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ernment-aided college. The postmaster Commission on Civil Rights. receiving the annual reports from an ofi

Commission of Fine Arts. cer of the college will use a post office

Council of Economic Advisers. penalty envelope or label to send it

Defense, Department of (or DOD).

Defense Supply Agency. through the mail.

D.C. Court of Appeals. (5) Copyright material sent to the D.C. Court of General Sessions. Register of Copyrights with claim for D.C. Juvenile Court. registration, as follows:

Employment Security Mail. (i) Postmasters receiving the claim Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Farm Credit Administration. for registration and any articles that are

Federal Aviation Agency. required to accompany the claim will use

Federal Bureau of Investigation. a post office penalty envelope or label to

Federal Coal Mine Safety Board of Review. send the matter to the Register of Copy Federal Communications Commission. rights, Washington, D.C. 20540.

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. (ii) If requested to do so, the postmas Federal Highway Administration. ter will give a receipt for articles de

Federal Home Loan Bank Board.

Federal Housing Administration, livered to him to accompany a claim for

Federal Maritime Commission. registration.

Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service. (iii) When desired, the person sub

Federal National Mortgage Association. mitting copyright matter to the postmas Federal Power Commission. ter may also present the fee for copyright Federal Railroad Administration. registration enclosed in a sealed envelope Federal Reserve System, Board of Governors addressed to Register of Copyrights,

of the.

Federal Trade Commission. Washington, D.C. 20540, which must have postage prepaid at the letter rate.

Foreign Claims Settlement Commission.

General Services Administration. The postmaster, after canceling the

Government Printing Office. postage stamps, will enclose the envelope Great Lakes Basin Commission. containing the fee together with the Health, Education, and Welfare, Department copyright material in the post office ol. penalty envelope sent to the Register of Housing and Urban Development, DepartCopyrights.

ment of.

in Immigration and Naturalization Service. (iv) Matter for copyright enclosed in

Indian Claims Commission. post office penalty envelopes will not be Inter-Agency Committee on Mexican Amersent by registered mail unless the regis- • ican Affairs. try fee is prepaid.

Interior, Department of. (c) Methods of preparing official Internal Revenue Servico. mail-(1) Postage and fees paid. (1) Au International Boundary and Water Commis. thorized Departments and Agencies are:

sion, U.S. Section.

Interstate Commerce Commission.
Administrative Conference of the United John F. Kennedy Center.

Justice, Department of.
Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Labor, Department of.

Library of Congress. Agency for International Development.

· Marine Corps. Agriculture, Department of.

National Advisory Council on Economic OpAir Force, Department of.

,,portunity. Alaska Rallroad.

National Aeronautics and Space AdminisAmerican Battle Monuments Commission.

tration. Appalachian Regional Commission.

National Capital Housing Authority. Architect of the Capitol.

National Capital Planning Commission. Army, Department of.

National Foundation on the Arts and the Atlantic-Pacific Interoceanic Canal Study

Humanities. Commission.

National Gallery of Art. Atomic Energy Commission.

National Institutes of Health. Botanic Garden.

National Labor Relations Board. Bureau of the Budget.

National Mediation Board. Bureau of Prisons (or FBP).

National Science Foundation. Civil Aeronautics Board.

National Security Council. Civil Service Commission.

Navy, Department of. Coast Guard.

New England River Basin Commission. Commerce, Department of.

Office of Civil Defense.

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Office of Economic Opportunity.

(shown actual size below) located %8 inch Office of Emergency Preparedness.

from the top edge of the mail piece; the Panama Canal Company.

words "Postage and Fees Paid,” and Peace Corps. Plans for Progress.

name of department or agency. President's Committee on Employment of the

- 2 5/8"-
Physically Handicapped.
President's Council on Physical Fitness.
Public Housing Administration.
Public Land Law Review Commission.
Railroad Retirement Board.
Renegotiation Board.
St. Lawrence Seaway Development

Secretary of Defense, Office of.


Securities and Exchange Commission.
Selective Service System.
Small Business Administration.
Smithsonian Institution.
Special Representative for Trade Negotiation.

