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Special handling fees are in addition to the regular postage rate to the country concerned. § 45.3 Marking.

Senders must place the words “Special Handling” above the name of the addressee and below the stamps, as illustrated in § 167.3 of this chapter. $ 45.4 Treatment.

Special handling packages are given priority in distribution and disposal over other surface AO or parcel post packages from the office of mailing to the point of dispatch from the United States. They are not accorded any preferential dispatch from the United States, and receive no special treatment in the country of designation.


ADDRESS Sec. 46.1 Conditions and limitations. 46.2 How to apply. 46.3 Services and fees. 46.4 Mailing receipts. 46.5 countries not permitting. 46.6 Processing.

AUTHORITY: The provisions of this part 46 issued under 39 U.S.C. 401, 407.

SOURCE: 37 F.R. 22599, Oct. 20, 1972, unless otherwise noted. § 46.1 Conditions and limitations.

The mailer may cause any mail article or parcel addressed for delivery in another country to be withdrawn from the Postal Service, or have its address changed if it can be intercepted in the United States. If the article has been dispatched from the United States, but not delivered to the addressee, withdrawal or change of address may be effected if:

(a) The country of destination of the article is willing to allow the withdrawal or change of address (see $ 46.5);

(b) The article has not been confiscated or destroyed by the authorities of the country of destination as being prohibited importation; or

(c) The article has not been seized under provisions of the domestic legislation of the country of destination. § 46.2 How to apply.

If the article was mailed in a post of fice, station, or branch, make application there. If it was mailed in a street letterbox, apply at the main post office. The mailer must identify himself and sub

mit a written request giving a complete description of the article and the date of mailing. Form 2926, Sender's Request for Recall or Change of Address of International Mail, may be used at first- and second-class post offices. A single request. may be used for two or more articles which have been mailed together by the same sender to the same addressee, in which case only one fee is charged. For post office processing of sender's request. see § 46.6. § 46.3 Services and fees.

(a) Search at office of mailing. If the article has not been dispatched from the immediate point of mailing, it may be returned or its address may be changed without charge. Otherwise a search can be made at the main post office or other concentration point, provided the mailer pays a fee of 60 cents in stamps, whether the search is successful or not. The post office will change the address without charge, but if the article is returned to the mailer, domestic postage will be charged except in the case of letters or post cards, which are returned free of postage. If the mailing office is also the dispatching exchange office, the conditions stated in § 46.3(b) will apply.

(b) Search at exchange office. The mailer may have a search made for the article at the U.S. dispatching exchange office if he requests it and pays the fee of 60 cents, unless he has already paid it. (See § 46.3(a).) If the mailer desires such search to include opening made-up sacks, he must guarantee payment of the cost of opening, searching, and closing the sacks, whether his article is located or not. If he wishes the request sent to the exchange office by telegraph, the mailer must pay the cost of the telegram. The exchange office will change the address without charge, but if the article is returned, postage will be charged at domestic rates for its transportation to the exchange office and back to the mailer's address, unless it is a letter or post card which is returned free of postage. The post office will inform the customer of the amount of charges due.

(c) Search in country of destination. A request will be sent to the postal administration of the country of destination to return an article or change its address if the mailer furnishes a facsimile of the address and pays the 60cent fee in stamps, unless he has already paid it. (See $ 46.3(a) and (b).) If the request is to be transmitted by telegraph

or cable, the application must be accom- Muscat, Nauru, New Guinea, New Zeapanied with an amount sufficient to pay land, Nigeria, Papua, Qatar, Rhodesia, the telegraph or cable charges. Otherwise St. Helena, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, the application must be accompanied Singapore, Solomon Islands, South Afwith additional stamps in the amount of rica (Rep. of), Swaziland, Tanzania, the registry fee to cover transmission of Trinidad and Tobago, Trucial States, the request by registered mail, and with Uganda, Windward Islands (except Doairmail postage if it is desired that the minica), and Zambia. request be transmitted to the foreign ad (b) For parcel post. Under the terms ministration by air. The fee and cost of of the parcel post agreements in effect registration is not charged if the request with the following countries, parcels is being made as the result of official no- cannot be recalled after they have left tice to the sender in reply to an inquiry this service nor can the address be (see Part 71 of this chapter) or in the changed, unless the parcels are undeliv. form of advice of nondelivery by the pos erable at the original address: Barbados, tal service of destination, showing that British Honduras, Brunei, Burma, Canthe article or parcel is undeliverable as ada, Cyprus, Gambia, Gilbert and Ellice addressed. If a request for change of ad Islands, Great Britain and Northern dress involves forwarding a parcel post Ireland, Hong Kong, Ireland, Malawi, package to another country the sender Malaysia, Nauru, Nigeria, Rhodesia, Seymust furnish a written guarantee to pay chelles, Solomon Islands, Swaziland, the forwarding charges in the event they Tanzania, Trinidad and Tobago, Uganda, are not paid by the addressee in the new Windward Islands, and Zambia. country. If the mailer wishes to have the (c) Applications accepted. Applicaforeign administration report by airmail, tions involving the countries named in telegraph, or cable on the result of the $ 46.5 (a) and (b) will be received and action taken, he must furnish the addi acted on, subject to the conditions pretional return airmail postage or an scribed in $ 46.3(c), if the mailer fur. amount sufficient to cover the cost of a nishes a written statement giving his. prepaid telegraph or cable reply. Any reasons for the request. Compliance with amount remaining after transmitting a the request is discretionary with the telegram or cablegram will be returned postal administration of the country of to the mailer. Return postage is charged destination. on parcel post packages but not on other

