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great deep.

269 He maketh the under- the love of neighbours, a man standing to abound like Eu- and a wife that agree tophrates, and as Jordan in the gether. time of the harvest.

2 Three forts of

men my 27 He maketh the doc- soul hateth, and I am greattrine of knowledge appear as (ly offended at their life : a the light, and as Geon in the poor man that is proud, a time of vintage.

rich man that is a liar, and 28 The first man knew an old adulterer that doteth. her not perfeAly: no more 3 If thou haft gathered shall the last find her out. nothing in thy youth, how

29 For her thoughts are canst thou find any thing in more than the sea, and her thine age ? counsels profounder than the

4 Oh, how comely a

thing is judgment for grey 30 I also came out as a hairs, and for ancient men to brook from a river, and as a know counsel! conduit into a garden. 5 Oh, how comely is the

31 I said, I will water my wisdom of old men, and unbest garden, and will water derstanding and counsel to abundantly my garden-bed : men of honour! and lo, my brook became a 6 Much experience is the river, and my river became crown of old men, and the

fear of God is their glory. 32 I will yet make doctrine

7 There be nine things to thine as the morning, and which I have judged in mine will send forth her light afar heart to be happy, and the off.

tenth I will utter with my 33 I will yet pour out tongue: A man that hath doctrine as prophecy, and joy of his children, and he leave it to all

for ever.

that liveth to see the fall of
34 Behold, that I have not his enemy.
laboured for myself only, but 8 Well is him that dwelleth
for all them that seek wisdom. with a wife of understand-

ing, and that hath not dipCHAP. XXV.

ped with his tongue, and that N three things I was beau- hath not served a man mors

tified, and stood beau- unworthy than himself: tiful, both before God and 9 Well is him that hath men: the unity of brethren, found prudence, and he that



a sea.

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speaketh in the ears of them, bitterly, that will hear :

19 All wickedness is but 10 Oh, how great is he little to the wickedness of a that findeth wisdom! yet is woman: 'let the portion of a there none above him that finner fall upon her. feareth the Lord.

20 As the climbing of a II But the love of the fandy way is to the feet of the Lord pafseth all things for aged, fo is a wife full of illumination; he that hold- words to a quiet man. eth it, whereto shall he be 21 Stumble not at the likened?

beauty of a woman, and de12 The fear of the Lord fire her not for pleasure. is the beginning of his love: 22 A woman, if she mainand faith is the beginning of tain her husband, is full of cleaving unto him.

anger, impudence, and much 13 [ Give me ) any reproach. plague, but the plague of the 23 A wicked woman aheart: and any wickedness, bateth the courage, maketh but the wickedness of a wo- a heavy countenance, and man:

a wounded heart: a woman 14 And any affliction, but that will not comfort her the affliction from them that husband in distress, makhate me: and any revenge, eth weak hands and feeble but the revenge of ene-knees. mies.

24 Of the woman came 15 There is no head above the beginning of fin, and the head of a serpent; and through her we all die. there is no wrath above the 25 Give the water no wrath of an enemy.

passage: neither a wicked 16 I had rather dwell with woman liberty to gad aa lion and a dragon, than to broad. keep house with a wicked 26 If the go not as thou

wouldest have her, cut her 17 The wickedness of a off from thy Aesh, and give woman changeth her face, her a bill of divorce, and let and darkeneth her counte- her

go. nance like fackcloth.

CHAP. XXVI. 18 Her husband shall fit among his neighbours; and LESSED is wben he heareth it, thall figh that hath a virtuous



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wife, for the number of his lids,
days shall be double.

10 If thy daughter be 2 A virtuous woman re- shameless, keep her in straitjoiceth her husband, and he ly, left the "abuse herself Thall fulfil the years of his life through over-much liberty.

