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§ 1-16.902 Optional forms.

Optional forms are illustrated in this section in the same manner and for the same purpose as is stated in g 1-16.901 for standard forms. (30 FR 9593, July 31, 1965) § 1-16.902-OF-17 Optional Form 17, Sealed Bid Label. OF-17 (NOY. 60)

FPR (41 CFR) 1•16.805


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(80 FR 9594, July 31, 1966)

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(b) Page 2 of Optional Form 59.

YES NO (If yes, shour customer(s) and contract webers on rerone or separate puge)

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WOTE M. Include standard commercial items normally fabricated in hole or in part by you which are generally Hocked in inventory. Provide explanation for inclusion at other than the lower of cost or urrent market price.

NOTE 1. Enter in this column those necemary and reasonable costs which in the judgment of the offeror will properly be incurred in the efficient performance of the contract. When any of the costs in this column have already been incurred (eg. w letter contruct or cherg arder). decribe them on an attached supporting schedule. When pre. production" or "startup" cons are signifcant or when specifcally requested in detail by the contracting ofhcer, provide a full identinca tion and explanation of same. Identify all sales and transfers between your plants, divisions, or organizations under common control, hich are included at other than the lower of cost to the original transferror or current market price.

VOTE 9. Los de materials sold or transferred between your plantsvipar or organizations under a common control at other then cost to the criminal transferrur and provide explanation of pricing metode


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10. locate the rates used and provide an appropriate er

Where agreement has been reached with Government repre. wives on the use of forward pricing rates, describe the nature of the agreeinent. Provide the method of computation and application of uur overhead expense, including cost break down, and showing trends and budgetary data as necessary to provide a basis for evaluation of the reasonableness of proposed rates.

VOTE 11. Include separate breakdown of costs.

NOTE ). Artach reparate peges as necessary Anary in this tot uma the attachment in which the information and the specife con element may be found. Vo standard for healy prescribed, how. ever, the cow or pricing data must be accurate, complete and current, and the judgment factors used in projecting from the data to the extrhates must be sated in sufficient detail to enable the Contracting Othcer to evaluate the proposal. For example, provide the basis used for pricing the bill of materials such as by vendor quotations, shop estimates, or invoice prices, the reason for use of overhead rates which depar signifcandy from experienced rutes (reduced rowwe. « plunard major rentang sent. etc.): or justihcation for an increase in labor rates (antipated wage and selary increaks, etc.). Identify and explain any contingencies which are included in the proposed price, such as antic. ipated costs of rejects and defective work, anticipated cost of engineer ing redesign and retesting. or anticipated technical difaculties in designing high-risk components.

NOTE 12. Provide a separate breakdown of labor by job category and furnish basis for cost estimates.

NOTE 19. Include all other estimated costs (eng. speriwl tooling facili ties. sperial test equipment, special plant narrangement, prouentution packaging and parking spoilage and rework, and warranty, which are not otherwise included. Identify separately each category of cou and provide supporting details. If the proposal is based on a FO.B. desa. nation price, indicate separately all outbound transportation costs included in total amount.

NOTE 4. Provide a list of principal items within each category of material indicating known or anticipated source, quantity, unit price, competition obtained, and basis of establishing source and reasonable Nos of cost.

NOTE . Include material for the proposed contract ocher than ma. serial described in the other footnotes under the cost element enestled "Direct Material."

NOTE 14. If the total com entered here is in excess of $250. provide on separate page the following information on each separate item of royalty or license fee: name and address of licensor: date of license agreement, patent numbers, patent application serial numbers, or other basis on which the royalty is payable, brief description, including any part or model numbers of each contract item or component on which the royalty is payable; percentage or dollar rate of royalty per unit; wax price of contract item; number of units; and total dollar amount of royalties. In addition, of specifically requested by the contracting ofhcer, 1 copy of the current license agreement and identification of applicable claims of specific putents shall be provided.

NOTE 6. Include parti, components, assemblies, and services to be produced or performed by other than you in accordance with your designs, specikcations, or directions and applicable only to the prime contract.

NOTE 1. laclude rand processed material for the proposed con. tract inform or Mace which requires further processing

NOTE 15. Selling price must include any applicable federal excise tax on hnushed articles.

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