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circumstance of life, adorn religion ; and may the lustre of our good works engage many around us to glorify our Father in heaven!]-May we continually remember the shortness of time, and the importance of eternity; and behave in such a manner, that should we be summoned away ever so suddenly, death may not be a terrible, but a joyful surprise! Support us, Oh Lord, in our last extremities, and help us to honour thee by our dying behaviour ! Receive our departing spirits to the embraces of thy mercy, and give us a triumphant part in the resurrection of the just!

Intercession. We pray for the advancement of thy gospel in the world, and for the conversion of Jews and Gentiles to the faith as it is in Jesus. We pray, Oh Lord, for the progress and improvement of the reformation, abroad and at home. We affectionately recommend to thee our only rightful sovereign king George, and all the branches of his family; intreating thee to continue to us by their means, the invaluable blessing of the protestant succession. We intreat thee by thy grace to animate all, who are distinguished by power, riches, or other advantages, that they may improve all their talents for the public good: And we earnestly pray, that the ministers of thy gospel of every denomination, may with united affection, ardent zeal, and eminent success, be carrying on the work of the Lord!

May it please thee, Oh thou God of mercy, to spread among christians of every profession a spirit of forbearance, candour, and love ; and to visit all that are in any kind of affliction, whether personal or relative, of mind, body, or estate! Graciously support them under their sorrows, and in thine own time send them deliverance !

We beseech thee to bless us as a family; whether we preside over it, or belong to it, as children, sojourners, or servants, may we all be found in a faithful discharge of our duty to thee, and to each other! May our united and retired devotions be so performed, as to have the happiest influence on our temper and our conduct !

Thanksgiving.–And now, Oh most gracious and merciful Father, we desire with all our hearts to bless and adore thine holy name, for all thy great and unmerited goodness to us, and to the whole human race. We praise thee for our creation and preservation, for health and ease, for food and raiment, for liberty and safety, for friends and success; and above all, for our redemption, for the inestimable privilege of approaching to thee through a mediator, and for the rich and full provision thou hast made in him for the forgiveness of our daily sins, for our receiving all the supplies of grace we stand in need of here, and our enjoying everlasting happiness hereafter. And under a sense of thy mercies, we desire to devote ourselves to thee as the Lord our God, and renew our covenant with thee through our Lord Jesus Christ; humbly resolving by the assistance of thy spirit and grace, to serve thee with all good fidelity unto the end of our lives.

We particularly bless thee for the mercies of the day (or night) past, and would humbly commit ourselves to thy gracious protection and favour this night, (or day,] intreating thee to guard us from all evil, and to grant that at our next assembling together we may have reason to unite our praises for the continuance of thy goodness: And may we be perpetually advancing in our preparation for that heavenly world, where we hope to worship thee without any of those imperfections which now attend us; which we ask and hope, through the merits of thy Son Christ Jesus, in whoin we have righteousness and strength, and in whose name and words we conclude our addresses, calling on thee as our Father which art in heaven, hallowed be thy name: Thy kingdom come: Thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven: Give us this day our daily bread: And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive them that trespass against us: And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil: For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever and ever. Amen!

N. B. As this prayer may be deliberately read over in about ten minutes, or leaving out what is included in crotchets in half a quarter of an hour, I think I may take it for granted, that the affair is brought to a crisis: For if just after reading this letter, being thus disarmed of every excuse as to the want of necessary helps, you will not call your family together to attend to it for so small a space of time, or to put up some other petitions with them, I fear it is a sad sign, you will live and die in the neglect of this important duty, and I must leave you to answer it in the presence of God.





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