(c) The eagle may be reduced in size State, Department of.

to not less than 5 inch by 15/8 inches and State Employment Security Offices (see the indicia area to not less than 144 § 137.4 of this chapter).

inches by 2 inches. Subversive Activities Control Board.

(d) Use of the eagle symbol as part of Tax Court of the United States.

the indicia is optional on larger than Tennessee Valley Authority.

letter-size mail. Transportation, Department of.

· (e) The eagle symbol may be omitted Treasury, Department of. U.S. Commissioner-Delaware River Basin

on self-mailers completely printed by Commission.

computer with no provisions for printing U.S. Court of Claims.

designs other than letters and numerU.S. Court of Customs and Patent Appeals. als, provided the items are faced, sorted, U.S. Court of Military Appeals.

and tied in bundles by ZIP Code. U.S. Courts.

(iv) This mail must bear the complete U.S. Customs Court.

return address, the words "Official BusiU.S. General Accounting Office. U.S. Information Agency.

ness,” and the statement "Penalty for U.S. Soldiers' Home.

private use, $300" in the upper left corU.S. Supreme Court.

ner of the mail piece.
U.S. Tariff Commission.
Veterans Administration,
Water Resources Council.

(ii) All oficial mail of authorized departments or agencies, subject to the weight and size limits, if any, for matter of its class, shall be given the postal service indicated on its cover when the mail bears the appropriate indicia, which may not be handwritten or typewritten.

(v) Printed reply envelopes or labels (iii) Indicia:

marked “Postage and Fees Paid” (name (a) An area 1/2 inches by 25/8 inches of department or agency) and preis reserved in the upper righthand corner addressed to a Federal Government office of the mail piece for the indicia or stamp. or officer may be furnished to persons or No other markings may appear in the concerns for convenience in submitting indicia area except borders extending no

information for official purposes, or for further than one quarter inch from the delivery of official matter, subject to the envelope edges.

following: (6) The indicia for letter size official. (a) Reply envelopes or labels furmail of departments or agencies author- nished to contractors must bear the ized to use the “Postage and Fees Paid" printed return address of one of the system consists of: An eagle symbol agencies listed in § 137.2(c) (1) (i) over




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the words "Official Business.” No return for Private Use to Avoid Payment of name and address of a private person or Postage, $300.” firm may be shown. (6) When a special service is required,

- 2 5/8"the reply envelope or label must be preprinted with the type of special service desired. Users of reply labels may not add their own markings for these services.

(vi) Official mail of designated State extension directors must bear in the

PENALTY FOR PRIVATE USE TO AVOID upper left corner the name of the agri

PAYMENT OF POSTAGE, S 300 cultural college and the name of the post office at which the mail is to be accepted without prepayment of postage, followed

(6) The eagle may be reduced in size by the name and title of the designated

to not less than five-eighths inch by 15% officer and the words “Cooperative Agri

inches and the indicia area to not less cultural Extension Work-Acts of May 8

than 114 inches by 2 inches. and June 30, 1914.” The eagle symbol and

(c) Use of the eagle symbol as part of the words "Postage and Fees Paid U.S. Department of Agriculture” must appear

the indicia is optional on larger than

letter-size mail. in the upper right corner of the address

(d) The eagle symbol may be omitted side.

on self-mailers completely printed by (vii) Official mailings by agricultural

computer with no provisions for printing experiment stations must bear in the upper left corner of the address side the

designs other than letters and numerals, name of the station, the name of the post

provided the items are faced, sorted, and

tied in bundles by ZIP Code. office at which the matter is to be ac

(iii) This mail must bear the complete cepted, and the name and title of the oficer in charge of the station, followed

return address and the words "Official by the word “Publication.” The title of

Business" in the upper left corner of the the bulletin or report may be used. The

mail piece. eagle symbol and the words "Postage Paid U.S. Department of Agriculture" must appear in the upper right corner of the address side.

(viii) Enter the word “Airmail" approximately one-fourth inch below the indicia if the mail piece is to be sent by air. Other endorsements for special seryices or class of mail should be placed in the same area.

