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Computers and related equipment must be synchronized with one another in order to successfully transmit and receive control signals and data. If the computers are asynchronous, special means are required to transfer data and this invention relates to an interface logic system which, with a minimum of components and interconnecting lines, verifies that valid information transfer control signals exist and assures proper completion of a data strobe pulse. Thus, data transfer is effected without the requirement of both computers being on a master clock.

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Brushless dc motors are gradually becoming competitive with the convential dc motor. In this invention the rotor is an electromagnet energized through a transformer having its primary winding stationary on the stator, and its secondary winding mounted on the rotor. Controlled dc current applied to the motor is converted to ac current for inductive coupling to the rotating secondary winding. The ac current in the secondary winding is rectified to provide dc current to the rotor field coil.

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While the invention of NASA Case No. NPO-13342 does provide hydrogen rich gases, it also has a tendency to form carbon. Since one of the purposes of the hydrogen generator is to provide hydrogen gas to be used in an internal combustion engine, the presence of the carbon which is generated is undesirable since it tends to clog up the induction system of the internal combustion engine. This invention minimizes the carbon output of a hydrogen rich generator by preheating the input air, then injecting atomized water into the preheated air stream and after some more preheating, the resulting steam-air mixture is introduced into the flame zone. An alternate method is to atomize the water and introduce it directly into the flame zone.

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Extensive research is being conducted to find more efficient solar cells. One such effort is the use of GaAs and this invention is a Schottky barrier solar cell consisting of a layer of wide band gap semiconductor material such as AlGaAs on which a very thin film of semi-transparent metal is deposited to form a Schottky barrier. The layer of the wide band gap semiconductor material is on top of a layer of narrow band gap semiconductor material. The first layer is very efficient for converting the energy of high energy photons and the second layer is efficient in converting the energy of the lower energy photons.

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NASA Case No. MSC-13530-2

Australia, Belgium, Canada,
France, Germany, Great Britain,
Netherlands, Italy, Japan,
Sweden, Switzerland

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(Corresponding to U.S. Patent No. 3,856,534)

The development and chemical composition of a substance to prevent fogging of windows, mirrors, glasses, space suit visors, and similar optical equipment are discussed. The materials consists of an alkyl glyceral sulfonate, water, and a time extender in the form of an oil. The materials is expected to prevent fogging of visual surfaces for periods of five hours or more during maximum metabolic loads.

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