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30. The CEO Legal Advisory Committee had reported this trend as early as 1971.

See op. cit., supra note 8, at p. 16: 'the attitudes of the developing countries are changing in part because of U.S. diplonatic efforts to this end and can be expected to continue to change in the direction of increased concern for the environmental effects of development; noreover, the 9102(2)(c) statement can be a useful educational device to further this objective.'

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1) The Contracting Parties undertake that proposals
for any activity which may significantly affect the
natural environment shall as far as possible be
subject to an assessment of their consequences before
they are adopted, and they shall take into
consideration the results of this assessment in their
decision-making process.

*2) In those cases where any such activities are
undertaken, the Contracting Parties shall plan and
carry them out so as to overcome or minimize any
assessed adverse effects and shall monitor such
effects with a view to taking remedial action as

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39. This has been the case since shortly after NEPA's enactment. See, e.g. the EIS for a loan by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development of 83.5 million for an apartment building in Oregon, Goose Hollow Foothills Leaque v. Romney 334 F. Supp. F. Supp. 877, 1 ELR 20492 (D.c. Or., 1971).

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Selected Pages of the Report of The

Legal Advisory Committee
To The President's Council on Environmental Quality

(December, 1971)


Testimony of

Nicholas A. Robinson

Before The

U.S. Senate
Subconmittee on Hazardous Waste & Toxic Substances

Committee on Environment and Public Works




December, 1971

Members of the Legal Advisory Committee


Whitney North Seymour, Jr.
U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York
New York, New York

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