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From the Epistle of Paul to the EPHESIANS.

I1 And he gave some, apostles; and fome, pro


the Lord, beseech you lifts; and some, pastors and that ye walk worthy of the teachers; vocation wherewith ye are 12 For the perfecting of called,

the faints, for the work of 2 With all lowliness and the ministry, for the edifying meekness, with long-suffer- of the body of Chrift: ing, forbearing one another 13 Till we all come in in love ;

the unity of the faith, and of 3 Endeavouring to keep the knowledge of the Son of the unity of the Spirit in the God, unto a perfect man, bond of peace.

unto the measure of the staThere is one body, and ture of the fulness of Christ : one Spirit, even as ye are 14 That we henceforth be called in one hope of your no more children tossed to calling;

and fro, and carried about 5 One Lord, one faith, with every wind of doctrine, one baptism,

by the fleight of men, and 6 One God and Father of cunning craftiness, whereby all, who is above all, and they lie in wait to deceive; through all, and in you all. , 15 But speaking the truth

7 But unto every one of in love, may grow up into us is given grace according him in all things, which is to the meafurë of the gift of the head, even Chrift: Chrift.

16 From whom the whole 8 Wherefore he faith, body fitly joined together, When he ascended up on and compacted by that which high, he led captivity cap- every joint supplieth, active, and gave gifts unto cording to the effectual

working in the measure of 9 (Now that he ascended, every part, maketh increale what is it but that he also de- of the body unto the edifying fcended first into the lower of itself in love. parts of the earth ?

17 This I say therefore, 10 He that descended is and testify in the Lord, that the same also that ascended ye henceforth walk, not as up far above all heavens, that other Gentiles walk, in the he might fill all things) vanity of their mind,

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18 Having


18 Having the under-, his hands the thing which is standing darkened, being a- good, that he may have to lienated from the life of give to him that needeth. God, through the ignorance 29 Let no corrupt comthat is in them, because of munication proceed out of the blindness of their heart: your mouth, but that which

19 Who being past feel-is good to the use of edifying, ing, have given themselves that it may minister grace over unto lascivioufness, to unto the hearers. work all uncleanness with

30 And grieve not the greedinefs.

Holy Spirit of God, whereby 20 But ye have not foye are sealed unto the day of learned Chrift;

redemption, 21 If fo be that


have 31 Let all bitterness, and 'heard him, and have been wrath, and anger, and clataught by him, as the truth mour, and evil speaking, be is in Jesus :

put away from you, with all 22 That ye put off con- malice : cerning the former conver 32 And be ye kind one sation the old man, which is to another, tender-hearted, corrupt according to the de- forgiving one another, even ceitful lusts;

as God for Christ's sake hath 23 And be renewed in forgiven you. the spirit of your mind : 24 And that ye put on the

CHAP. V. new man, which after God

ye therefore followers is created in righteousness of God, as dear chiland true holiness.

dren; 25 Wherefore, putting a 2 And walk in love, as 'way lying, speak every man Christ also hath loved us, truth with his ncighbour : and hat: given himself for for we are members one of us, an offering and a facrianother.

fice to God for a sweet-fmel26 Be ye angry and fin ling favour. not: let not the sun


down 3 But fornication, and all upon your wrath :

uncleanness, or covetousness, 27 Neither give place to let it not be once named athe devil.

mong you as becometh saints; 28 Let him that stole, 4. Neither filthiness, nor steal no more : but rather foolish talking, nor jefting, let him labour, working with which are not convenient :


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but rather giving of thanks. 16 Redeeming the time,

5. For this ye know, that because the days are evil. no whoremonger, nor un .17 Wherefore, be ye not clean person, nor covetous unwise, but understanding man who is an idolater, hath what the will of the Lord is. any inheritance in the king 18 And be not drunk with dom of Christ and of God. wine, wherein is excess ; but

6 Letno man deceive you be filled with the Spirit; with vain words : for because 19 Speaking to yourselves of these things cometh the in psalms and hymns and spiwrath of God upon the chil ritual fongs, singing and dren of disobedience. making melody in your heart 7 Be not

ye therefore par- to the Lord; takers with them.

