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the garden of the Lord : joy 9 9 Awake, awake, put and gladness shall be found on strength, O arm of the therein, thanksgiving, and Lord; awake as in the anthe voice of melody. cient days, in the genera

4 4 Hearken unto me, my tions of old. Art thou not people ; and give ear unto it that hath cut Rahab, and me, my nation: for a law wounded the dragon? shall proceed from me, and 10 Art thou not it which I will make my judgment to hath dried the sea, the waters rest for a light of the people. of the great deep? that hath

5 My righteousness is made the depths of the sea a near ; my salvation is gone way for the ransomed to pass forth, and mine arms Thall over ? judge the people: the isles II Therefore the redeemshall wait upon me, and oned of the Lord shall return, mine arm shall they trust. and come with singing unto

6 Lift up your eyes to Zion, and everlasting joy the heavens, and look upon shall be upon their head : they the earth beneath : for the shall obtain gladness and joy, heavens Tall vanish away and forrow and mourning like smoke, and the earth shall flee away. shall wax old like a garment, 12 I, even I am he that and they that dwell therein comforteth you: who art shall die in like manner: but thou, that thou shouldest be my salvation shall be for ever, afraid of a man that shall die, and my righteousness shall and of the son of man which not be abolished.

shall be made as grass ? 7 g Hearken unio me, ye 13 And forgetteft the that know righteousness, the Lord thy maker, that hath people in whose heart is my tretched forth the heavens, law; fear ye not the reproach and laid the foundation of of men, neither be ye afraid the earth ? and haft feared of their revilings.

continually every day, be8 For the moth shall eat cause of the fury of the opthem up like a garment, and preffor, as if he were ready the worm shall eat them like to destroy? and where is the wool : but my righteousness fury of the oppreffor? fhail be for ever, and my fal 14 The captive exile hafvation from generation to ge- teneth that he may be loosed, neration.

and that he should not die in


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the pit, nor that his bread 21 , Therefore hear now fhould fail.

this, thou afflicted, and 15 But I am the Lord thy drunken, but not with wine. God, that divided the fea, 22 Thus faith thy Lord, whose waves roared : the the Lord, and thy God, that Lord of hosts is his name. pleadeth the cause of his

16 And I have put my people, Behold, I have taken words in thy mouth, and I out of thine hand the


of have covered thee in the sha- trembling, even the dregs of dow of mine hand, that I the cup of my fury; thou may plant the heavens, and shalt no

more drink it lay the foundations of the again. earth, and say unto Zion, 23 But I will put it into Thou art my people. the hand of them that afflict

17 9 Awake, awake, stand thee: which have said to thy up, Jerusalem, which haft soul, Bow down, that we drunk at the hand of the may go over : and thou hast Lord the cup of his fury: laid thy body as the ground, thou hast drunken the dregs' and as the street to them that of the cup of trembling, and went over. wrung them out.

18 There is none to guide CHAP. LIII. her among all the fons whom

HO hath believed our ther is there


that taketh her by the hand, of all the is the arm of the Lord refons that she hath brought vealed ? up.

2 For he shall grow up 19 These two things are before him as a tender plant, come unto thee: who shall and as a root out of a dry be sorry for thee? defolation, ground : he hath no form and destruction, and the fa- nor comeliness : and when mine, and the sword: by we shall see him, there is no whom shall I comfort thee? beauty that we should desire

20 Thy fons have fainted, him. they lie at the head of all the

3 He is despised and restreets, as a wild bull in ajected of men, a man of fornet: they are full of the fu- rows, and acquainted with ry of the Lord, the rebuke grief: and we hid as it were of thy God.

our faces from him ; he was


the hath brought forth: nein W report and to whom


despised, and we esteemed put him to grief: when thou him not.

Thalt make his soul an offer4. q Surely he hath borne ing for fin, he shall see his our griefs, and carried our seed, he shall prolong his sorrows : yet we did esteem days, and the pleasure of the him stricken, smitten of God, Lord shall prosper in his and afflicted.

hand. 5 But he was wounded II He thall fee of the trafor our transgressions, he was vail of his soul, and shall be bruised for our iniquities : satisfied: by his knowledge the chastisement of our peace shall my righteous servant was upon him, and with his justify many; for he shall ftripes we are healed. bear their iniquities.

6 All we like sheep have 12 Therefore will I divide gone astray: we have turn him a portion with the great, ed every one to his own way, and he shall divide the spoil and the Lord hath laid on with the strong: because he him the iniquity of us all. hath poured out his soul un

7 He was oppressed, and to death : and, he was numhe was amicted, yet he open- bered with the transgressors, ed not his mouth : he is and he bare the sin of many, brought as, a lamb to the and made intercession for the Naughter, and as a sheep be- transgressors. fore her shearers is dumb, so he openeth not his mouth.

