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* 1-16.902-0F 60 Optional Form 60, Contract Pricing Proposal (Research and

Development). (a) Page 1 of Option Form 60. CONTRACT PRICING PROPOSAL


APPROVAL NO. 29. RO 184 (RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT) This form is for use when fi) submission of cost or pricing data (see FPR 1-5.807-5) is required and


NO. OF PAGES füi) substitution for the optional Form 59 is authorized by the contracting ofhcer. NAME OF OFFEROR


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(c) Page 3 of Optional Form 60.

INSTRUCTIONS TO OFFERORS. 1. The purpose of this form is to provide a standard forma by which 3. When attachment of supporting cose or pricing data to this form is the oferor submits to the Government a summary of incurred and impracticable, the data will be described (with schedules as wppropriate). estimated costs and attached supporting informatie) suitable for de and made available to the contracting ofhcer or his representatie upon tailed revie and analysis. Prior to the award of contract resulting request. krom this proposal the oferor shall, under the conditions stated in FPR 1-1.507-3 be required to submit a Certihcate of Current Cou or 4. The formats for the "Cos Elements" and the "Proposed Contract Pricing Data (See FPR 1-1.807-)(h) and 1-3.807-4).

Estimate" are not intended as rigid requirements. These may be pre.

kented in diferent format with the prior approval of the Contracting 2. In addition to the specific information required by this form, the Oficer is required for more effective and eficient presentation. In all keror is expected, in good faith, to incorporate in and submit with ocher respects this form will be completed and submitted without this form any additional data, supporting schedules, or substantiation change. hich are reasonably required for the conduct of an appropriate re. vir med analysis in the light of the specife lacus of this procurement. . By submission of this proposal the offeror grants to the Contracting For efective negotiations, it is essential that there be a clear under Oficer, or his authorized representative, the right to examine, for the standing of:

purpose of verifying the cost or pricing daca submitted, chuse books,

records, documents and other supporting data which will permit ad. The existing, veribable data.

quate maluation of such con or pricing data, along with the computa. b. The judgmental factor applied in projecting from known data tion and projections used therein. This righe may be exercised in conto the entirente, sad

Anton aith any negotiations prior to contract award. c. The contingencies used by the offerer in his proposed price. In short, the oferer's estimating process beoell needs to be discloud.

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proride an appropriate explanation. Where cater the foror will properly be incurred in the chcient performance

racy Gorrnment representatives on the we the catract. fhea aibe cosh in this couns are already beer

libe the nature of the agreement. Proride the named (a letter contract or change order), describe the World

her dad application of your orerbred expense, including artached sporting wbudale. Identify all sales and transfer bare

Dy showing trends and budgetary data a socery I Moon, direktor, or organisaties weder un cuatro

for eraluation of the mannebeneuol proposed rates. dauded a ker than the lower cout to the original record carbor price

the soul cou entered here in exten/ $280. proride naparole 7 here in addition that areilable in Exhi

up the following inforwation on each separate its of royalty or license

wirela fr. at and address of licensor; date of license agreement: puhet www. ku unter and identify in this color bon. Pulut application serial number, or wher bons ou wbich the royalty dhe anaconcelleich the information supporting the dement puble: brief description, including any part or model numben a macho y food. No Mandand format in pracribed: how cost pris. otr. item o component . wbic the royalty is payable: percent or date courok, complete and current, and the judgment factors dollar role of royalıy per unit: wail price of contract item: umber of

projections from the down to the estimates must be mand in suhcient somh, und total dollar amount of royalties. In additional specifically r.

malle le Connecting Opeer to tralwate the proposal. For a ple. proride the house mud for pricing, natriols such a wador que

vied by the contracting car, the current liceun agreement

Med dronication of applicable duims of specific potent shall be prorided. restada. " iaroke prin: the reason for ww ofarebead roles ich depont wignificant from experienced rates (reduced nume,

• Provide a list of principal items within each category indicating down Morudnajor arrangement, ek.): or justipation for an incrown in Labor rotas (anticipated wage and salary for temas, ek.j. Identify and ex.

ampuled Unce, quantity, wuit price. competition obtained, and basis

Mndring wance and resoueblenen of ul. pleie aey contingencies who are iaduded in the proposed price, wc as anticipated costs of rejects and defective work, seticipand technical halties.



(87 FR 612, Jan. 14, 1972)

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