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NASA Annual Procurement Report, Fiscal Year 1988

Solar Dynamic Power Report; NASA Office of Space Station, January 1989; as
directed by Report Number 100-650.

Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel Annual Report; March 1989..

A Study of the Cost and Financing of a Commercially Developed Space

Facility; National Academy of Public Administration, April 1989; as direct-

ed by Public Law 100-685...

Report of the Committee on a Commercially Developed Space Facility; Aero-

nautics and Space Engineering Board, Commission on Engineering and

Technical Systems, National Research Council, April 1989; as directed by

Public Law 100-685...

Space Station Freedom Capital Development Plan FY 1989, NASA Office of

Space Station, April 1988; as directed by Public Law 100-147...

Progress in Reaching Agreements for Nonprofit and Private Sector Use of

Space Shuttle External Tanks (a) NASA/UCAR Memorandum of Agree-

ment (b) Request for expressions of interest for use of External Tanks, April

1989; as directed by report accompanying H.R. 4561..

Memorandum of Understanding Between the United States, NASA, and the

Government of Japan on Cooperation in the Detailed Design, Development,

Operation, and Utilization of the Permanently Manned Civil Space Station,

NASA, April 1989; as directed by section 112 of Public Law 100-147..

NASA In-House Commercially Developed Space Facility [CDSF] Study Report

Cost Estimate and Economic Analysis, NASA, April 1989..

Office of Space Science and Applications Flight Project Data Book, NASA,

May 1989..

Scheduling Commercial Launch Operations at National Ranges; Department

of Transportation, Office of Commercial Space Transportation, May 1989......

Space Station Freedom Capital Development Plan FY 1990, NASA, May 1989;

as directed by Public Law 100-147

NASA Capital Development Plan, May 1989; as directed by section 102 of

Public Law 100-685...

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Reimbursement Policy for the Space Station Freedom Program; NASA Office
of Space Station, June 1989; as directed by section 111 of Public Law 100-



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This report presents summary data on all NASA procurement actions and detailed information on contracts, grants, agreements and other procurements over $25,000 awarded by NASA during Fiscal Year 1988.

The dollar value on procurements over $25,000 amounted to 97 percent of the total dollar value of procurement actions completed during Fiscal Year 1988. However, these larger procurements

accounted for only 22 percent of the total actions.

Procurement action, as used in this report, means contractual actions to obtain supplies, services or construction which increase or decrease funds. A procurement action thus may be a new procurement, or modifications such as supplemental agreements, change orders, or terminations to a contract that change the total amount of funds obligated. An obligation is a contractual commitment to pay for supplies or services that are specified in the contract.

The report was prepared by the Procurement Management Division, Office of Procurement, NASA Headquarters. Inquiries should be addressed to:

National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Office of Procurement (Code HM)
Washington, D.C. 20546

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