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from far, their filver, and 15 9 Whereas thou haft their gold with them, unto been forsaken and hated, fo the name of the Lord thy that no man went through God: and to the Holy One thee, I will make thee an eof Israel, because he hath glo- ternal excellency, a joy of rified thee.

many generations. IO And the fons of stran I Thou shalt also fuck gers shall build up thy walls, the milk of the Gentiles, and and their kings shall minif- fhalt fuck the breast of kings, ter unto thee: for in my and thou shalt know that I wrath I smote thee, but in the Lord am thy Saviour and my favour have I had mercy thy Redeemer, the Mighty on thee.

One of Jacob. II Therefore thy gates 17 For brass I will bring shall be open continually, gold, and for iron I will they shall not be shut day nor bring silver, and for wood night, that men may bring brass, and for stones iron : I unto thee the forces of the will also make thy officers Gentiles, and that their kings peace, and thine exactors may be brought.

righteousness. 12 For the nation and 18 Violence shall no more kingdom that will not serve be heard in thy land, wasting thee, shall perish: yea, those nor destruction within thy nations shall be utterly wast- borders; but thou shalt call ed.

thy walls salvation, and thy 13 The glory of Lebanon gates praise. Thall come unto thee, the fir 19 'The fun shall be no tree, the pine-tree, and the more thy light by day, neibox together, to beautify the ther for brightness shall the place of my fanctuary; and I moon give light unto thee: will make the place of my but the Lord fhall be unto feet glorious.

thee an everlasting light, and 14 The sons also of them thy God thy glory. that afflicted thee shall come 20 Thy sun shall no more bending unto thee; and all go down, neither shall thy they that despised thee shall moon withdraw itself: for bow themselves down at the the Lord shall be thine eversoles of thy feet; and they lasting light, and the days of shall call thee, The city of thy mourning shall be ended. the Lord, the Zion of the 21 Thy people also fall Holy One of Israel. be all righteous : they shall


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inherit the land for ever, the , tinuance, and we shall be
branch of my planting, the saved.
work of my hands, that I

6 But we are all as an may be glorified.

unclean thing, and all our 22 A little one shall be- righteousnesses are as filthy come a thousand, and a small rags, and we all do fade as one a strong nation : I the a leaf, and our iniquities, Lord will hasten it in his like the wind, have taken us time,


7. And there is none that CHAP. LXIV.

calleth upon thy name, that H that thou wouldest stirreth up himself to take O the thou wouldest come down, hid thy face from us, and that the mountains might hast consumed us because of flow down at thy presence, our iniquities.

2 As when the melting 8 But now, O Lord, fire burneth, the fire causeth thou art our father: we are the waters to boil, to make the clay, and thou our potthy name known to thine ter, and we all are the work adversaries, that the nations of thy hand, may tremble at thy presence.

9 Be not wroth very 3

When thoudidit terrible fore, O Lord, neither rethings which we looked not member iniquity for ever: for, thou camest down, the behold, see, we beseech thee, mountains flowed down at we are all thy people, thy presence.

10 Thy holy cities are a 4 For fince the beginning wilderness, Zion is a wilderof the world men have not nefs, Jerusalem a desolation. heard, nor perceived by the 11 Our holy and our beauear, neither hath the eye tiful house, where our fathers feen, O God, befide thee, praised thee, is burnt up with what he hath prepared for fire : and all our pleasant him that waiteth for him. things are laid waste.

5 Thou meetest him that 12 Wilt thou refrain thyrejoiceth, and worketh right-self for these things, O Lord? eoufness, those that remem- wilt thou hold thy peace, and ber thee in thy ways: be- afflict us very fore ? hold, thou art wroth, for we have finned: in those is con




mountains, and blafphemed

me upon the hills: therefore AM fought of them that will I measure their former

asked not for me : I am work into their bosom. found of them that sought me 8 g Thus faith the Lord, not: I faid, Behold me, be- As the new wine is found in hold me, unto a nation that the cluster, and one faith, was not called by my name. Destroy it not, for a blessing

2 I have spread out my is in it: fo will I do for my hands all the day unto a re- servants fakes, that I may bellious people, which walk- not destroy them all. eth in a way that was 9 And I will bring forth not good, after their own a seed out of Jacob, and out thoughts :

of Judah an inheritor of my 3 A people that provok - mountains : and mine elect eth me to anger continually Ihall inherit it, and


serto my face, that sacrificeth vants shall dwell there. in gardens, and burneth in 1C And Sharon shall be a cense upon

altars of brick: fold of flocks, and the valley 4 Which remain among of Achor a place for the the graves, and lodge in herds to lie down in, for my the monuments, which eat people that have sought me. swine's flesh; and broth of


ye are they that abonsinable things is in their forsake the Lord, that forget vessels :

my holy mountain, that pre5 Which say, Stand by pare a table for that troop, hyself, come not near to me, and that furnish the drinkfor I am holier than thou : offering unto that number. these are a smoke in my nose, 12 Therefore will I numa fire that burneth all the ber you to the sword, and ye day.

