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kings, to our princes, and to and brought it upon us : for our fathers, because we have the Lord our God is rightefinned against thee.

ous in all his works which 9 To the Lord our God he doeth : for we obeyed not belong mercies and forgive his voice. neffes, though we have re 15 And now, O Lord our þelled against him.

God, that haft brought thy io Neither have we obey- people forth out of the land ed the voice of the Lord our of Egypt with a mighty God, to walk in his laws hand, and haft gotten thee which he set before us by his renown as at this day: we servants the prophets. have finned, we have done

II Yea, all Ifrael have wickedly. tranfgrefled thy law, even by 169 O Lord, according departing that they might to all thy righteousness, I benot obey thy voice, therefore seech thee, let thine

anger the curse is poured upon us, and thy fury be turned away and the oath that is written from thy city Jerusalem, thy in the law of Moses the ser- holy mountain : because for vant of God, because we our sins, and for the iniquihave finned against him. ties of our fathers, Jerusalem

12 And he hath confirmed and thy people are become a his words which he spake reproach to all that are about against us, and against our us. judges that judged us, by 17 Now therefore, O our bringing upon us a great God, hear the prayer of thy evil: for under the whole servant, and his supplications, heaven hath not been done, and cause thy face to shine as hath been done upon Je- upon thy fanctuary that is rufalem.

defolate, for the Lord's fake. 13 As it is written in the

18 ( my God, incline law of Mofes, all this evil is thine ear, and hear; open come upon us : yet made we thine eyes, and behold our not our prayer before the defolations, and the city, Lord our God, that we which is called by thy name: might turn from our ini- for we do not present our quities, and understand thy supplications before thee for truth.

our righteousnelles, but for 14 Therefore hath the thy great mercies. Lord watched upon the evil, 19 O Lord hear, O Lord


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forgive, O Lord hearken and to make reconciliation for do, defer not for thịne own iniquity, and to bring in efake, O my God: for thy verlasting righteousness, and city, and thy people, are cal- to seal up the vision and led by thy name.

prophecy, and to anoint the 20 g And whiles I was most holy. speaking, and praying, and 25 Know therefore and confefsing my sin, and the sin understand, that from the of my people Ifrael, and pre- going forth of the commandsenting my fupplication be- ment to restore and to build fore the Lord my God, for Jerusalem, unto the Messiah the holy mountain of my the prince, mall be seven God:

weeks; and threescore and 21 Yea, while I was speak- two weeks the streets shall ing in prayer, even the man be built again, and the wall, Gabriel, whom I had seen in even in troublous times. the vision at the beginning, 26 And after threescore and being caused to Ay swiftly, two weeks shall Messiah becut touched me about the time of off, but not for himself: and the evening oblation. the people of the prince that

22 And he informed me, shall come, shall destroy the and talked with me, and said, city, and the sanctuary, and O Daniel, I am now come the end thereof Mall be with forth to give thee skill and a food, and unto the end understanding.

of the war defolations are 23 At the beginning of determined. thy supplications the com 27 And he shall confirm mandment came forth, and the covenant with many for

come to shew thee; one week: and in the midst for thou art greatly beloved: of the week he shall cause therefore understand the mat- the sacrifice and the oblation ter, and consider the vision. to cease, and for the over

24 Seventy weeks are de- spreading of abominations, termined upon thy people, he shall make it desolate, and upon thy holy city, to even until the consummation, finish the transgression, and and that determined shall be to make an end of fins, and poured upon the desolate.

