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as straw is trodden down for | down, even the feet of the the dunghill.

poor, and the steps of the 11 And he shall spread needy. forth his hands in the midst 7 The way of the juft is of them, as he that swim- uprightness: thou most upmeth spreadeth forth his hands right, dost weigh the path of to swim: and he shall bring the just. down their pride together 8 Yea, in the way of thy with the spoils of their hands. judgments, O Lord, have

12 And the fortress of the we waited for thee; the de. high fort of thy walls fhall fire of our soul is to thy name, he bring down, lay low, and and to the remembrance of bring to the ground, even to thee. the dust.

9 With my soul have I

desired thee in the night, yea, CHAP. XXVI.

with my spirit within me N that day shall this song will I seek thee early: for

be sung in the land of when thy judgments are in Judah, We have a strong the earth, the inhabitants of city, falvation will God ap- the world will learn rightepoint for walls and bulwarks. ousness.

2 Open ye the gates, that 10 Let favour be shewed the righteous nation which to the wicked, yet will he keepeth the truth may enter not learn righteousness: in the in.

land of uprightness will he 3 Thou wilt keep him in deal unjustly, and will not perfect peace, whose mind is behold the majesty of the stayed on thee: because he Lord. trusteth in thee.

11 Lord, when thy hand 4 Trust ye in the Lord is lifted up, they will not see: for ever: for in the Lord | but they shall fee, and be aJEHOVAH is everlasting thamed for their envy at the Itrength.

people; yea, the fire of thine 59 For he bringeth down enemies shall devour them. them that dwell on high, the 12 Lord, thou wilt orlofty city, he layeth it low, dain peace for us ; for thou he layeth it low, even to the also haft wrought all our ground, he bringeth it even works in us. to the duft.

13 Lord our God, other 6 The foot shall tread it lords besides thee have had


they visited thec, they poured Website the rebellious

dominion over us: but by out the dead.
thee only will we make men 20 g Come, my people,
tion of thy name.

enter thou into thy chambers,
14 They are dead, they and shut thy doors about
fhall not live; they are de- thee: hide thyself as it were
ceased, they shall not rise : for a little moment, until the
therefore halt thou visited indignation be overpast.
and destroyed them, and 21 For behold, the Lord
made all their memory to cometh out of his place to

punish the inhabitants of the 15 Thou hast increased earth for their iniquity: the the nation, O Lord, thou earth alfo Thall disclose her haft increased the nation, blood, and shall no more cothou art glorified; thou haft ver her flain. remaved it far unto all the ends of the earth.

CHAP. XXX. 16 Lord, in trouble have

OE to the rebellious

children, faith the out a prayer when thy chaf- Lord, that take counsel, but tening was upon them. not of me; and that cover

17 Like as a woman with with a covering, but not of child that draweth near the my spirit, that they may add time of her delivery, is in fin to fin: pain, and crieth out in her

2 That walk to go

down pangs; so have we been in into Egypt, and have not thy fight, O Lord.

asked at my mouth; to 18 We have been with strengthen themselves in the child, we have been in pain, strength of Pharaoh, and to we have as it were brought trust in the shadow of Eforth wind, we have not gypt! wrought any deliverance in


Therefore shall the the earth, neither have the strength of Pharaoh be your inhabitants of the world fal- shame, and the trust in the len.

shadow of Egypt your con19 Thy dead men shall live, fufion. together with my dead body

4 For his princes were at Thall they arise : awake and Zoan, and his ambassadors fing, ye that dwell in duft : came to Hanes. for thy dew is as the dew of 5. They were all ashamed herbs, and the earth fhall cast of a people that could not 9


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profit ther, nor be an help and trust in oppression and nor profit, but a shame, and perverleness, and stay therealso a reproach.

6 The burden of the beasts 13 Therefore this iniquity of the south : into the land shall be to you as a breach of trouble and anguish, from ready to fall

, fwelling out in whence come the young and a high wall, whose breaking old lion, the viper and fiery cometh suddenly at an inflying ferpent, they will carry ftant. their riches upon the shoul 14 And he shall break it ders of young asses, and their as the breaking of the pottreasures upon the bunches ter's vessel, that is broken in of camels, to a people that pieces, he shall not spare ; so shall not profit them.

that there shall not be found 7 For the Egyptians shall in the bursting of it a sherd help in vain, and to no pur- to take fire from the hearth, pose: therefore have I cri- or to take water withal out ed concerning this, Their of the pit. strength is to sit still.