§ 46.6 Processing. articles returned from other countries. See $ 46.5 (c) regarding a statement to

(a) Mail of U.S. origin (1) Beforebe furnished when the article is ad dispatch from the United States. The foldressed to a country which does not lowing procedures apply to both postal generally accept requests for recall or union mail and parcel post packages: change of address.

(i) Before accepting an application

for recall or change of address, require $ 46.4 Mailing receipts.

the applicant to identify himself as the If the mailer possesses a mailing re sender or the sender's authorized ceipt covering any article which is with representative. drawn or on which the address is (ii) If the piece is not located at the changed, he must surrender it or submit immediate point of mailing and the apit so that a suitable notation may be plicant desires the search continued, remade thereon.

quire the sender to submit a written ap

plication as prescribed in § 46.2, and col§ 46.5 Countries not permitting.

lect the fee indicated in § 46.3(a) before (a) For postal union mail. The legisla

conducting further search. If the piece tion of the following countries does not is located and is returned to the sender, allow senders of postal union articles to charge appropriate domestic postage unwithdraw them from the mail or to less it is a letter or post card. If the piece change their address: Ascension, Austra is not located, explain to the applicant lia, Bahamas, Bahrain, Barbados, Ber

the conditions set forth in § 46.3 (b) and muda, Bhutan, Botswana, British Hon- (c). duras, Brunei, Burma, Canada, Cyprus, (iii) It is recommended that requests Gambia, Gibraltar, Great Britain and be made to the postal administration of Northern Ireland, Guyana, Hong Kong, the country of destination rather than Ireland, Jamaica, Kenya, Kuwait, Lee- search being made at U.S. dispatching ward Islands, Malawi, Malaysia, Malta, exchange offices. However, if the appli-,

cant desires search made at the exchange office and agrees to the conditions, send a request to the exchange office setting forth the details on the application and the particulars of dispatch to the exchange office, if known.

(iv) If the exchange office returns the piece, collect domestic postage for its conveyance to the exchange office and return, unless it is a letter or post card. If the search included the opening of made-up sacks, the exchange office will inform the post office requesting the search as to the cost, which should also be collected on delivery. The exchange office will likewise advise if the search was unsuccessful.

(v) Amounts collected on delivery of returned articles and parcels are accounted for by affixing postage-due stamps to the mail articles and canceling.

(2) After dispatch from the United States. If the sender requests that the postal authorities of the country of destination be asked to intercept the piece, collect as prescribed in $ 46.3(c) and transmit with the application and facsimile address to the Mail Classification Division, Finance Department, U.S. Postal Service, Washington, DC 20260.

(3) Sender's mailing receipt. A mailing receipt relating to an article or parcel returned or redirected at the sender's request is to have the action taken noted thereon.

(b) Mail of foreign origin. Post offices may comply with a request for correction of address (without changing the addressee) and may forward an article or parcel to the same addressee at another U.S. post office without previous authorization from the Headquarters. Comply with $ 32.4(a) of this chapter in forwarding parcel post packages. If a request is received for redirection of a piece to another country, for return to origin, or for change of addressee, hold the piece and refer the request to the Mail Classification Division, Finance Department, U.S. Postal Service, Washington, DC 20260.

AUTHORITY: The provisions of this part 47 issued under 39 U.S.C. 401, 407.

SOURCE: 37 F.R. 22600, Oct. 20, 1972, unless otherwise noted. § 47.1 Nature and issuance.

