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Insure that the policies and procedures of member departments and agencies support the Economic Adjustment Program.

Insure responsiveness to the operating requirements of the
EAP among member departments and agencies.


Establish policy guidelines for operation of the Economic
Adjustment Committee.

Assure that thrust of EAP is toward private-sector involvement.

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Recommend improvements in EAP operations to EAC Chairman,

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Concentrate Federal resources on impacted communities to the extent necessary for each.

Encourage the application of State and local governmental
resources in concert with Federal resources for impacted

Enlist the support of the private sector in the economic adjustment process.

Ensure coordinated Federal assistance to each impacted community pursuant to a single unified plan of action that specifies priorities in accordance with a prudent rationale of economic development.

Assure availability of "early warning" data on community impacts for planning purposes with the Department of Defense.

Provide all essential planning for total Economic Adjustment

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Designate key executive to serve on EAC as alternate to
department/agency head,

Designate staff level focal points with primary responsibility to handle EAP operations,

Restructure program priorities to effectively support the EAP.

Allocate adequate technical and material resources to the
EAC's operation.

Insure organizational responsiveness (at all levels) to EAC matters.

Upgrade professional contributions to EAC efforts.

Utilize a "community approach" in the conversion of former
military installations to various productive civilian uses
(i.e., viable community re-use plans consonant with sound
planning principles and environmental controls will determine
final utilization of real and related personal property).

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Assist EAC coordination of regional Federal resources for
community assistance.

Assume responsibility for completing EAC community assistance programs on formal termination of EAC involvement.


Designate key personnel (at both Materiel Secretary staff level and military command staff level) to serve as policy focal points for management of the EAP.

Designate operational focal points for effective disposition of real estate and personal property consistent with objectives of the EAP.

Provide policy and procedural guidance for departmental implementation of the Economic Adjustment Program.

Coordinate disposition of real and personal property incident to base realignments.

Provide EAC with such professional advice and reports as may be required on an "ad hoc" basis.

Arrange with base commanders of bases selected for realignment to coordinate phase-down and phase-out activities with EAC and to serve as EAC representatives to the communities affected in early conversion phase.

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Designate key personnel to serve as policy focal points for
management of the EAP.

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Designate operational focal point for effective disposition of personal property consistent with objectives of EAP.

Provide policy and procedural guidance for DSA implementation of Economic Adjustment Program.

Establish "early warning" system for contract cutback impacts.

Coordinate disposition of personal property incident to base realignments having a DSA involvement.

Provide EAC with such professional advice and reports as may be required on an "ad hoc" basis.



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(The attached Chart shows the recommended organizational lines. )

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Program Operations
Regional Coordinators
North Mid-

east Atlantic east




Administrator, Small Business Administration
Administrator, Environmental Protection

Director, Economic Opportunity
Commissioner, Civil Service Commission

*EAC Members
Secretary of the Interior
Secretary of Agriculture
Secretary of Commerce
Secretary of Labor
Secretary of Health, Education

and Welfare
Secretary of Housing and Urban

Secretary of Transportation
Administrator, General Services

Chairman of the Council of

Economic Advisora


(The attached chart shows the recommended functional organization for the Office of Economic Adjustment)


Policies, plans and programs to mirimize the economic impacts resulting from
changes in Defense programs, with emphasis on: (1) base closure and reduction
programs; (2) changes in procurement program.s; (3) patterns and causal relation-
ships in impacts; (4) special problems in the economics of Defense. Secretariat
for President's Economic Adjustment Committee (EAC)

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Research and analysis for economic adjustment
activity in Defense-impacted conmunities

Implementation oi economic strategies

1 - Provide all essential planning for total
Economic Adjustment Program (EAP).
2-dssure availability of early warning" data
on community impacts for planning purposes
within DoD.
3 - Strengthen program resources by enlisting
support of appropriate national public inter-
est groups, professional and business asso-
ciations, labor unions and other national
4 - Improve quality of Federal resource inputs
to EAP through intensive coordination of EAC
matters with all EAC member departments and
5 - Prepare all reports on status, progress and
problems of EAP as a whole.
6-Monitor program progress by community,
region and for the EAP as a whole.
7- Furnishes information to the general public
and Members of Congress and publicizes EAC
and OEA activities.
8-Develops principles, standards, policies
and procedures governing overall organization
and management systems.
9-Obtains and monitors such consultant
services as may be necessary.

1 - Develop community development strategies in
concert with communities and assisted by the
Directorate for Operations.
2- Initiate all field surveys and report thereon.
3 - Prepare community profiles, industrial
development profiles and industrial district
4-Prepare economic impact analyses (macro
and micro)
5- Perform technical, economic and engineering
6- Develop new Federal resource inputs to EAP,
including Federal research and development
7- Assist in enlisting new program resources
from private sector, including university,
national association, and development organi-
zation inputs.

1 - Work closely with comniuni:y leaders to

implement the community's economic adjust-
• ment program as defined by Program Develop-

ment Directorate.
2-3erve as focal point withir. Federal Govern-
ment for assuring implementation oi community
3-Develop inputs to economic adjustment
strategies with emphasis on tuilding area
organizational abilities.
4-Organize and participate in Federal tez.r.
surveys of impacted communities.
5- Perform reconnaissance si.rveys of impacted
6-Prepare reports of progress for each com-
munity program. Assists Program Directorate
with preparation of base-use plans in base
closure situations.

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