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Adams, John and William Brattle. The independence of the judi-

(In The works of John Adams, vol. 3, pp. 511-574. Boston,
1851. 8°.)

Report of some members of the com-
mittee of the American bar association, on the subject of
delays incident to the determination of suits in the United
States Supreme Court.

American bar association.

Bibliography: p. x-xii; list of " general references" at head
of each chapter except the last.
The judicial department, pp. 316-325.

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of judgments, liability for judicial acts, and special rem-

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American state series.)

CONTENTS.-The nature and scope of the judicial power in
the United States; The organization and practical working
of American courts; Part 1. English origin and early de-
velopment of the American judiciary; The separation of
the judicial power from the legislative and executive in
American constitutions; The relations of the judiciary to
the political departments of government; The force of
judicial precedents; The judicial power of developing un-
written law; The judicial power of interpreting and de-
veloping written law; The judicial power of declaring what
has the form of law not to be law. Part 2. The organization
of the courts of the states; The organization of the courts
of the United States; Relations of the state judiciary to
the United States, and of the United States judiciary to
the states; Relations between the courts of different states;
Trial by jury; Formalities in judicial procedure; Trial
courts for civil causes; Probate courts; Bankruptcy and in-
solvency courts; Criminal procedure; The exercise of
judicial functions out of court; Appellate courts; The
enforcement of judgments and punishment of contempts of
courts; Judicial proceedings in territories subject to mar-
tial law; Appointment, tenure of office and compensation
of judges; The character of the bar and its relations to
the bench; The law's delay; The attitude of the people
toward the judiciary; Index.

The American system of supreme courts and what it accom-

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Bates, C. Lee. Federal procedure at law; a treatise on the procedure
in suits at common law in the circuit courts of the United
States; accompanied with, as a basis of federal judicial
procedure, a statement of the dual system of government
created by the federal constitution and the constitutional
limitations imposed upon the state and federal govern-
ments and the creation of the federal judicial system and
the jurisdiction of all the federal courts.
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the federal and state courts of the United States, with
particular reference to the federal practice, including
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"First appeared in the New York Sun on the 19th of July, 1903."

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at the eighteenth annual meeting held at Hot Springs of
Virginia, August 7th, 8th and 9th, 1906.
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At head of title: The Virginia state bar association.

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Contains biographical sketches with portraits of Jay, Rutledge, Cushing, Harrison, Wilson, Blair, Iredell, Thomas Johnson, Paterson, Ellsworth, Chase, Washington, Moore, Marshall, William Johnson, Livingston, Todd, Duvall, Story, Thompson, Trimble, McLean, Baldwin, Wayne, Taney, Barbour, Catron, McKinley, Daniel, Nelson, Woodbury, Grier, Curtis, Campbell, Salmon P. Chase, Clifford, Swayne, Miller, Davis, Field, Strong, Bradley, Hunt, Waite, Harlan, Woods, Matthews, Gray, Blatchford, Lamar, Fuller, Brewer, Brown, and Shiras.

The history of the Supreme Court of the United States; with biographies of all the chief and associate justices. A. D.

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