CHAP. LV. 8 prifon and from judgment: and thirsteth, come ye to who shall declare his genera- the waters, and he that hath tion? for he was cut off out no money ; come ye, buy. of the land of the living : for and eat; yea come, buy wine the transgression of my peo- and milk without money, ple was he stricken,

and without price. 9 And he made his grave

2 Wherefore do ye spend with the wicked, and with money for that which is not the rich in his death, because bread? and your labour for he had done no violence, that which satisfieth not? neither was añy deceit in his hearken diligently unto me, mouth.

and eat ye that which is good, 10 Yet it pleased the and let your soul delight itLord to bruise him, he hath self in fatness.

SP He was taken from pria Hechirfteth, come ye to

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3 Incline your ear, and heaven, and returneth not come unto me : hear, and thither, but watereth the your soul shall live, and I earth, and maketh it bring will make an everlasting co- forth and bud, that it may venant with you, even the give feed to the lower, and sure mercies of David. bread to the eater :

4 Behold, I have given 11 So shall my word be bim for a witness to the peo- that goeth forth out of my ple, a leader and commander mouth: it shall not return to the people.

unto me void, but it shall ac5 Behold, thou shalt call complish that which I please, a nation that thou knowest and it hall prosper in the not, and nations that knew thing whereto I sent it. not thee shall run unto thee, 12 For ye shall go out because of the Lord thy God, with joy, and be led forth and for the Holy One of Il- with peace : the mountains rael ; for he hath glorified and the hills shall break forth thee.

before you into singing, and 69 Seek


the Lord all the trees of the field shall while he may be found, call clap their hands, ye upon him while he is


Instead of the thorn near.

shall come up the fir-tree, 7 Let the wicked forsake and instead of the brier shall his way, and the unrighteous come up the myrtle - tree : man his thoughts : and let and it shall be to the Lord him return unto the Lord, for a name, for an everlasting and he will have mercy upon sign that shall not be cựt off. him, and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon.

CHAP. LOI. -'89 For my thoughts are

HUS saith the Lord, not your thoughts, neither Keep ye judgment are your ways my ways, faith and do justice: for my falthe Lord.

vation is near to come, and 9 For as the heavens are my righteousness to be rehigher than the earth, fo are vedled. my ways higher than your 2 Blessed is the man that ways, and my thoughts than doeth this, and the son of your thoughts.

man that layeth hold on it: 10 For as the rain com- that keepeth the fabbath from eth down, and the snow from polluting it, and keepeth his


Gg 2

hand from doing any evil. gathereth the outcasts of Ifa

3 4 Neither let the son of rael, faith, Yet will I gather the stranger, that hath joined others to him, besides those himself to the Lord, speak, that are gathered unto him. saying, The Lord hath ut 9 4 Aīl ye beasts of the terly separated me from his field, come to devour, yea, people : neither let the eu- all ye beasts in the forest. nuch say, Behold, I am a dry

10 His watchmen are blind, tree.

they are all ignorant, they are 4

For thus faith the Lord all dumb dogs, they cannot unto the eunuchs that keep bark; sleeping, lying down, my fabbaths, and choose the loving to flumber. things that please me, and II Yea, they are greedy take hold of my covenant: dogs which can never have

5 Even unto them will I enough, and they are fhepgive in mine house, and with herds that cannot understand: in my walls, a place and a they all look to their own name better than of sons and way, every one for his gain of daughters : I will give from his quarter. them an everlasting name, 12 Come ye, say they, I that shall not be cut off. will fetch wine, and we will

6 Also the fons of the fill ourselves with strong stranger that join themselves drink, and to-morrow shall to the Lord, to serve him, be as this day, and much and to love the name of the more abundant. Lord, to be his servants, e

CHAP. LVII. very one that keepeth the fabbath from polluting it, HE righteous perishand taketh hold of my co eth, and no man layvenant:

eth it to heart; and merciEven them will I bring ful men are taken away, none to my holy mountain, and considering that the righteous make them joyful in my is taken away from the evil house of prayer: their burnt- to come. offerings and their facrifices 2 He shall enter into hall be accepted upon mine peace: they shall rest in their altar; for mine house shall beds, each one walking in his be cailed an house of prayer uprightness. for all people.

39 But draw near hither, 8 The Lord God, which ye tons of the forceress, the


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