The sender can obtain a certificate of mailing at the post office where he mails any postal union article or parcel post package. Certificates of mailing issued for ordinary articles or parcels do not give any right to indemnity or proof of delivery. They are issued on the same forms as are used for domestic mail (see § 165.3), as well as Treasury Department forms mentioned in $ 47.3, or the Agriculture Department certificates mentioned in § 47.4 and Part 55 of this chapter. $ 47.2 Fees.

(a) Individually listed pieces. Original certificate for 5 cents for each

ordinary postal un- piece described.

ion or parcel post. Each additional copy 2 cents for each of original certificate piece described. of mailing or original mailing receipt for registered or insured mall.

(b) Identical pieces. Identical pieces of postal union mail paid with ordinary stamps, precanceled stamps, or meter stamps are subject to the following fees: Up to 1,000 pieces (1 certificate for total number)--

---- $0.26 For each additional 1,000 pieces, or

fraction --Duplicate copy---------------------- .05 $ 47.3 On Treasury Department forms.

If requested, the sender may receive a certificate of mailing on Treasury Department (Internal Revenue) Form P. T. 26, P. T. 27-A, or 550, certifying that he has waived the right to withdraw the article or parcel from the mail. Post offices may also certify on Customs Form 4455 to the exportation by mail of articles sent abroad for alteration, repair or replacement, as provided in § 61.5(h) (3), for which a certificate of mailing fee of 5 cents applies to each completed form. § 47.4 On Agriculture Department

Forms. See Part 55 of this chapter concerning certificates required in connection with the exportation of dried whole eggs and tobacco seed and plants.

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MAILING Sec. 47.1 Nature and issuance. 47.2 Fees. 47.3 On Treasury Department forms. 47.4 On Agriculture Department forms. 47.5 Preparation and payment of fees.

$ 47.5 Preparation and payment of fees. furnished for catalogs, instruction books, The mailer must prepare his certificate

and other advertising matter or for magof mailing and pay the charges in the

azines, newspapers, and periodicals. It is

also not required for shipments of techsame manner as prescribed in the domestic service (see 88 165.3, 165.4, and 165.5

nical data, regardless of value and of this chapter), regardless of the form

whether or not they are covered by ex

port licenses. Shippers who wish to coron which the certificate is prepared.

rect a previously filed export declaration

must submit such corrections to the post Nonpostal Export Regulations

office on Commerce Form FT-7403. PART 51-SHIPPER'S EXPORT $ 51.2 Preparation. DECLARATION

Only a single copy of the shipper's ex

port declaration is required for mail Sec. 51.1 when required.

shipments. A single export declaration 51.2 Preparation.

may include any number of packages 51.3 Information to be furnished.

mailed by one sender the same day to 51.4 How obtained.

one addressee. Export declarations need 51.5 Handling and disposal.

not be notarized; however, signature in AUTHORITY: The provisions of this part 51 ink is required. issued under 39 U.S.C. 401, 407. :

8 51.3 Information to be furnished. SOURCE: 37 F.R. 22601, Oct. 20, 1972, unless otherwise noted.

(a) The following are the only items

on the shipper's export declaration $ 51.1 When required.

(Commerce Form 7525-V) which are reBusiness concerns sending merchan quired to be filled in by the sender of a dise exceeding $250 in value to other postal shipment: business concerns

(1) Item 1. Name of post office where (a) From the United States, Puerto shipment is being mailed. (Insert in Rico, or the Virgin Islands of the United space on the form reading From States to any foreign country, to the --------- (U.S. port of export).) Canal Zone, and to the Caroline, (2) Item 3. Name and address of Mariana, and Marshall Islands.

exporter. (b) From the United States * to Puerto (3) Item 4. Name and address of forRico and the U.S. possessions.

warding agent, if any. (c) From Puerto Rico to the United

(4) Item 5. Name and address of ultiStates,' and to the U.S. possessions,' must mate consignee. fill out a shipper's export declaration on (5) Item 6. Name and address of interDepartment of Commerce Form 7525-V mediate consignee, if any. and present it at the post office at the (6) Item 8. Country of final destinatime of mailing. The shipper's export tion. declaration is required only for goods (7) Item 10. Number of packages mailed for commercial purposes and not being mailed; description of merchandise for goods which involve no commercial and export license number and expiraconsideration. However, Commerce Formtion date, or general license symbol. 7525-V must also be filed for shipments (8) Item 13. Schedule B, commodity of all articles covered by a validated ex- number. port license or a distribution license from (9) Item 14. Net quantity of merthe Bureau of International Commerce, chandise, in Schedule B units. Department of Commerce, regardless of

