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6 In the congregation of|know him : that his powerthe ungodly shall a fire be ful works might be known kindled; and in a rebellious to the world. nation wrath is set on fire. 16 His mercy is manifest

7 He was not pacified to- to every creature, and he wards the old giants, who fell hath separated his light from away in the strength of their the darkness, with an adafoolishness.

mant. 8 Neither spared he the 17 Say not thou, I will place were Lot sojourned, hide myself from the Lord : but abhorred them for their shall any remember me from pride.

above ? I shall not be re9 He pitied not the people membered among so many of perdition, who were taken people: for what is my soul away in their fins :


such an infinite numIo Nor the fix hundred ber of creatures ? thousand footmen who were 18 Behold, the heaven, gathered together in the and the heaven of heavens, hardness of their hearts. the deep, and the earth, and

II And if there be one all that therein is, shall be stiff-necked



moved when he shall visit. ple, it is marvel if he escape 19 The mountains also, unpunished : for mercy and and foundations of the earth wrath are with him; he is shall be shaken with tremmighty to forgive, and to bling, when the Lord lookpour out difpleasure.


upon them. 12 As his mercy is great,

20 q No heart can think fo is his correction also: he upon these things worthily: judgeth a man according to and who is able to conceive his works.

his ways? 13 The finner shall not 21 It is a tempeft which escape with his spoils; and no man can see : for the most the patience of the godly part of his works are hid. shall not be frustrate.

22 Who can declare the 14 Make way for every works of his justice? or who work of mercy: for every can endure them? for his coman shall find according to venantis afar off, and the trial his works.

of all things is in the end. 15 The Lord hardened

23 He that wanteth unPharaoh, that he should not derstanding, will think upon

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thy heart.

vain things; and a foolish 3 He endued them with man erring, imagineth fol- strength by themselves, and lies.

made them according to his 24 My son, hearken un- image, to me, and learn knowledge, 4. And put the fear of man and mark my words with upon all flesh, and gave him

dominion over beasts and 25 I will shew forth doc- fowls. trine in weight, and declare 5 [They received the use his knowledge exactly.

of the five operations of the 26 The works of the Lord Lord, and in the fixth place are done in judgment from he imparted them underthe beginning: and from the standing, and in the seventh, time he made them, he dif-speech, an interpreter of the posed the parts thereof. cogitations thereof.] 27 He garnished his works

6 Counsel, and a tongue, for ever, and in his hand are and

eyes, ears, and a heart, the chief of them unto all gave he them to understand. generations: they neither la 7 Withal, he filled them bour, nor are weary, nor with the knowledge of uncease from their works.

derstanding, and shewed them 28 None of them hinder- good and evil. eth another, and they shall

8 He fet his eye upon never disobey his word.

their hearts, that he might 29 After this the Lord thew them the greatness of looked upon the earth, and his works. filled it with his blessings.

9 He gave them to glory 30 With all manner of in his marvellous acts for living things hath he covered ever, that they might dethe face thereof, and they clare his works with undershall return into it again.


10 And the elect shall CHAP, XVII.

praise his holy name. HE Lord created man II Beside this, he gave

of the earth, and turn them knowledge, and the ed him into it again. law of life for an heritage.

2 He gave them few days, 12 He made an everlastånd a short time, and power ing covenant with them, and also over the things there- shewed them his judgments. IR.

13 Their eyes law the Mm


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majesty of his glory, and as a signet with him, and he their ears heard his glorious will keep the good deeds of voice.

a man, as the apple of the 14 ( And he said unto eye, and give repentance to them, Beware of all un- his sons and daughters. righteousness : and he gave 23 Afterwards he will every man commandment rise up and reward them, concerning his neighbour. and render their recom

15 Their ways are ever pence upon their heads. before him, and shall not be 24 But unto them that hid from his eyes.

repent, he granted them re16 Every man from his turn, and comforted those youth is given to evil; nei-that failed in patience. ther could they make to 25 Return unto the Lord, themselves fleshly hearts for and forsake thy sins; make ftony.

thy prayer before his face, 17 For in the division of and offend less. the nations of the whole 26 Turn again to the earth, he set a ruler over most High, and turn away every people ; but Ifrael is from iniquity: for he will the Lord's portion :

lead thee out of darkness in18 Whom, being his first to the light of health, and born, he nourifheth with hate thou abomination vehediscipline; and giving him mently. the light of his love, doth 27 Who shall praise the not forsake him.

moft High in the grave, in. 19 9 Therefore all their stead of them which live and works are as the sun before give thanks ? him, and his eyes are con 28 Thanksgiving perisheth tinually upon their ways. from the dead, as from one

20 None of their unrigh- that is not: the living and teous deeds are hid from found in heart shall praise him, but all their fins are the Lord. before the Lord.

