship by their em$ 46.105 Definitions.

ploying agency. Priority in award of fel$ 46.105-1 Full-time fellow.

lowships to prospective agency employees An individual duly enrolled in an edu- will be given to those applicants who cational program directly relating to provide evidence that they have expollution abatement and control, and plored, in direct agency contact, opportaking a minimum of 12 semester or tunities for agency employment. Such quarter hours for credit or an academic applicants are encouraged to obtain workload otherwise defined by the in- written appraisal of their employment stitution as a full-time curriculum. The potential and probability of actual emfellow need not be pursuing an advanced ployment assuming successful compledegree.

tion of the training. 8 46.105-2 Part-time fellow.

$ 46.120 Application requirements. An individual duly enrolled in an edu- All applications for EPA fellowships cational program directly relating to shall be submitted to the Grants Adminpollution abatement and control, and istration Division, Environmental Protaking not less than 3 credit hours per tection Agency, Washington, D.C, 20460, academic term. The fellow need not be upon such forms as the Administrator pursuing an advanced degree.

shall prescribe and shall include copies

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