(iv) Air mail or other endorsements: (2) Penalty mail. (i) Penalty mail, sub

Enter the word “Airmail” approxi. ject to the restrictions of paragraph (d)

mately one-quarter inch below the inof this section, is sent without prepay

dicia if the mail piece is to be sent by air. ment of postage. Envelopes, cards, labels, tags and wrappers used in transmitting

Other endorsements for special services official mail under the penalty privilege

or class of mail should be placed in the

same area. must bear the appropriate indicia, which may not be handwritten or typewritten

(3) Penalty. Penalty mail, subject to

the restrictions of paragraph (d) of this (ii) Indicia.

section, is sent without prepayment of (a) The indicia for letter size official

postage. Envelopes, cards, labels, tags, mail of departments or agencies which

and wrappers used in transmitting offido not use the Postage and Fees Paid cial mail under the penalty privilege system shall consist of: The eagle symbol must bear in the upper right corner of (shown actual size below) located three- the address side the printed statement of eighths-inch from the top edge of the the penalty of misuse: “Penalty for Primail piece; and the statement "Penalty vate Use to Avoid Payment of Postage,





$300.” The printed statement of the penalty for misuse may not be handwritten or typewritten. They must also show, over the words “Official Business” in the upper left corner of the address side, the name and address including ZIP Code of the department, bureau, office, or officer.

(4) Prepaid postage. Official mail which is not sent as penalty mail or as postage and fees paid mail must have postage prepaid. The regular rates and conditions apply except that postage on official mail weighing over 4 pounds may be paid at the fourth-class rates. See paragraph (e) (1) of this section.

(d) Use. (1) The markings authorized on official mail in paragraph (c) of this section may not be placed on other mail to avoid payment of postage or special service fees.

(2) Any department or office authorized to use the official mail privilege may furnish self-addressed envelopes or labels to persons or concerns for their convenience in submitting official information desired by any U.S. Government department or agency. Reply envelopes may not be furnished to bidders or contractors, or to enable private persons or concerns to send without prepayment of postage reports or other information which they are required by law to make.

(3) The right of an officer to use the official mail privilege ceases immediately on his going out of office.

(4) Official matter of those departments and agencies listed in § 137.2(c) (1) (i) that is marked "Postage and Fees Paid” (name of department or agency) shall be given any special service, including airmail, when it is so marked by the sender without requiring prepayment of postage or fees. See Publication 42, regarding international mail.

(5) Airmail and the special services may not be given official mail in penalty envelopes without prepayment of air postage or prepayment of the appropriate fee for the special service requested. EXCEPTION: Penalty envelopes of a President-elect (see § 137.7) and those containing urgent official communications of the Postal Service may be sent airmail without prepayment of the postage. Official mail of the Postal Service may be sent as registered, certified, or special delivery mail without prepayment of the postage or fees..

(e) Weight and size limits-(1) Weight-(i) Penalty mail. No article or package of official matter, or number of articles or packages of official matter, constituting in fact a single shipment exceeding 4 pounds may be admitted to the mail under the penalty privilege except stamped paper and supplies sold or used by the Postal Service, and books or documents published or circulated by order of Congress when mailed by the Superintendent of Documents. Official matter in packages exceeding 4 pounds, if otherwise mailable, will be accepted on payment of postage at the fourthclass rates within the limits of weight prescribed for such matter. (See § 135.3 (a) of this chapter.) Such parcels may be sealed or unsealed, and may include written matter when mailed at those rates. Official matter of the Postal Seryice, and books and documents circulated by order of Congress when mailed by the Superintendent of Documents, may weigh up to 70 pounds.

(ii) Postage and fees paid mail. Maximum weight as $ 135.3(a) except airmail. See § 136.3.

(iii) Prepaid Government mail. Maximum weight same as $ 135.3(a) except airmail. See $ 136.3.

(2) Size. (i) Mail, shall, when physically possible, be prepared so as to be within the range of sizes which can be machine processed, and also most efficiently hand processed. This range of sizes, referred to as letter-size mail, is as follows:

[blocks in formation]

1 Cards exceeding 444 inches in height and/or 6 inches in length must be at least 0.009-inch thick and should not be thicker than 0.013 inch.

