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9 Who is he?


very little is fufficia will call him blessed: for ent for a man well-nurtured, wonderful things hath he and he fetcheth not his wind done among his people. short upon his bed.

IO Who hath been tried 20 Sound fleep cometh of thereby, and found perfect? moderate eating; he riseth then let him glory. Who early, and his wits are with might offend, and hath not him: but the pain of watchoffended; or done evil, and ing, and choler, and pangs hath not done it?

of the belly, are with an unII His goods shall be fatiable man. established, and the congre 21 And if thou hast been gation shall declare his alms. forced to eat, arise, go forth,

12 9 If thou sit at a boun- vomit, and thou shalt have tiful table, be not greedy up- rest. on it, and say not, There is 22 My son, hear me, and much meat on it.

despise me not, and at the 13 Remember that a last thou shalt find as I told wicked eye is an evil thing: thee: in all thy works be and what is created more quick, so shall there no fickwicked than an eye? there- ness come unto thee. fore it weepeth upon every

23 Whoso is liberal of occafion.

his meat, men shall speak 14 Stretch not thine hand well of him, and the report whithersoever it looketh, and of his good house-keeping thrust it not with him into will be believed. the dith.

24 But against him that 15 Judge of thy neigh-is a niggard of his meat, the bour by thyself; and be dif- whole city shall murmur, creet in every point.

and the testimonies of his 16 Eat, as it becometh a niggardness shall not be mang those things which undoubted of. fet before the and devour

*: Shew not thy valiantnot left thou be hatod ness in 17 Leave off first for man- destroyed ni?

for wine hath ners fake; and be not unsa 26 The furnau tiable, left thou offend. 18'When thou fittelt a- wine the hearts of the proudu

the edge by dipping: oveth mong many, reach not thing, 1,

Winess. hand out first of all.



good as

life to a man, if it be drunk and hinder not mufick. moderately: what is life then


Pour not out words to a man that is without where there is a musician, wine? for it was made to and shew not forth wisdoin make men glad.

out of time. 28 Wine measurably 5 A confort of mufick drunk, and in season, bring- in a banquet of wine, is eth gladness of the heart, and as a signet of carbuncle fet cheerfulness of the mind. in gold.

29 But wine drunken 6 As a signet of an emewith excels, maketh bitter-rald fet in a work of gold, so ness of the mind, with brawl- is the melody of musick with ing and quarrelling: pleasant wine.

30 Drunkenness increaf 7 Speak, young man, if eth the rage of a fool, till there be need of thee: and he offend: it diminisheth yet scarcely, when thou art ftrength, and maketh wounds. twice asked.

31 Rebuke not thy neigh 8 Let thy speech be short, bour at the wine, and def-comprehending much in few pise him not in his mirth : words; be as one that knowgive him no despiteful words, eth, and yet holdeth his and press not upon him with tongue. arging him (to drink.]

9 If thou be among great

men, make not thyself equal CHAP. XXXII.

with them: and when anciF thou be made the mas- ent men are in place, use not

ter [of a feast,] lift 'not many words. thyself up, but be among Ió Before the thunder gothem as one of the rest, take eth lightening, and before dilligent care for them, and a shame-faced man shall go fo sit down,

favouro 2 And when thou haly

II Rise


Lusines, and done all thy office, tak, Tyl be not the salt, but get thee place that thou ' ayeft be home without delay.

12 There take thy palceive own for thy well-time, and do what thou wilt:

but fin

not by proud. 3 Speak thou that art the poortt. elder, for it begeer

met, 13 And for these things

find judgment, bless him that made thee, aut wit's


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merry with sm, and reorning of the feaft.


and hath replenished thee the Lord taketh heed to the with his good things.

commandment, and he that 14 Whoso feareth the trusteth in him, shall fare neLord will receive his disci- ver the worse. pline, and they that seek him

CHAP. XXXIII. early shall find favour.

15 He that seeketh the THERE shall no evil law, shall be filled therewith: happen unto that but the hypocrite will be of- feareth the Lord, but in fended thereat.

temptation even again he 16 They that fear the will deliver him. Lord fhall' find judgment,

2 A wise man hateth not and shall kindle justice as a the law; but he that is an light.

hypocrite therein, is as a ship 17 A sinful man will not in a storm, be reproved, but findeth 3 A man of understandan excuse according to his ing trusteth in the law, and will.

the law is faithful unto him 18 q A man of counsel as an oracle. will be confiderate, but a 4. Prepare what to fay, strange and proud man is not and so thou fhalt be heard: daunted with fear, even when and bind up instruction, and of himself he hath done with then make answer. out counsel.

