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and the city shall be low in 11 Tremble ye women a low place. that are at ease: be troubled

20 Blessed are ye that sow ye careless ones : ftrip ye and beside all waters, that send make ye bare, and gird fack-forth thither the feet of the cloth upon your loins. ox and the ass.

12 They shall lament for the teats, for the pleasant

CHAP. XXXVII. fields, for the fruitful vine. ND it came to pass

13 Upon the land of my when king Hezekiah people shall come up thorns heard it, that he rent his and briers, yea, upon all the clothes, and covered himself houses of joy in the joyous with fackcloth, and went into city:

the house of the Lord. 14 Because the palaces 2 And he sent Eliakim, shall be forsaken, the multi- who was over the houshold, tude of the city shall be left; and Shebna the fcribe, and the forts and towers shall be the elders of the priests, cofor dens for ever, a joy of vered with fackcloth, unto wild asses, a pasture of Hocks: Ifaiah the prophet the son of

15 Until the spirit be pour- Amoz. ed upon us from on high, 3 And they said unto him, and the wilderness be a fruit-Thus faith Hezekiah, This ful field, and the fruitful field day is a day of trouble, and be counted for a forest. of rebuke, and of blasphemy:

16 Then judgment shall for the children are come to dwell in the wilderness, and the birth, and there is not righteousness remain in the strength to bring forth. fruitful field.

4 It may be the Lord 17. And the work of righ- thy God will hear the words teousness shall be peace, and of Rabihakeh, whom the the effect of righteousness, king of Assyria his inafter quietness and aflurance for hath sent to reproach the livever.

ing God, and will reprove 18 And my people shall the words which the Lord dwell in a peaceable habita- thy God hath heard: wheretion, and in fure dwellings, fore lift up thy prayer for the and in quiet resting-places: remnant that is left.

19 When it Thall hail, 5 So the servants of king coming down on the forest; Hezekiah came to Isaiah.


6 And

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And Ifaiah said unto nations delivered them which them, Thus shall ye say unto my fathers have destroyed, your master, Thus faith the as Gozan, and Haran, and Lord, Be not afraid of the Rezeph, and the children of words that thou hast heard, Eden, which were in Telafwherewith the servants of the far? king of Affyria have blaf 13 Where is the king of phemed me.

Hamath, and the king of 7 Behold, I will send a Arphad, and the king of the blait upon him, and he shall city of Sepharvaim, Henah hear a rumour, and return to and Ivah? his own land, and I will cause 14 4 And Hezekiah rehim to fall by the sword in ceived the letter from the his own land.

hand of the messengers, and 8 g So Rabshakeh return- read it: and Hezekiah went ed, and found the king of up unto the house of the Assyria warring against Lib-Lord, and spread it before nah: for he had heard that the Lord. he was departed from La 15 And Hezekiah prayed chith.

unto the Lord, saying, 9 And he heard fay con 16 O Lord of hosts, God cerning Tirhakah king of of Israel, that dwellest beEthiopia, He is come forth tween the cherubims, thou to make war with thee : and art the God, even thou alone, when he heard it, he fent of all the kingdoms of the messengers to Hezekiah, say- earth, thou hast made heaven

and earth. 10 Thus shall ye speak to 17 Incline thine ear, O Hezekiah king of Judah, Lord, and hear; open thine saying, Let nor thy God in eyes, O Lord, and fee: and whom thou trustest deceive hear all the words of Sennathee, saying, Jerusalem shall | cherib, which hath sent to renot be given into the hand proach the living God. of the king of Assyria. 18 Of a truth, Lord, the

11 Behold, thou hast heard kings of Affyria have laid what the kings of Allyria waite all the nations, and have done to all lands by their countries, destroying them utterly, and 19 And have cast their gods. khalt thou be delivered? into the fire: for they were 12 Have the gods of the no gods, but the work of



mens hands, wood and stone: 1 of: and I will enter into the therefore they have destroyed height of his border, and the them.

forest of his Carmel. 20 Now therefore, O 25 I have digged and Lord our God, fave us from drunk water, and with the his hand, that all the king. fole of my feet have I dried doms of the earth may know up all the rivers of the bethat thou art the Lord, even fieged places. thou only.

