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Title 38—Pensions, Bonuses, and

Veterans' Relief

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Part 0 1 2 3 4 5

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11 12 13 14 17 18

Standards of ethical conduct and related responsibilities.
General provisions.
Delegations of authority.
Schedule for rating disabilities.
The Board on Waivers and Forfeitures and Committees on Waivers in field

United States Government life insurance.
Soldiers' and Sailors' Civil Relief.
National Service life insurance.
Veterans mortgage life insurance.
Servicemen's Group Life Insurance.
Adjusted compensation.
Loans by banks on and payment of adjusted service certificates.
Disposition of veteran's personal funds and effects.
Department of Veterans Benefits, Chief Attorneys.
Legal services, General Counsel.
Nondiscrimination in Federally-assisted programs of the Veterans Admin-

istration-effectuation of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Delegation of responsibility in connection with Title VI, Civil Rights Act

of 1964.
Practice and procedure under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and

Part 18 of this chapter.
Board of Veterans Appeals.
Vocational rehabilitation and education.
Relocation assistance and land acquisition under Federal and federally

assisted programs.
Loan guaranty.



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0.735-80 Confidentiality of employees' CONDUCT AND RELATED RESPON.

statements. SIBILITIES

0.735-81 Reviewing statements of interest.

0.735–82 Disciplinary and other remedial Subpart A-General Provisions

action. Sec.

0.735–83 Applicability to members of the 0.735-1 Purpose.

uniformed services. 0.735-2 Definitions.

0.735–84 Effect of employees' statements on 0.735-3 Informing employees.

other requirements. 0.735-4

Interpretation and advisory serv- 0.735–85 Statements of employment and A.

nancial interests for special Gov. 0.735-5 Violation of regulations.

ernment employees. Subpart B-Standards of Ethical Conduct and AUTHORITY: The provisions of this Part 0 Related Responsibilities of Employees

Issued under E.o. 11222 of May 8, 1965, 80

F.R. 6469, 3 CFR, 1965 Supp.; 5 CFR 735.104. 0.735–10 General requirements. 0.735–11 Guts, entertainment and favors.

SOURCE: The provisions of this Part 0 0.735–12 Outside employment, activity or appear at 31 F.R. 5828, Apr. 16, 1966, unless compensation.

otherwise noted. 0.735–13 Financial interests. 0.735–14 Use of Government property.

Subpart A-General Provisions 0.735–15 Disclosure or misuse of informa- 8 0.735-1 Purpose.

tion. 0.735–16 Indebtedness.

For proper performance of the Gov0.785–17 Gambling, betting, and lotteries. ernment business and the maintenance 0.736–18 Conduct prejudicial to the Gov- of confidence by citizens in their Gov

ernment. 0.785–19 Relations with firms or persons

ernment, employees and special Govern

ment employees in the Veterans Admin-
seeking or doing business with
the Veterans Administration.

istration shall maintain the highest 0.735–20 Other conduct on the job.

possible standards of honesty,

integrity, 0.785–21 Standards of conduct in special impartiality, and conduct. They shall areas.

avoid misconduct and conflicts of in0.786–22 Other conflict of interest restric- terest through informed judgment, as an

tions. 0.735–23 Miscellaneous statutory provisions.

indispensable means to the maintenance

of these high standards. Subpart C-Standards of Ethical Conduct and For the purposes of this part: Related Responsibilities of Special Government

$ 0.735-2 Definitions. Employees 0.785–50 General requirements.

(a) "Employee" means an oficer or 0.735–51 Use of Government employment.

employee of the Veterans Administra0.785-52 Use of inside information.

tion, except a special Government em0.735-53 Coercion.

ployee. 0.785-54 Gifts, entertainment, and favors. (b) "Special Government employee" 0.735-55 Other conflict of interest restrictions.

means an officer or employce of the 0.785–56 Miscellaneous statutory provisions.

Veterans Administration who is retained, 0.735-57 Other standards of conduct.

designated, appointed, or otherwise em

ployed to perform, with or without comSubpart D-Statements of Employment and

pensation, for 130 days or less during Financial Interests

any period of 365 consecutive days, tem0.735-70 Purpose of statements of interests. porary duties either on a full-time, part0.735–71 Employee's complaint on Aling re- time, or intermittent basis.

quirement. 0.735–72 Form and content of statements.

(c) Where appropriate to the meaning 0.735–73 Employees required

and not explained in this part, the term

to submit statements.

“person" means an individual, a corpo0.735–74 Employees not required to submit

ration, a company, an association, a firm, statements.

à partnership, a society, a joint stock 0.735–75 Time and place for submission of company, or any other organization or employees' statements; reviewing

institution. oficials. 0.735–76 Supplementary statements.

$ 0.735–3 Informing employees. 0.735–77 Interests of employees' relatives.

(a) Each new employee and special 0.736–78 Information not known by em- Government employee will be furnished a ployees.

copy of this part or a comprehensive 0.735–79 Information prohibited.

summary at the time of his entrance on

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