Hearings Before Committee on Naval Affairs of the House of Representatives on Sundry Legislation Affecting the Naval Establishment, 1937-1938: Seventy-fifth Congress, First-[second and Third Session]s ...

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No 71 page 143 For the relief of Joseph Frank Schmidt H R 1905
No 94 page 189 Hearing on H R 3608 to authorize the disposition of the former naval radio station property at St Augustine
No 95 page 193 Hearing on H R 3607 to authorize the acceptance of certain lands in the city of San Diego Calif by the United States and the transfer...
No 96 page 203 Hearing on H R 3598 authorizing the Secretary of the Navy to accept gifts and bequests for the benefit of the Office of Naval Recor...
No 142 page 299 For the relief of George Russel Thorson H R 2658
No 146 page 307 For the relief of Ray Funcannon H R 3001
No 165 page 345 For the relief of Victor Oscar Gokey H R 634
No 168 page 351 For the relief of Robert C Chaney H R 3652
No 174 page 363 Providing for the advancement of Frederick L Caudle on the retired list of the United States Navy H R 2147
No 175 page 365 For the relief of Raymond Henry MacDonald H R 1471
No 181 page 377 To amend the act of May 25 1933 48 Stat 73 S 368
No 177 page 369 For the relief of Charles A Wallace H R 2396
No 179 page 373 To establish boards in the Navy and Marine Corps for hearing and passing upon petitions for correction of records of persons disc...
No 180 page 375 Authorizing an appropriation for the development of a naval air base at Tongue Point Oreg H R 198
No 182 page 379For the relief of Albert Ginsburg H R 2419
No 184 page 383 For the relief of Bernard Joseph McDermott H R 2799
No 187 page 389 For the relief of Donald Lee Hinshaw H R 3337
No 200 page 415 For the relief of Joseph Mastine Keefe H R 3765
No 209 page 433 For the relief of certain residents of the village of Warrington State of Florida H R 4295
No 210 page 435 For the relief of Clyde F Chambers H R 4393
No 212 page 439 Authorizing the construction of two lighterthanair craft and authorizing an appropriation therefor H R 2694
No 215 page 445 For the relief of Denis Healy H R 2370
No 224 page 463 Granting relief to American civilian employees of the Navy stationed in the Philippine Islands H R 259
No 225 page 465 To provide for the admission of 50 Filipinos to the United States Naval Academy pending the consummation of the independence ...
No 226 page 467 Providing for the construction of naval vessels and materials used therein in navy yards and providing further methods thereunder ...
No 227 page 469 To authorize the establishment of a naval air station on San Francisco Bay Calif and for other purposes H R 6106
No 231 page 477 For the relief of Jadie Coulter H R 2619
No 37 page 75 For the relief of Joseph George Fimbel H R 536
No 103 page 221 For the relief of Joseph Leroy Everett H R 537
No 263 page 541 For the relief of Thomas Pulliam H R 4385
No 268 page 551 For the relief of Deforest Loys Trautman H R 3109
No 271 page 557 For the relief of Eugene J Ruhnke H R 5619
No 273 page 561 For the relief of William J Deasy H R 5082
No 104 page 223 For the relief of Arthur A Rohe H R 659
No 105 page 225 For the relief of Harold Edward Rice H R 661
No 39 page 79 For the relief of Homer P Cota H R 672
No 106 page 227 For the relief of Lewis Marion Hall H R 678
No 107 page 229 For the relief of Richard Tavlor H R 704
No 14 page 27 For the relief of Max Dole Gilfillan H R 714
No 52 page 105 For the relief of Charles Alexander Ritchie H R 524
No 108 page 231 To correct the military record of Casimer F Brylski H R 883
No 109 page 233 For the relief of Alfred A Wittek H R 888
No 110 page 235 For the relief of Joseph Edward Zins H R 895
No 18 page 35 For the relief of Robert William Morris H R 603
No 111 page 237 For the relief of Tracey OBrien Potter H R 953
No 112 page 239 For the relief of Harvey Hultz Verner H R 971
No 113 page 241 For the relief of Forrest Mobley H R 1023
No 58 page 117 For the relief of Carl Siele H R 1029
No 114 page 243 For the relief of Jack L Welker H R 1104
No 59 page 119 For the relief of James Madison H R 1183
No 60 page 121 For the relief of Alexander Stanley Lazik H R 1259
No 115 page 245 For the relief of Charles E Strouse H R 1261
No 116 page 247For the relief of Frank L Noon H R 1262
No 117 page 249 For the relief of Harry Schrader H R 1263

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Page 873 - That the consent of the state of Ohio is hereby given, in accordance with the seventeenth clause, eighth section, of the first article of the constitution of the United States, to the acquisition by the United States...
Page 297 - The purpose of this bill is to authorize the Secretary of the Navy to advance on the retired list of the Navy, David J.
Page 1174 - AN ACT To establish the composition of the United States Navy with respect to the categories of vessels limited by the treaties signed at Washington, February 6, 1922, and at London, April 22, 1930, at the limits prescribed by those treaties; to authorize the construction of certain naval vessels; and for other purposes," approved March 27, 1934, 48 Stat.
Page 1267 - The purpose of this bill is to authorize and direct the Secretary of the Treasury...
Page 1267 - That no part of the amount appropriated in this Act in excess of 10 per centum thereof shall be paid or delivered to or received by any agent or agents, attorney or attorneys, on account of services rendered in connection with said claim.
Page 1045 - To authorize the Secretary of the Navy to proceed with the construction of certain, public works, and for other purposes...
Page 194 - Massachusetts, and more particularly described as follows: "Beginning at the point of intersection of the...
Page 963 - No person who holds an office the salary or annual compensation attached to which amounts to the sum of two thousand five hundred dollars shall be appointed to or hold any other office to which compensation Is attached unless specially heretofore or hereafter specially authorized thereto by law...
Page 600 - June 4, 1920, in which it was provided 'that all officers of the Naval Reserve Force and temporary officers of the Navy who have heretofore incurred or may hereafter incur physical disability in line of duty shall be eligible for retirement under the same conditions as now provided by law for officers of the Regular Navy who have incurred physical disability in line of duty.
Page 119 - That, in the administration of any laws conferring rights, privileges, and benefits upon honorably discharged soldiers or their dependents, William Rosenberg shall hereafter be held and considered to have been honorably discharged from the military service of the United States as a...

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