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Alphabetical List of Agencies Appearing in the CFR
us of June 17, 1977

CFR Title, Subtitle or

Chapter ACTION

45, XII Administrative Committee of the Federal Register

1,1 Administrative Conference of the United States

1, III Advisory Commission on Jntergovernmental Relations

5, VII Advisory Committee on Federal Pay

5, IV Advisory Council on Historic Preservation

36, VIII Agency for International Development

22, II; 41,7 Aging, Administration on

45, IX Agricultural Marketing Service

7,1, IX, X, XI Agricultural Research Service

7, V;9, IV Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service

7, VII Agriculture Department Agricultural Marketing Service

7, I, IX, X, XI Agricultural Research Service

7.5:9, IV Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service

7. vir Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service

7, III;9, I, III Audit, Office of

7. xxvii Commodity Credit Corporation

7, XIV Contract Appeals, Board of

7, XXIV Farmers Home Administration

7, XVIII Federal Crop Insurance Corporation

7, IV Federal Procurement Regulations System

41,4 Food and Nutrition Service Foreign Agricultural Service

7, XV Foreign Economic Development Service

7, XXI Forest Service

36, II General Sales Manager, Office of

7, XXV Investigation, Office of

7, XXVI Packers and stockyards Administration

9, II Rural Electrification Administration

7, XVII Rural Telephone Bank

7, XVI Secretary of Agriculture, Office of

7, Subtitle A Soil Conservation Service.

7, VI Statistical Reporting Service

7, XII Air Force Department

32, VII Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, Bureau of

Alien Property, Office of
American Battle Monuments Commission
American Revolution Bicentennial Administration

36, VI Anadromous Fisheries

50, IV Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service

7, III:9, 1
Appalachian Regional Commission
Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board
Arms Control and Disarmament Agency, U.S.

22, V; 41, 23 Army Department

32, V Engineers, Corps of

33, II; 36, III Audit, Office of

7, XXVII Automotive Agreement Adjustment Assistance Board

29, XVI Benefits Review Board

20, VII Blind and Other Severely Handicapped, Committee for

41,51 Purchases from Budget, Office of Management and

5, III Canal Zone Regulations

35, I Census Bureau

15, I Central Intelligence Agency

32, XIX Child Support Enforcement, Office of

45, III

8, ÍI
36, IV

5, IX

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dit Corporation Is, Board of Administration surance Corporation ment Regulations System tion Service tural Service nic Development Service sanager, Office of Office of ckyards Administration ation Administration ne Bank riculture, Office of on Service. orting Service ment

and Firearms, Bureau of Office of Monuments Commission ition Bicentennial Administration teries t Health Inspection Service zional Commission 1 Transportation Barriers Compliance Board d Disarmament Agency, U.S.

7, III;9, I, III 7. XXVII 7, XIV 7, XXIV 7, XVIII 7, IV 41,4 7, ÍI 7, XV 7, XXI 36, II 7, XXV 7, XXVI 9, II 7, XVII 7, XVI 7, Subtitle A 7, VI 7, XII 32, VII 27, 1

8, II

36, IV 36, VI 50, IV 7, III;9, I 5, IX


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22, V;41, 23 32, V 33, II; 36, III 7, XXVII 29, XVI 20, VII 41,51

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ence Agency Enforcement, Office of


32A, XVIII, XIX; 46, Il Maleting Service

Irod and Drug Administration

lored Safety and Quality Service, Meat and Poultry Inspection,


Chapter Pren's Bureau, Social and Rehabilitation Service

42, II I Acronautics Board

14, II 1 Rights Commission

45, VII 1 Service Commission

5, 1; 45, VIII ims Collection Standards, Federal

4, II mency Program, Selective Service System

32, XVII ust Guard mmerce Department

adre Recik 33, 1; 46, I, III; 49, IV Inadromous Fisheries

50, IV Census Bureau Domestic and International Business Administration

15, I Economic Analysis, Bureau of

15, III; 32A, VI Economic Development Administration

15, VIII

VONTA Federal Procurement Regulations System

13, III Fishery Conservation and Management

41, 13 Maritime Administration

50, VI National Bureau of Standards National Defense

15, II National Marine Fisheries Service National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