I am


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remove from thoughts that

are without understanding, OVE righteousness, ye and will not abide when un

that be judges of the righteousnels cometh in. earth; think of the Lord 6. For wisdom is a lovwith a good (heart,) and in ing spirit: and will not acsimplicity of heart seek him. quit a blasphemer of his

29 For he will be found words: for God is witness of them that tempt him not: of his reins, and a true beand sheweth himself unto holder of his heart, and a hearsuch as do not distrust him.

er of his tongue. 3 For froward thoughts 7 For the Spirit of the separate from God: and his Lord filleth the world: and power, when it is tried, re- that which containeth all proveth the unwise.

things, hath knowledge of 49 For into a malicious the voice. foul wisdom shall not enter : 8 Therefore he that speaknor dwell in the body that is, eth unrighteous things, cansubject unto fin.

not be hid: neither shall Ś For the holy spirit of vengeance, when it punihdiscipline will fee deceit, and eth, pass by him.

9 For inquisition shall be thought to have it their made into the counsels of the friend, they consumed ungodly: and the found of nought, and made a covehis words shall come unto nant with it, because they the Lord, for the manifefta- are worthy to take part with tion of his wicked deeds. it. 10 For the ear of jealousy

CHAP. II. heareth all things: and the YOR the ungodly said, re?noise of. murmurings is not soning with themselves, hid.

but not aright, Our life is 11 Therefore beware of thort and tedious, and in the murmuring, which is un- death of a man there is no profitable, and refrain your remedy: neither was there tongue from backbiting; for

any man known to have rethere is no word so secret, turned from the

grave. that shall go for nought: and

2 For we are born at all the mouth that belieth, Ray- adventure: and we shall be eth the soul.

hereafter, as though we liad 12 Seek not death in the

never been: for the breath error of your life: and pull in our nofirik is as smoke, not upon yourselves deftruc- and a little spark in the movtion, with the works of your ing of our heart: hands.

3 Which being extin13 For God made not guithed, our body shall be death: neither hath he plea- turned into ashes, and our fure in the deitruction of the spirit shall vanith as the soft living.

air. 14 For he created all

4 And our name shall be things; that they might forgotten in time, and no have their being: and the man shall have our works in generations of the world remembrance, and our life were healthful: and there is shall pass away as the trace of no poison of destruction in

a cloud, and ihall be dispersed them: nor the kingdom of as a míst that is driven away death upon the earth.

with the beams of the sun, 15 For righteousness is and overcome with the heat immortal.

thereof. 16 But ungodly men with

54 For our time is a vetheir works and words called it to them: for when they and after our end, there is

Thadow that passeth away: ry


no returning: for it is fast the knowledge of God: and sealed, so that no man com- he calleth himself the child of eth again.

the Lord. 6 9 Come on therefore, 14 He was made to relet us enjoy the good things prove our thoughts. that are present: and let us 15 He is grievous unto us speedily use the creatures like even to behold: for his life as in youth.

is not like other men's, his 7 Let us fill ourselves ways are of another fashion. with costly wine and oint 16 We are esteemed of ments: and let no flower of him as counterfeits : he ab. the spring pass by us.

staineth from our ways as 8 Let us crown ourselves from filthiness: he prowith rose-buds before they be nounceth the end of the withered.

just to be blessed, and mak9 Let none of us go with eth his boast that God is out his part of our voluptu- his father. ousness: let us leave tokens 17 Let us see if his words of our joyfulness in every be true : and let us prove place: for this is our por- what shall happen in the end tion, and our lot is this.

of him. 10 Let us oppress the 18 For if the just man be poor righteous man, let us the son of God, he will help not spare the widow, nor re- him, and deliver him from verence the ancient


the hand of his enemies. hairs of the aged.

19 Let us examine him 11 Let our strength be the with despitefulness and torlaw of justice, for that which ture, that we may know his is feeble is found to be no- meekness, and prove his pathing worth.

tience. 12. Therefore let us lie in 20 Let us condemn him wait for the righteous: be- with a shameful death: for cause he is not for our turn, by his own saying he shall be and he is clean contrary to respected. our doings: he upbraideth 21 Such things they did us with our offending the imagine, and were deceivlaw, and objecteth to our in-ed: for their own wickfamy the transgressings of our edness hath blinded them. education.

22 As for the mysteries 13 He profeffeth to have of God, they knew them


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