I Watch over an impu3 A good wife is a good dent eye: and marvel not if portion, which shall be giv- the trespass against thee. en in the portion of them that 13 The grace of a wife fear the Lord.

delighteth her husband, and 4

Whether a man be rich her discretion will fatten his or poor,

if he have a good bones. heart toward the Lord, he 14 A silent and loving woshall at times rejoice with a man is a gift of the Lord: cheerful countenance. and there is nothing so much

5 There be three things worth as a mind well inthat mine heart feareth; and structed. for the fourth I was fore a 15 A shame-faced and fraid: the slander of a city, faithful woman is a double the gathering together of an grace, and her continent unruly multitude, and a false mind cannot be valued. accusation : all these are worse 16 As the sun when it arithan death.

seth in the high heavens; so 6 But a grief of heart and is the beauty of a good wife sorrow is a woman that is in the ordering of her house. jealous over another woman, 17 As the clear light is and a scourge of the tongue upon the holy candlestick; which communicateth with fo is the beauty of the face all.

in ripe age. 7 An evil wife is a yoke 18 As the golden pillars fhaken to and fro: he that are upon the sockets of filhath hold of her, is as though ver; so are the fair feet with he held a scorpion.

a constant heart. 8 A drunken woman, and

19 My son, keep the flowagadder abroad, caufeth greater of thine age found; and anger, and she will not cover give not thy strength to stranher own shame.

gers. 9

The whoredom of a 20 When thou hast gotwoman may be known in ten fruitful poffeffion her haughty' looks, and eye- through all the field, fow it



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with thine own seed, trust-standing that are not set by: ing in the goodness of thy and one that returneth from Itock.

righteousness to fin, the 21 So thy race which thou Lord prepareth such an one leavest shall be magnified, for the sword. having the confidence of their

29 A merchant shall hardgood descent.

ly keep himself from doing 22 An harlot shall be ac- wrong; and an huckster shall counted as spittle; but a not be freed from sin. married woman is a tower against death to her huf CHAP. XXVII. band.

ANY have finned 23 A wicked woman is

for a small matter: given as a portion to a wick-and he that seeketh for abuned man; but a godly wo- dance will turn his eyes aman is given to him that way feareth the Lord.

2 As a nail sticketh fast 24 A dishonest woman between the joinings of the contemneth shame; but an stones; so doth sin stick close honest woman will reverence between buying and fellher husband.

ing. 25 A shameless woman 3 Unless a man hold himshall be counted as a dog : self diligently in the fear of but she that is shame-faced the Lord, his house fhall will fear the Lord.

soon be overthrown. 26 A woman that ho 4. As when one sifteth noureth her husband, fhall with a fieve, the refuse rebe judged wise of all; but maineth ; so the filth of The that dishonoureth him in man in his talk. her pride, shall be counted 5 The furnace proveth ungodly of all.

the potter's vefsels; so the 27 A loud-crying wo- trial of man is in his reasonman and a scold shall be ing. fought out to drive away the 6 The fruit declareth if the cnemies.

tree have been dressed; so is 28 There be two things the utterance of a conceit in that grieve my heart; and the heart of man. the third maketh me angry: 7 Praise no man before a man of war that suffereth thou hearest him speak; for poverty, and men of under- this is the trial of men.

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8 If thou followest righ-stroyed his enemy; so hast teousness, thou shalt obtain thou lost the love of thy neighher, and put her on, as a glo- bour. rious long robe.

19 As one that letteth a 9 The birds will resort bird go out of his hand, so unto their likę; so will truth haft thou let thy neighbour return unto them that prac- go, and shall not get him tise in her.

gain. 10 As the lion lieth in 20 Follow after him no wait for the prey; fo fin for more, for he is too far off, them that work'iniquity. he is as a roe escaped out of

11 The discourse of a godly the snare. man is always with wisdom; 21 As for a wound, it may but a fool changeth as the be bound up; and after re

viling there


be recon12 If thou be among the cilement: but he that bewrayindiscreet, observe the time; eth secrets, is without hope. but be continually among 22 He that winketh with men of understanding. the eyes, worketh evil, and

13 The discourse of fools is he that knoweth him, will irksome, and their sport is in depart from him. the wantonness of fin. 23 When thou art present,

14 The talk of him that he will speak sweetly, and will sweareth much, maketh the admire thy words: but at hair stand upright; and their the last he will writhe his brawls make one stop his mouth and slander thy say

ings. 15 The strife of the proud 24 I have hated many is blood-shedding, and their things, but nothing like him, revilings are grievous to the for the Lord will hate him.

25 & Whoso casteth a 16 Whofo discovereth fe- stone on high, casteth it on crets, loseth his credit; and his own head; and a deceitshall never find a friend to his ful stroke shall make wounds. mind.

26 Whofo diggeth a pit, 17. Love thy friend, and shall fall therein; and he that be faithful unto him: but if fetteth a trap, shall be taken thou bewrayest his secrets, therein. follow no more after him. 27 He that worketh mil18 For as a man hath de chief, it shall fall upon him,




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