shall all bow down to the 6 Behold, it is written flaughter; because when I before me, I will not keep called, ye did not answer ; silence, but will recompense, when I spake, ye did not even recompenfe into their hear, but did evil before mine bosom,

eyes, and did choose that 7 Your iniquities, and the wherein I delighted not. iniquities of your fathers to 13 Therefore thus faith gether (faith the Lord) which the Lord God, Behold, my have burnt incense upon the servants hall eat, but ye shall


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be hungry: behold, my fer

20 There shall be no more vants shall drink, but ye shall thence an infant of days, nor be thirsty: behold, my ser- an old man that hath not filvants shall rejoice, but ye led his days : for the child shall be ashamed:

shall die an hundred years 14 Behold, my fervants old, but the sinner, being an shall sing for joy of heart, hundred years old, thall be but ye Thall cry for forrow accursed. of heart, and shall howl for 21 And they shall build vexation of spirit.

houses, and inhabit them; 15 And ye shall leave your and they shall plant vine name for a curfe unto my yards, and eat the fruit of chosen : for the Lord God them. shall say thee, and call his 22 They shall not build, servants by another name : and another inhabit ; they

16 That he who blesseth shall not plant, and another himfelf in the earth, fhall bless eat: for as the days of a himself in the God of truth, tree, are the days of my peoand he that sweareth in the ple, and mine elect Thall earth, shall fwear by the God long enjoy the work of their of truth; because the former hands. troubles are forgotten, and 23 They shall not labour becaufe they are hid from in vain, nor bring forth for

trouble : for they are the 17 & For behold, I create feed of the blessed of the new heavens, and a new Lord, and their offspring earth : and the former shall with them. not be remembered, nor 24 And it shall come to come into mind.

pass, that before they call, I 18 But be ye glad, and will answer, and while they rejoice for ever in that which are yet speaking, I will hear. I create : for behold, I cre 25 The wolf and the lamb ate Jerufalem a rejoicing, shall feed together, and the and her people a joy. lion shall eat straw like the

19 And I will rejoice in bullock : and duft fall be Jerusalem, and joy in my the serpent's meat. They people, and the voice of shall not hurt nor destroy in weeping shall be no more all my holy mountain, faith heard in her, nor the voice the Lord. of crying.


mine eyes.


hated you, that cast you out

for my name's fake, said, ΤΗ HUS faith the Lord, Let the Lord be glorified :

The heaven is my but he shall appear to your throne, and the earth is my joy, and they shall be afootstool: where is the house Thamed. that


build unto me? and 6 A voice of noise from where is the place of my the city, a voice from the reft?

temple, a voice of the Lord 2 For all those things hath that rendereth recompense to mine hand made, and all his enemies. those things have been, faith 7 Before she travailed, she the Lord: but to this man brought forth : before her will I look, even to him that pain came, she was delivered is poor and of a contrite fpi- of a man-child. rit, and trembleth at my 8 Who hath heard such a word.

thing? who hath seen such 3 He that killeth an ox, things ? fhall the earth be is as if he flew a man : he made to bring forth in one that facrificeth a lamb, as if day, or shall a nation be born he cut off a dog's neck : he at once ? for as soon as Zion that offereth an oblation, as travailed, she brought forth if he offered swine's blood : her children. he that burneth incense, as 9 Shall I bring to the if he blessed an idol : yea, birth, and not cause to bring they have chosen their own forth? faith the Lord: shall ways, and their soul delight- I cause to bring forth, and eth' in their abominations. shut the womb ? faith thy 4

I also will choose their God. delufions, and will bring 10 Rejoice ye with Jerutheir fears upon them ; be- falem, and be glad with her, cause when I called, none all ye that love her : rejoice did answer: when I spake, for joy with her, all ye that they did not hear : but they mourn for her. did evil before mine eyes, 11 That ye may fuck, and chose that in which I'de- and be satisfied with the lighted not.

breasts of her confolations : 5 Hear the word of the that ye may milk out, and be Lord, ye that tremble at his delighted with the abundance word. Your brethren that of her glory.

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