26 Hast thou not heard 21 g Then Ifaiah the son long ago, how I have done it, of Amoz fent unto Hezeki- and of ancient times that I ah, saying, Thus faith the have formed it? now have I Lord God of Israel, Whereas brought it to pass, that thou thou hast prayed to me a- Thouldīt be to lay waste degainst Sennacherib king of fenced cities into ruinous Aflyria :

heaps, 22 This is the word which 27 Therefore their inhathe Lord hath spoken con-bitants were of small power, cerning him, The virgin the they were dismayed and condaughter of Zion hath de- founded: they were as the spised thee, and laughed thee grass of the field, and as the to fcorn, the daughter of Je- green herb, as the grass on rusalem hath shaken her head the house-tops, and as corn at thee.

blasted before it be grown up. 23 Whom haft thou re 28 But I know thy abode, proached and blasphemed ? and thy going out, and thy and against whom hast thou coming in, and thy rage aexalted thy voice, and lifted gainst me. eyes on high ? even

29 Because thy rage aagainst the holy One of if- gainit me, and thy tumult, is rael.

come up into mine ears: 24 By thy servants haft therefore will I put my hook thou reproached the Lord, in thy nose, and my bridle in and haft faid, By the multi-thy lips, and I will turn thee tude of my chariots am I back by the way by which come up to the height of the thou camelt. mountains, to the sides of 30 And this fall be a sign Lebanon, and I will cut unto thee, Ye shall eat this down the tall cedars thereof, year such as groweth of its and the choice fir-trees there- self: and the second year that



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which springeth of the fame : Jand returned, and dwelt at and in the third year sow ye, Nineveh. and reap, and plant vine 38 And it came to pass as yards, and eat the fruit there he was worshipping in the of.

house of Nifroch his god, 31 And the remnant that that Adrammelech and Shais escaped of the house of Ju- rezer his sons (mote him with dah shall again take root the sword; and they escaped downward, and bear fruit up into the land of Armenia : ward.

and Esar-haddon his son 32 For out of Jerusalem reigned in his stead. shall


forth a remnant, and they that efcape out of CHAP. XXXVIII. mount Zion: the zeal of the

N those days was HezeLord of hosts shall do this. kiah fick unto death: and

33 Therefore thus faith Isaiah the prophet the son of the Lord concerning the king Amoz came unto him, and of Assyria, He shall not come faid unto him, Thus faith into this city, nor shoot an the Lord, Set thine house in arrow there, nor come be- order : for thou shalt die, fore it with shields, nor cast and not live. a bank against it.

2 Then Hezekiah turned 34 By the way that he his face toward the wall, and came, by the same shall he prayed unto the Lord, return, and shall not come 3 And said, Remember into this city, faith the Lord. now, O Lord, I beseech thee,

35 For I will defend this how I have walked before city to save it, for mine own thee in truth, and with a fake, and for my fervant Da- perfect heart, and have done vid's fake.

that which is good in thy 36 Then the angel of the fight: and Hezekiah wept Lord went forth, and smote fore. in the camp of the Assyrians 4 Then came the word a hundred and fourscore and of the Lord to Isaiah, faying, five thousand: and when they 5 Go, and say to Hezekiah, arose early in the morning, Thus faith the Lord the God behold, they were all dead of David thy father, I have corpses.

heard thy prayer, I have seen 379 So Sennacherib king thy tears: behold, I will add of Aliyria departed, and went, unto thy days fifteen years,

grees which is

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6 And I will deliver thee, I break all my bones: from and this city, out of the day even to night wilt thou hand of the king of Assyria : make an end of me. and I will defend this city. IA


a crane or a swal7 And this shall be a sign low, fo did I chatter: I did unto thee from the Lord, mourn as a dove: mine

eyes that the Lord will do this fail with looking upward : 0 thing that he hath spoken: Lord, I am oppressed, under

8 Behold, I will bring a- take for me. gain the shadow of the de 15 What shall I say? he


down in hath both spoken unto me, the sun-dial of Ahaz ten de- and himself hath done it: I grees backward. So the fun thall go softly all my years returned. ten degrees, by in the bitterness of my soul. which degrees it was gone 16 O Lord, by these things down.

men live, and in all these 94 The writing of He- things is the life of my spizekiah king of Judah, when rit: so wilt thou recover me, he had been fick, and was and make me to live. recovered of his fickness : 17 Behold, for peace I had

10 I said, in the cutting off great bitterness, but thou of my days, I shall go to the haft in love to my soul degates of the grave: I am de- livered it from the pit of corprived of the residue of my ruption: for thou hast cast years.

all my fins behind thy back. . 11 I said, I shall not see the 18 For the grave cannot Lord, even the Lord in the praise thee, death can not celand of the living : I shall lebrate thee: they that go behold man no more with down into the pit cannot the inhabitants of the world. hope for thy truth.

12 Mine age is departed, 19 The living, the living, and is removed from me as a he shall praise thee as I do shepherd's tent: I bave cut this day: the father to the off like a weaver my life: he children shall make known will cut me off with pining thy truth. fickness ; from day even to 20 The Lord was ready to night wilt thou make an end save me: therefore we will

sing my fongs to the stringed 13 I reckoned till morn-instruments, all the days of is, that as a lion, fo will be our life, in the house of the


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