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First, into the proois of his Resurrection, “mans metres did Jesus in presence of his disciples."

Seconds, into the evidence of Jesus being the Son of God, which his Resurrection furnishes, “ written, that re might beliere that he is the Christ, the Son of God."

And advert thirdly, to the result of believing that truth which the Resurrection establishes, “that believing ye might have life through his


First—The proofs of our Lord's Resurrection rested on many signs which he did-some of these were actual miracles, such as he had frequently performed—while others were only common and ordinary actions, which tended to prove that he was a human being, and not a spirit--their master and not another personthus he eat and drank with them and thus also, he shewed them his hands and his side. These signs were many, they occurred so often, that every one of the disciples had an opportunity of satisfying himself by personal observation, that the Lord was risen indeed; and it was impossible for them to be deceived or mistaken, when these opportunities were of such frequent recurrence.

These signs were done truly; they were of such a nature as to fall under the cognizance of their senses, and from that very circumstance, they precluded the possibility of deception. They were done also in presence of his disciples, in presence of those who had known him before his death, who knew that he had been put to death, and who could therefore confidently assert, that he had been raised from the dead. For Jesus to have done these or other signs nothing to the roots Is.. no one could jare jeer 15 from his own mowers. 21 ut viously been no e34 his person, s dje AI I TI E was the same narra-71 13 have been aditei nr. 05e of his having been TT 1 this knowledge Ts te zi his Resurrection DE 15 12.30 itself into a seier i tre nan sampetent and erotihie mense wul. tiesirs. We Lord it gris 1n, I real: 11 were known to je meent. mi grgran be credible, and the ul seien n 1 sirrection. 15 :1.17 Fari i *. Butre, in his first aicizzo te ferien, Im Got raised up the si

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