(ii) In instances where mail pieces must be larger than letter-size, avoid the use of items over 9 inches by 12 inches whenever possible. Items larger than that are especially difficult to handle even by manual methods.

(iii) Mail, other than letter-size mail, may measure not to exceed the limitations stated in § 135.3(a). See $ 135.3(b) for instructions on how to measure.

(3) Shape. (i) Envelopes, cards, and right corner, the words “Postage and self-mailers shall be rectangular, regard Fees Paid, Employment Security Mall" less of size or class of mail.

will be accepted without prepayment of (ii) Letter-size mail shall have a max postage or fees. Postage and fees chargeimum ratio of height to length of 1 to able are collected periodically under & 1.4, and a minimum ratio of 1 to 2.5. special arrangement with the Postal

(f) ZIP Coding of mail-(1) Address Service, Such matter will be given the ing. The address on all oficial mailings service indicated on the cover. of Federal Exceutive Departments and Agencies under $ 137.2 must include the

137.6 Absentee balloting materials. ZIP Code number.

(a) Purpose. Balloting materials con(2) Presorting and postage charges. sisting of post card applications, ballots, When identical pieces of individually ad- voting instructions, and envelopes, are dressed matter are included in a single sent through the mail without prepaymailing, and the reimbursement to the ment of postage, including airmail postU.S. Postal Service required by para- age, for the purpose of enabling every graph (a) of this section is made at the person in any of the following categories bulk third-class postage rates prescribed to vote by absentee ballot when he is by § 134.1(b), they must be prepared in absent from the place of his voting resipackages and sacks as prescribed by dence and is otherwise eligible to vote: § 134.4(c).

(1) Members of the Armed Forces

while in the active service and their § 137.3 Mail sent to Government depart

spouses and dependents. ments.

(2) Members of the merchant marine (a) Census mail. All mail, of whatever of the United States and their spouses class, relating to the census and ad- and dependents. dressed to the Census Ofice, or to any (3) Civilian employees of the United official thereof, and endorsed “Oficial States in all categories serving outside Business, Census Office," will be sent the United States and the District of without prepayment of postage. Such Columbia and their spouses and demail may not exceed 4 pounds. (See pendents when residing with or accom§ 137.2(a) of this chapter regarding panying them, whether or not the empostage reimbursement.) Mail sent by the ployee is subject to the civil-service laws Census Bureau of the Department of and the Classification Act of 1949, as Commerce or one of its officers in en

amended, and whether or not paid from velopes of that Bureau is subject to the funds appropriated by the Congress. conditions in $137.2(c) (1) of this (4) Members of religious groups or chapter.

welfare agencies assisting members of the (b) Immigration and Naturalization Armed Forces, who are officially attached Service mail. All mail of whatever class, to and serving with the Armed Forces, relating to naturalization, including du- and their spouses and dependents. plicate papers required by law or regula (5) Citizens of the United States temtion to be sent to the Service by clerks porarily residing outside the territorial of courts addressed to the Department limits of the United States and the Disof Justice or the Immigration and Nat trict of Columbia and their spouses and uralization Service, or any oficial of dependents when residing or accomeither, and endorsed “Official Business," panying them. To be mailable free of will be transmitted without prepayment postage, the balloting materials must be of postage and marked "Naturalization

deposited at a U.S. post office, an overPapers." Mail relating to naturalization

seas U.S. military post office, or premay not exceed 4 pounds. (See § 137.2(a)

sented to an American embassy. regarding postage reimbursement.)

. (b) Elections affected. The materials $ 137.4 State employment security mail. may be sent for any general election of ings.

electors for President and Vice President All mail of State employment security or of Senators and Representatives in offices cooperating with the Department Congress and for other general, primary, of Labor that bears, in the upper left and special elections. corner of the address side, the words (c) Markings required on ballot ende. "Official Business” printed immediately lopes and post card applications. (1) En. below the name and address of the State velopes used to send balloting material employment agency and, in the upper and envelopes supplied for return of the

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