5 The heart of the foolish 19 Do nothing without is like a cart-wheel: and his advice, and when thou hast thoughts are like a rolling once done, repent not.

axle-tree. Go not in a way

6 A stallion horse is as a wherein thou mayest fall, and mocking friend, he neigheth humble

not among the under every one that litteth Itones. 21 Be not confident in a 79 Why doth one day

excel another, when as all 22 And beware of thine the light of every day in tit own children,

year is of the fun? 239 In every good work 8 By the knowledge of trust thy own soul, for this is the Lord they were distinthe keeping of the command guished, and he altered seaments.

fons and feasts.
He that believeth in

Soine of them hath he



upon him.

plain way:

made high days, and hallow-ing. ed them, and some of them

18 Hear me, Oye great hath he made ordinary days. men of the people, and heark

10 And all men are from en with your ears, ye rulers the ground, and Adam was of the congregation. created of earth.

19 Give not thy son and 11 In much knowledge wife, thy brother and friend, the Lo hath divided them, power over thee while thou and made their ways diverse. livest, and give not thy goods 12 Some of them hath he to another: left it

repent blessed and exalted, and some thee, and thou intreat' for of them hath he fanctified the same again. and set near himself: but 20 As long as thou livest some of them hath he cursed and haft breath in thee, give and brought low, and turned not thyself over to any. out of their places.

21 For better it is that 13 As the clay is in the thy children should seek to potter's hand, to fashion it at thee, than that thou shouldest his pleasure: so man is in the stand to their courtesy. hand of him that made him, 22 In all thy works keep to render to them as liketh to thyself the pre-eminence, him beft.

leave not a stain in thine ho. 14 Good is set against nour. evil, and life against death: 23 At the time when thou so is the godly against the shalt end thy days, and finish finner, and the finner against thy life, distribute thine inhe*the godly

ritance. 15 So look upon all the 24 Fodder, a wand, and works of the Moit High, and burdens, are for the ass; and there are two and two, one bread, correction, and work, against another.

for a servant. 16 I awaked up last of all, 25 If thou set thy servant as one that gathereth after to labour, thou shalt find. the grape-gatherers; by the rest: but if thou let him go blessing of the Lord I profit- idle, he shall seek liberty. ed, and filled my wine-press 26 A yoke and a collar like a gatherer of grapes.

do bow the neck: so are 17

Consider that I labour-tortures and torments for ed not for myself only, but evil servant. for all them that seek learn 27

Send him to Labaung

that +

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that he be not idle ; for idle- saying, and dreams are vain, ness teacheth much evil. and the heart fancieth as a

28 Set him to work as is woman's heart in travail, fit for him : if he be not 0 6 If they be not sent from bedient, put on more heavy the Most High in thy visitafetters.

tion, set not thy heart upon 29 But be not excessive them. toward any, and without dif 7 For dreams have de. cretion do nothing. ceived many, and they have

30 If thou have a servant, failed that put their trust in let him be unto thee as thy- them. felf, because thou hast bought

8 The law shall be found him with a price.

perfect without lies : and 31 If thou have a servant, wisdom is perfection to a intreat him as a brother; for faithful mouth. thou hast need of him as of 9 A man that hath trathine own soul : if thou in-velled knoweth many things: treat him evil, and he run and he that hath much expefrom thee, which way wilt rience will declare wisdom. thou go to seek him?

10 He that hath no experience knoweth little ; but

he that hath travelled is full CHAP. XXXIV.

of prudence.

II I void of understanding faw many things, and I unare vain and false ; and derstand more than I can dreams lift up fools. express.

2 Whofo regardeth dreams, 12 I was oft-times in is like him that catcheth at a danger of death : yet I was shadow, and followeth after delivered because of these the wind.

things. 3 The vision of dreams 13 The spirit of those is the resemblance of one that fear the Lord shall live, thing to another, even as the for their hope is in him that likeness of a face to a face. saveth them.

4 Of an unclean thing, 14 Whofo feareth the what can be cleansed ? and Lord shall not fear, nor be from that thing which is afraid, for he is his hope. false, what truth can come ? 15

Blessed is the foul of 5 Divinations and footh- him that feareth the Lord:


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