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Space to enable safe turn around should be provided at intervals of not greater than one mile along narrow circulation roads.

Roadside Landscaping

Improved views for roadside patrol surveillance can be accomplished by selective trimming. Views can be opened into and through use areas (Sketch 6). The viewpoint itself may be narrow, perhap only a few feet wide, but then opens to a broader vista. From the use area, the viewpoint may be unnoticeable, as shown in Sketch 7.

Such viewpoints provide the rangers or law enforcement officers with an option of viewing a use area from a distance, rather than going into the area demonstrating his visible presence. While occasionally seeing a ranger or officer gives visitors a sense of security and serves as a deterrent to disturbances, this must be sensitively balanced with overbearing presence. If not, the ranger or officers presence may then offend an individual or group's sense of privacy. A park ranger with extensive experience in dealing with visitors is normally able to sense how he or she is being received by visitors. There are times to be seen, and times not to be seen. Effective surveillance to ensure visitor protection thus requires good judgment in its practice.

Parking Lots

Many larcenies at Corps lakes are associated with parked automobiles. Parking areas can be developed in open view as much as possible as a deterrent to theft. View corridors between parking and use areas can be selectively cleared to enable visitors to locate their activity within visibility of their automobiles.


Trails are not normally a major recreation facility developed at Corps lakes, although at a few recreation areas there are good trail networks being developed. Emergency access, such as fire protection routes, often double as trails. Trails, where provided, do offer opportunity to extend visitor and resource protection into project lands





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