15 For thus faith the Lord 8 Now go, write it be- God, the Holy One of Israel, fore them in a table, and In returning and reft shall ye note it in a book, that it may be saved, in quietness and in be for the time to come for confidence shall ever and ever :

strength; and ye would not. 9 That this is a rebellious 16 But ye said, No; for people, lying children, chil- we will flee upon horses; dren that will not hear the therefore shall ye fee: and, law of the Lord:

We will ride upon the swift; 10 Which say to the feers, therefore shall they that purSee not; and to the prophets, fue you be swift. Prophesy not unto us right 17 One thousand shall flee things, speak unto us smooth at the rebuke of one: at the things, prophely deceits : rebuke of five shall ye flee,

11 Get you out of the till ye be left as a beacon way, turn aside out of the upon the top of a mountain, path, cause the Holy One of and as an ensign on an hill. Ifrael to cease from before us. 18 And therefore will

12 Wherefore thus faith the Lord wait that he may the Holy One of Israel, Be- be gracious unto you, and cause ye despise this word, therefore will he be exalted,


be your

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that he may have mercy upon the young afles that ear the you: for the Lord is a God ground, shall eat clean proof judgment; blessed are all vender which hath been winthey that wait for him. nowed with the shovel and

19 For the people shall with the fan. dwell in Zion at Jerusalem : 25 And there shall be upon thou shalt weep no more: he every high mountain, and will be very gracious unto upon every higti hill, rivers thee, at the voice of thy cry; and streams of waters, in the when he shall hear it, he will day of the great slaughter, answer thee.

when the towers fall. 20 And though the Lord “26 Moreover, the light of give you the bread of adver- the moon ihall be as the light fity, and the water of allic of the fun, and the light tion, yet shall not thy teach of the sun shall be seveners be removed into a corner fold, as the light of seven any more, but thine eyes shall days, in the day that the Lord fee thy teachers:



the breach of his 21 And thine ears shall people, and healeth the stroke hear a word behind thee, of their wound. faying, This is the way, walk 27 T Behold, the name of ye in it, when ye turn to the the Lord comeih from färg right hand, and when ye turn burning with his anger, and to the left.

the burden thereof is heavy: 22 Ye shall defile also the his lips are full of indignacovering of thy graven images tion, and his tongue as a deof silver, and the ornament of vouring fire. thy molten images of gold: 28 And his breath as an thou shalt cast them awayas a overflowing stream, fall menstruous cloth; thou ihalt reach to the midft of the neck, say unto it, Get thee hence. to fifi the nations with the

23 Then thall he give the lieve of vanity: and there hall rain of thy feed that thou shalt be a bridle in the jaws of the fow the ground withal, and people, causing them to crr. bread of the increase of the 29 Ye shall have a fong as earth, and it shall be fat and in the night, when a holy copienteous: in that day shall lemnity is kept; and gladness thy cattle feed in large pal- of heart, as when one gceth

with a pipe to come into the 24 The oxen likewise and mountain of the Lord, to


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the Mighty One of Israel. of a great rock in a weary

30 And the Lord fhall land. cause his glorious voice to be 3 And the eyes of them heard, and shall fhew the that fee, shall not be dim; lighting down of his arm, and the ears of them that with the indignation of his hear, shall hearken. anger, and with the flame 4 The heart also of the of a devouring fire, with fcat-rash shall understand knowtering, and tempeft, and hail- ledge, and the tongue of the stones.

stammerers shall be ready to 31 For through the voice speak plainly. of the Lord shall the Afly, 5 The vile person shall be rian be beaten down, which no more called liberal, nor fmote with a rod,

the churl said to be bountiful. 32 And in every place 6 For the vile person will where the grounded staff

shall speak villainy, and his heart pass, which the Lord shall lay will work iniquity, to pracupon him, it shall be with tise hypocrisy, and to utter tabrets and harps: and in bat- error against the Lord, to tles of shaking will he fight make empty the soul of the with it.

hungry, and he will cause 33 For Tophet is ordained the drink of the thirsty to of old: yea, for the king it is fail. prepared, he hath made it 7 The instruments also of deep and large; the pile the churl are evil: he devifthereof is fire and much eth wicked devices to dewood: the breath of the Lord, stroy the poor with lying like a stream of brimstone, words, even when the needy doth kindle it.

speaketh right.

8 But the liberal deviseth

liberal things, and by liberal EHOLD, a king shall things shall he stand.

reign in righteousness, 99 Rise up, ye women and princes shall rule in that are at ease, hear my judgment.

voice, ye careless daughters, 2 And a man shall be as give ear unto my speech. a hiding-place from the 10 Many days and years wind, and a covert from the shall ye be troubled, ye caretempeft: as rivers of water less women: for the vintage if a dry place, as the shadow shall fail, the gathering fall


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