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US 1110.29


Harvard College Library

JUL 2 1909
From the
U. S. Government.

BOUND. JUN 9 1910

L. C. card, 8-35010


The purpose of this List is to supply material for a study of the Supreme Court of the United States.

The List is in four sections: The first containing general works on the court; the two next, the reports and digests; and the last, biographical material on the chief justices and associate justices. With this last section are noted some of the more important writings of the chief justices. It was found inexpedient at this time to include the pamphlet literature produced by the earlier justices. Should a second edition be called for it is hoped to include this material.

The List does not attempt the completeness of a bibliography. A great number of unimportant United States documents, for instance, have been purposely omitted. They consisted mostly of reports, resolutions, etc., which affected the Supreme Court very slightly, if at all. To have included them would have cumbered the list with material of little moment, sufficiently indicated in the existing indexes to United States documents.

The series of lists of which this is an example are undertaken in the Division of Bibliography and issued over the signature of the Chief Bibliographer. The responsibility for the inclusion or exclusion of titles rests, of course, with him. In all of the lists, however, the division draws freely upon other divisions of the Library for information, and particularly upon its former chief, the present Chief Assistant Librarian, for criticism and suggestion.

This aid is cordially given, of great value, and heartily appreciated; and if it is not specifically acknowledged in the preface to each list, the omission is merely to save repetition of a fact familiar within the Library and a matter of administrative, rather than of public interest. H. H. B. MEYER

Chief Bibliographer


Librarian of Congress

Washington, D. C., May 10, 1909


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