29 How great is the lov21 But the Lord being ing-kindness of the Lord gracious, and knowing his our God, and his compaf workmanship, neither left, fion unto such as turn unte nor forsook them, but spared him in holiness! them.

30 For all things cannot 22 The alms of a man is be in men, because the forr


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of man is not immortal.

then he beginneth; and when 31 What is brighter than he leaveth off, then he thall the sun ? yet the light there be doubtful. of faileth: and Aesh and 8 What is man, and whereblood will imagine evil. to serveth he? what is his

32 He vieweth the power good, and what is his evil? of the height of heaven, and 99 The number of a man's all men are but earth and days at the most are an huna ashes.

10 As à drop of water CHAP. XVIII.

unto the sea, and a gravelE that liveth for ever, stone in comparison of the created all things in land, fo are a thousand years

to the days of eternity: 2 The Lord only is righte II 9 Therefore is God ous, and there is none other patient with them, and pourbut he ;

eth forth his mercy upon 3. Who governeth the them. world with the palm of his 12 He saw and perceived hand, and all things obey his their end to be evil; therewill: for he is the King of fore he multiplied his comall, by his power dividing passion. holy things among them from 13 The mercy of man is profane.

toward his neighbour; but 4. ¢ To whom hath hệ the mercy of the Lord is given power to declare his upon all Aelh: he reproyeth, works? and who shall find and nurtureth, and teacheth, out his noble acts ?

and bringeth again, 4$ 4 5 Who shall number the shepherd his fock. strength of his majesty ? and 14 He hath mercy on them who Thall also tell out his that receive discipline, and mercies?

that diligently seek after his 6. As for the wondrous judgments. works of the Lord, there 15 My son, blemish not may nothing be taken from thy good deeds, neither use them, neither may any thing uncomfortable words when be put unto them, neither thou givest any thing. can the ground of them be 16 Shall not the dew alfound out:

swage the heat so is a word 7. When a man hath done, better than a gift.


17 Lo,

17 Lo, is not a word bet- ware of offence: but a fool ter than a gift? but both are will not observe time. with a gracious man.

28 Every man of under18 A fool will upbraid standing knoweth wisdom, churlishly, and a gift of the and will give praise unto him envious confumeth the eyes. that found her. 19 Learn before thou

29 They that were of unspeak, and use physick or derstanding in sayings, beever thou be sick.

came also wise themselves, 20 Before judgment ex- and poured forth exquisite amine thyself; and in the day parables. of visitation thou shalt find 30 Go not after thy lufts, mercy:

but refrain thyself from thine 21 Humble thyself before appetites. thou be fick, and in the time 31 If thou givest thy soul of sins shew repentance.

the desires that please her, 22 Let nothing hinder she will make thee a laughthee to pay thy vow in due ing-stock to thine enemies time, and defer not until that malign thee. death to be justified.

32 Take not pleasure in 23 Before thou prayeft, much good cheer, neither be prepare thyself; and be not tied to the

expence thereof. as one that tempteth the 33 Be not made a beggar Lord.

by banqueting upon borrow24 Think upon the wrath ing, when thou hast nothing that shall be at the end, and in thy purse: for thou shalt the time of vengeance when lie in wait for thine own life, he shall turn away his face. and be talked on. 25 When thou hast e

CHAP. XIX. nough, remember the time

Labouring man that is

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and need.

shall not be rich: and he 26 From the morning un- that contemneth small things, til the evening the time is shall fall by little and little. changed, and all things are 29 Wine and women will foon done before the Lord. make men of understanding

27 A wise man will fear to fall away: and he that in every thing, and in the cleaveth to harlots will be day of sinning he will be come impudent.

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