50, II

ARA National Shipping Authority

15, IX; 50, II Paient and Trademark Office



37,1 Secretary of Commerce, Office of

hard time United States Travel Service

15, Subtitle A ommission on the Review of the National Policy Toward

15, XII Gambling

1, IV Leute Committee for Purchase from Blind and Other Severely IIandicapped

41,51, bir Commodity Credit Corporation

TA Commodity Futures Trading Commission

7, XIV bemuto Community Development Corporation

17, I Community Planning and Development,

24, VII Office of Assistant Secretary for

24, V, VI Diabo

23 labot Community Services Administration

41, 22; 45, Xbox Comptroller of the Currency

12,1 A nyitot Construction Industry Collective Bargaining Commission

29, IX Consumer Affairs and Regulatory Functions, Office of Assistant

24, XXoothie Secretary for Consumer Product Safety Commission


III Contract Appeals, Board of

7, XXIV Copyright Office, Library of Congress

37, 11 Cost Accounting Standards Board

4, IIIALT Council on Environmental Quality

40, V Council on Wage and Price Stability

poilit? Customs Service, United States

Defense Civil Preparedness Agency
Defense Department
Air Force Department

32, V; 33, 11; 36, III Defense Civil Preparedness Agency

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Army Department
Navy Department
Secretary of Defense, Office of

32, XVIIÍ Defense Logistics Agency

32, VI

Defense Manpower Commission
Delaware River Basin Commission

32, XII
1, IV

4 IrYu234/A125 District of Columbia Redevelopment Land Agency

18, III

Todos Domestic and International Business Administration

5, XII

berayot Drug Abuse Prevention, Special Action Office for

15, III

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21, III Drug Enforcement Administration

21, II

david Last-I'est Foreign Trade Board Economic Analysis , Bureau of (30janbiber 15, XIII voldonali

15, VIII Cronomic Development Administration

13, III

San Jour 45:1 in 79 beli Education, Office of

13, IV sro Imergency Loan Guarantee Board

18, XU THẾ HƯNG I nergency Natural Gas Act of 1977, Administrator

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29, XXV
22, VIII
20, IV
5, v
20, v
20, VI
10, III; 41, 9, 109
33, II, 36, IIÍ
31, VÍ
40, 1; 41, 15, 115

29, XIV
24, I
3, I
7, XXV
12, IV
12, VI
14, I
4, II
41, 60
7, ÍV
24, XIII
12, III
11, I
10, II
12, VIII
23, 1; 49, III
12, v
24, X
5, XIV

Employee Benefits Security, Office of
Employee-Management Relations Commission
Employees' Compensation Appeals Board
Employees Loyalty_Board, International Organizations
Employment and Training Administration
Employment Standards Administration
Energy Research and Development Administration
Engineers, Corps of
Engraving and Printing, Bureau of
Environmental Protection Agency
Equal Employment Opportunity
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
Equal Opportunity, Office of Assistant Secretary for
Executive Office of the President
Export Marketing Service
Export-Import Bank of the United States
Farm Credit Administration
Farmers Home Administration
Federal Aviation Administration
Federal Claims Collection Standards
Federal Communications Commission
Federal Contract Compliance, Office of
Federal Crop Insurance Corporation
Federal Disaster Assistance Administration
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
Federal Election Commission
Federal Energy Administration
Federal Financing Bank
Federal Highway Administration
Federal Home Loan Bank Board
Federal Insurance Administration
Federal Labor Relations Council and Federal Service Impasses

Federal Law Enforcement Training Center
Federal Maritime Commission
Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service
Federal Power Commission
Federal Prison Industries
Federal Procurement Regulations
Federal Procurement Regulations System
Federal Property Management Regulations
Federal Property Management Regulations System
Federal Railroad Administration
Federal Register, Administrative Committee of
Federal Register, Office of
Federal Reserve System
Federal Supply Service
Federal Trade Commission
Fine Arts Commission
Fiscal Service
Fish and Wildlife Service, United States
Fishery Conservation and Management
Fishing and Whaling, International Regulatory Agencies
Food and Drug Administration
Food and Nutrition Servire
Food Safety and Quality Service, Meat and Poultry Inspection,

Department of Agriculture
Foreign Agriculture Service
Foreign Assets Control, Office of
Foreign Claims Settlement Commission of United States
Foreign Economic Development Service
Foreign Service Grievance Board
Foreign-Trade Zones Board
Forest Service
Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education
General Accounting Office

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