(10) Item 15. Value of merchandise. value or whether the sender or addressee (b) The description of contents and is a business concern. (See Part 52 of this

units of quantity must be in the detail chapter.) The declaration need not be required by Schedule B, Statistical Clas

sification of Domestic and Foreign Com1 For purposes of this instruction the term

modities Exported from the United "United States” refers to the fifty States and

States, 1971 edition. The shipper may the District of Columbia.

obtain copies of Schedule B for a nomi? For purposes of this instruction the term "United States Possessions” refers to the

nal charge from the Superintendent of Virgin Islands of the United States, Guam,

Documents, Government Printing Office, American Samoa, Canton, and Enderbury Washington, D.C. 20401; from ColIslands, Midway, and Wake Islands.

lectors of Customs; or from Department

of Commerce field offices located in AUTHORITY: The provisions of this Part 52 principal cities of the U.S. General de- issued under 39 U.S.C. 401, 407. scriptions, such as dry goods, groceries, or SOURCE: 37 F.R. 22602, Oct. 20, 1972, unless millinery, are not sufficient. Quantities otherwise noted. and values must be given in whole num

$ 52.1 Scope and applicability. bers only, omitting fractions of less than one-half and counting one-half and over

(a) The Bureau of International Comas a whole.

merce, Department of Commerce, con(c) For validated license shipments trols all exportations, except for certain and those under general license, GLV, the commodities and technical data licensed italicized digit (s) in parentheses fol for export by other U.S. Government lowing the Export Control Commodity agencies, to all countries other than Number (on the commodity control list, Canada (with the exception that valiPart 399.1 of the Export Control Regula

dated export licenses are required for tions) shall be added directly below the a few types of commodities and technical Schedule B Number.

data to Canada). Mailers must inform

themselves as to the regulations and $ 51.4 How obtained.

comply with them in making any exporOccasional shippers may obtain Form tations of commodities and technical 7525–V free of charge at post offices. data as parcel post or postal union mail. Regular exporters may purchase copies A brief summary of the regulations as of the shipper's export declaration from they apply to mail shipments is given in the Superintendent of Documents, Gov this part. Additional information is availernment Printing Office, Washington DC able from a Commerce Department bul20401, from Collectors of Customs, or letin entitled “Public Notice-Requirefrom Department of Commerce field ments for Exports by Mail” on bulletin offices. They may be privately printed, boards in first-, second-, and third-class provided the conform to the official post offices and in classified stations and form in size, wording, color, quality branches. Mailers desiring further infor(weight) of paper stock, and arrange mation may make inquiry of the Exment. Postmasters may obtain supplies, porters' Service Branch, Department of without cost, for limited distribution to Commerce, Washington, DC 20230 or of occasional shippers from the Foreign any field office of that department. A list Trade Division, Bureau of the Census,

of field offices is included in the aboveWashington DC 20233. Copies of the mentioned public notice. shipper's export declaration correction (b) Postal employees will not advise form for free distribution may also be prospective mailers as to the type of obtained from the Bureau of the Census, license applicable to any commodities or Washington DC 20233, and from a cus to any destination, except that licenses toms office (see § 61.3(d)).

are not required for most shipments to

Canada. However, before accepting par§ 51.5 Handling and disposal.

cels employees should satisfy themselves (a) When a shipper's export declara that the mailers have complied with the tion or correction form is presented at regulations so far as they are applicable. a post office in accordance with $ 51.1, postmark it in the lower left corner and

$ 52.2 General licenses. send it to:

(a) Definition and use. A "general Export Document Control, Foreign Trade

license" established by the Bureau of Statistics Unit, Room 308, Building 66, Bu. International Commerce is not a specific

reau of the Census, Jeffersonville, IN 47130. document, but is a general authorization Send only one copy of each declaration

covering exportations within its provisubmitted.

sions, each general license being desig

nated by symbol, such as G-DEST, GLV, PART 52-COMMERCE DEPART

GIFT, GUS, etc. A brief description of the MENT REGULATIONS (COMMOD

general licenses usually used for mail

shipments is given in this section. Further ITIES AND TECHNICAL DATA)

information can be obtained as set forth Sec.

in s 52.1(a). When a prospective mailer 52.1 Scope and applicability.

finds that the contents of his package 52.2 General licenses. 52.3 Validated licenses.

are properly exportable under a general 52.4 Export control Inspections.

license, unless it contains only printed

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