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Fifth American Edition, 2 Vols. 12mo. cloth, price 10s.






THIS Work is most affectionately and warmly commended in Reviews, both in America and in this country; from a great number the following are selected :—

"We have read these volumes with pleasing surprise; for we expected something calculated to convince the Jew, and we found a fund of matter equally suitable to Jew and Gentile. In a series of letters addressed to his brother Benjamin, the author (who was once a Jewish Rabbi) has explained and defended the Christian religion, and its various doctrines, with considerable ability. We do not hesitate to pronounce the work to be a complete and valuable body of sound divinity, exactly suited to the wants of the present day. Free from the bigotry of party, and compressing, in a small compass, the substance of many folios; enriched with much that can only be obtained from a learned Hebrew: this work commends itself as no ordinary production. Parents who would prepare their children to meet the attacks of infidels, by storing their minds with systematic theology, should put 'Joseph and Benjamin' into their hands, and often read it in their families. Sabbath-school teachers, and members of Bible classes, who wish to excel, will here find the information they need. Ministers, whose opportunities for study have been but slender, will find this work a most important requisite; and all who would be ready to give a reason for


the faith they profess, and the hope they indulge, may here be supplied with unanswerable arguments. The style is familiar, pleasing, and intelligible, and the second volume is accompanied by copious indexes. Mr. Frey's former works were valuable, but this is the most important production of his pen; and we hope and expect that the immense labour he has employed, will receive the reward of a very extensive circulation."-The American Baptist.

"These volumes remind us of the transparent theological works of the Puritans and Nonconformists, and of the unalloyed gold which persons who delve in those Evangelical mines will obtain as the remuneration for their labour.

"The topics are elucidated with much interest, clearness, and force. Mr. Frey has introduced his Rabbinical learning with considerable effect, to exhibit the conformity between the opinions of the ancient Jews and the most profoundly erudite Christians upon some of the abstruse points of divine philosophy.'

"These volumes comprise a great variety of most important matters, and so various in subject, that a perfect analysis would comprise an abridgment of the whole work. We cannot omit to mention, however, that the third and fourth letters in the first part, respecting the evidence of divine revelation;' the several letters adverting to the fall of man;' the illustrations in the third part of the predictions concerning the Messiah; and the character of Jesus, as Prophet, Priest, and Sacrifice, are to us very refreshing displays of sound Christian theology. Few modern volumes, we think, can be named which contain more sterling Evangelical truth in a similar compass, and more edifying in their tendency and effect, with less of human errors.

"These volumes of Joseph and Benjamin' we conscientiously recommend, as a useful companion for Bible classes, a valuable text-book to candidates for the ministry, and an excellent system of divinity. "G. B."

Protestant Vindicator.

"Almost at the last hour of our preparing for press, two works have fallen into our hands, which seem to demand immediate attention. The most valuable of these works is in two volumes, entitled, Joseph and Benjamin,' &c., and the other is the Jewish Intelligencer.' Both of


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them are printed at New York, and, we believe, have had a considerable sale on the other side of the Atlantic. They well deserve a very wide circulation, and serious study, for they contain a mine of valuable discussion and scriptural information. The author, the Rev. Joseph Samuel C. F. Frey, is now in this country, as agent from the American Society for ameliorating the condition of the Jews,' to solicit aid for the circulation of the former work, gratuitously, amongst his brethren, and for its translation into the German. We have examined his testimonials from America, from whence he was introduced to us, by a letter from a highly respectable gentleman in New York, and we commend both him and the object he labours to promote, to the cordial reception of our readers." The Revivalist.

"Joseph and Benjamin, &c., &c.,' and the Jewish Intelligencer,' both by the Rev. Joseph Samuel C. F. Frey, are works every way worthy of the attention of our friends. They contain information no where else to be found. We most cordially wish him all the success he can desire." The Family Magazine.


From JOHN ALLEN, Translator and Editor of

Institutes," &c.

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Hackney, April 27, 1837. My dear Sir, I have sincere pleasure in adding my humble testimony, to the list of respectable divines on the other side of the Atlantic. Joseph and Benjamin,' though comparatively a small work, contains a full body of divinity, doctrinal, experimental, and practical, of the best kind; and I cordially agree with the Reviewer, that "the discussion is conducted in a manner truly satisfactory. The Author is a champion in Hebrew theology and criticism; and a thorough-bred man in the substantial good old divinity of the Bible and the Reformed Churches. He is clear, judicious, earnest, and truly orthodox. Nor need any one fear encountering a sectarian or controversial spirit; from this it is entirely free. This book will be of


great value to the theological student, and to every pastor also. If we wish to be well furnished to meet a Jew in argument, or to combat his prejudices, we ought to be masters of the contents of this book. It must also be very valuable to youth, to prepare them to meet the infidel. And the Sabbath-school's library cannot be complete without it. It is, beyond question, the plainest, fullest, and most popular exhibition in English, on the controversy between Jews and Christians." May it have circulation and success correspondent to its merits.

From the Rev. JOHN CAMPBELL.

Kingsland, April 21, 1837.

My dear Sir,-As you have desired my opinion of the letters between" Joseph and Benjamin," on the controversy between Jews and Christians, I can say, that they appear to me to be the result of much thought, labour, and research, especially into Rabbinical writings.

If the Jews will read the contents of these volumes, they are well fitted to silence their objections against Christianity; and, upon ample evidence, oblige them to confess that Jesus is the Messiah, and that it is vain to look for another.

They also furnish information, very important for Christians to know, upon the matters at issue, between Jews and Christians, on the sentiments entertained by Jewish rabbies in different ages, of the promises and prophecies concerning Messiah; a species of knowledge possessed by few Christians of the present day; therefore, well worthy of their attentive perusal.

For the sake of the numerous Jews on the Continent of Europe, a compressed or abridged translation of these volumes is highly desirable, and I have no doubt but many Christians here and in other countries would contribute, in order to enable you to circulate many of them gratis among your Jewish brethren.

To the Rev. C. F. Frey,

No. 17, Haberdasher's Street, Hoxton.

Macintosh, Printer, Great New Street, London.

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