20 Giving thanks always 8 For ye were sometimes for all things unto God and darkness, but now the Father, in the name of light in the Lord: walk as our Lord Jesus Christ; children of light :

21 Subinitting yourselves. 9 (For the fruit of the one to another in the fear of Spirit is in all goodness, and God. righteousness, and truth ;) 22 Wives, submit your

10 Proving what is ac-selves unto your own busceptable unto the Lord. bands as unto the Lord.

II And have no fellow 23 For the husband is the fhip with the unfruitful head of the wife, even as works of darkness, but ra- Christ is the head of the ther reprove them.

church; and he is the saviour 12 For it is a shame even of the body. to speak of those things which 24. Therefore, the are done of them in secret. church is subject unto Christ,

13 But all things that are so let the wives be to their reproved, are made manifest own husbands in every thing. by the light; for whatsoever - 25 Husbands, love your doth make manifest is light. wives, even as Christ also

14 Wherefore he faith, loved the church, and gave Awake, thou that sleepest, himself for it and arise from the dead, and 26 That he might fancChrist shall give thee light. tify and cleanse it with the

15 See then that ye walk washing of water by the circumspectly, not as fools, word, but as wise

27 That he might present


it to himself a glorious | live long on the earth. church, not having spot or 4 And, ye fathers, prowrinkle, or any such thing; voke not your children to but that it should be holy and wrath : but bring them up without blemish.

in the nurture and admoni. 28 So ought men to love tion of the Lord. their wives as their own bo 5 Servants, be obedient dies. He that loveth his to them that are


masters wife, loveth himself. according to the flesh, with

29 For no man ever yet fear and trembling, in singlehated his own flesh; but ness of your heart; as unto nourisheth and cherisheth it, Christ; even as the Lord the church : 6 Not with eye-service, as

30 For we are members men-pleasers, but as the fer, of his body, of his flesh, and vants of Christ, doing the of his bones.

will of God from the heart; 31 For this cause shall a 7 With good will doing man leave his father and mo- service, as to the Lord, ther, and shall be joined un- and not to men; to his wife, and they two 8 Knowing that whatso. shall be one flesh.

ever good thing any man 32 This is

a great mystery: doeth, the same shall he rebut I speak concerning Christ ceive of the Lord, whether and the church.

he be bond or free, 33 Nevertheless let every

9 And ye masters, do the one of you in particular to same things unto them, forlove his wife even as himself; bearing threatening : knowand the wife see that she re

ing that


Master also is verence her husband.

in heaven ; neither is there

respect of persons with him. CHAP. VI.

10 Finally, my brethren,

be strong in the Lord, and Hildren, obey your pa- in the power

of his might. rents in the Lord : for II Put on the whole arthis is right.

mour of God, that ye may 2 Honour thy father and be able to stand against the mother (which is the first wiles of the devil. commandment

12 For we wrestle not a. mise ;)

gainst flesh and blood, but a3 That it may be well gainst principalities, against with thee, and thou mayest powers, against the rulers of


with pro

that ut


the darkness of this world, faints; against spiritual wickednefs

:19 And for

me, in high places,

terance may be given unto 13 Wherefore take unto me, that I may open my you the whole armour of mouth boldly, to make God, that ye may be able to known the mystery of the withstand in the cyil day; gospel, and having done all, to stand, 20 For which I am an

14 Stand therefore, have ambassador in bonds : that ing your loins girt about therein I. may speak boldly, with truth, and having on as I ought to speak. the breast-plate of righteouf 21 But that ye also máy

know my affairs, and how I 15 And your feet shod do, Tychicus, a beloved with the preparation of the brother, and faithful minister gospel of peace ;

in the Lord, shall make 16 Above all, taking the known to you all things : Thield of faith, wherewith ye

22 Whom I have sent unshall be able to quench all to you for the fame purpose, the fiery darts of the wicked. that ye might know our af

17 And take the helmet fairs, and that he might comof salvation, and the sword of fort your hearts. the Spirit, which is the word 23 Peace be to the breof God:

thren, and love with faith from 18 Praying always with God the Father, and the all prayer and supplication in Lord Jesus Christ. the Spirit, and watching 24 Grace be with all thereunto with all perseve- them that love our Lord Je, rance and supplication for all sus Christ insincerity. Amen. From the Epistle of Paul to the PHILIPPIANS.

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CH A P. I.

2 Grace be unto you, and

peace from God our Father, AU L and Timotheus, and from the Lord Jesus

the servants of Jesus Christ, Christ, to all the saints in 3 I thank my God upon Christ Jesus which are at Phi- every remembrance of you, lippi, with the bishops and 4 (Always in every praydeacons ;

er of mine for you all making



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