Saunders, Otley & Co.'s Literary Budget for England, India, China, Australia and the Colonies, Issues 1-4; Issue 2696

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Saunders, Otley & Company, 1861 - English literature

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Page 158 - the man who causes two blades of grass to grow where only one grew before...
Page 44 - LEVER, fitting with so much ease and closeness that it cannot bo detected, and may be worn during sleep. A descriptive circular may be had, and the Truss (which cannot fail to fit) forwarded by post, on the circumference of the body two inches below the hips being sent to the Manufacturer, Mr.
Page 44 - WHITE'S MOC-MAIN LEVER TRUSS (Perfected and Exhibited in the Great Exhibitions of 1851 & 1862} Is allowed by upwards of 200 Medical Gentlemen to be the most effective invention in the curative treatment of HERNIA. The use of a steel spring, so often hurtful in its effects, is here avoided ; a soft bandage being worn round the body, while the...
Page 7 - ... maps are certainly unsurpassed by any for legibility and uniformity of drawing, as well as for accuracy and judicious selection, this eminent geographer's Atlas has a distinguishing merit in the fact that each map is accompanied by a special index of remarkable fulness. The labour and trouble of reference are in this way reduced to a minimum. . . . . The number of places enumerated in the separate indices is enormous. We believe, indeed, that every name which appears in the maps is registered...
Page 165 - The only true motive for putting poetry into a fresh language must be to endow a fresh nation, as far as possible, with one more possession of beauty.
Page 140 - Co. may depend upon receiving every attention to their requirements and instructions. Every assistance will be afforded to their Constituents and their Families on their arrival in England, with the view to relieve them from every possible inconvenience. Charge, when required, will be taken of children coming from India and the Colonies, and arrangements will be made for their education in England. To those going out to India, Australia, and the Colonies, Messrs.
Page 69 - This is quite a novelty in chronological literature. It is an universal almanac — universal, that is, as respects time, past, present, and future. The main object of it is, as the compiler states, to supply the place of an old almanac, which is never at hand when wanted ; of the older almanac, which never was at hand ; and of the universal almanac in every shape ! A more useful chronological handbook could scarcely be conceived. It will save an immensity of calculation, and is in many other respects...
Page 37 - SCORESBY-JACKSON, MD, FRSE MEDICAL CLIMATOLOGY; or, a .Topographical and Meteorological Description of the Localities resorted to in Winter and Summer by Invalids of various classes both at Home and Abroad. With an Isothermal Chart Post 8vo.
Page 154 - And with a flying finger swept my lips, And spake, 'Be wise: not easily forgiven Are those, who setting wide the doors that bar The secret bridal chambers of the heart, Let in the day.

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