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29 Their roaring shall be 16 For before the child like a lion, they ihall roar shall know to refuse the evil, like young lions : yea, they and choose the good, the shall roar and lay hold of the land that thou abhorrest shall prey, and shall carry it away be forsaken of both her safe, and none fhall deliver it. kings.

30 And in that day they shall roar against them, like


the behold darkness, and forrow, as was in her vexation, when and the light is darkened in at the first he lightly afflicted the heavens thereof, the land of Zebulun, and the

land of Naphtali, and afterCHAP. VII.

ward did more grievously IOTT COREOVER, the afflict her by the way of the

Lord spake a- sea, beyond Jordan in Galigain unto Ahaz, saying. lee of the nations.

II Ask thee a sign of the 2 The people that walked Lord thy God, ask it either in darkness have seen a great in the depth, or in the height light: they that dwell in the above.

land of the shadow of death, 12 But Ahaz said, I will upon them hath the light not ask, neither will I tempt shined. the Lord.

3 Thou hast multiplied 13 And he said, Hear ye the nation, and not increafnow, house of David, Ised the joy: they joy before it a small thing for you to thee according to the joy in weary men, but will ye weary harvest, and as men rejoice

when they divide the fpoil. 14 Therefore the Lord 4 For thou hast broken himself shall give you a fign, the yoke of his burden, and Behold, a virgin shall con- the itaff of his shoulder, the ceive and bear a fon, and rod of his oppressor, as in shall call his name Imma- the day of Midian, nuel.

5 For every battle of the 15 Butter and honey shall warrior is with confused he eat, that he may know to noise, and garments rolled in refuse the eyil, and choose blood, but this shall be with the good,

burning and fuel of fire.

8 For

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my God also ?

Ee 4

6 For unto us a Child is reprove with equity, for the born, unto us a Son is given, meek of the earth : and he and the government shall be shall smite the earth with the upon his shoulder : and his rod of his mouth, and with name shall be called, Won- the breath of his lips shall he derful, Counsellor, . The lay the wicked. mighty God, The everlast-, 5 And righteousness shall ing Father, The prince of be the girdle of his loins, and peace.

faithfulness the girdle of his 7 Of the increase of his reins. government and peace there 6 The wolf also shall dwell fhall be no end, upon the with the lamb, and the leothrone of David and upon his pard shall lie down with the kingdom to order it, and to kid: and the calf, and the establish it with judgment, young lion, and the fatling and with justice, from hence-together, and a little child forth even for ever : the zeal shall lead them. of the Lord of hosts will per. 7 And the cow and the form this,

bear shall feed, their young

ones shall lie down together : CHAP. XI.

and the lion shall eat straw ND there shall come like the ox.

forth a rod out of the 8 And the fucking child ftem of Jeffe, and a branch shall play on the hole of the shall grow out of his roots, asp, and the weaned child

2 And the spirit of the shall put his hand on the Lord fhall reft upon him, cockatrice-den. the spirit of wisdom and un 9 They shall not hurt nor derstanding, the spirit of destroy in all my holy mouncounsel and might, the spirit tain: for the earth thall be of knowledge, and of the fear full of the knowledge of the of the Lord :

Lord, as the waters cover 3. And shall make him of the sea. quick understanding in the 10 And in that day there fear of the Lord, and he shall Ihall be a root of Jesse, which not judge after the fight of shall stand for an ensign of his eyes, neither reprove af- the people ; to it shall the ter the hearing of his ears. Gentiles seek, and his rest

4. But with righteousness shall be glorious. Thall he judge the poor, and II And it shall come to



B maketh the earth empty

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pass in that day, that the .. 16 And there shall be an
Lord shall set his hand again high-way for the remnant of
the second time, to recover his people, which shall be
the remnant of his people left from Assyria, like as it
which shall be left, from Af- was to Ifrael in the day that
fyria, and from Egypt, and he came up out of the land
from Pathros, and from of Egypt.
Cush, and from Elam, and
from Shinar, and from Ha-

math, and from the islands

, of the sea.

12 And he shall set up an and maketh it waste, and ensign for the nations, and turneth it upside down, and shali assemble the outcasts scattereth abroad the inhabiof Israel, and gather to- tants thereof. gether the dispersed of Judah, 2 And it shall be, as with from the four corners of the the people, so with the earth.

priest; as with the servant, 13 The envy also of E- fo with his master; as with phraim shall depart, and the the maid, so with her mif-. adversaries of Judah shall be tress; as with the buyer, so cut off: Ephraim shall not with the seller; as with the envy Judah, and Judah shall lender, so with the borrower; not vex Ephraim.

as with the taker of usury, 14 But they shall Ay upon fo with the giver of usury to the shoulders of the Philif- him. tines toward the west, they 3 The land shall be uttershall spoil them of the eastly emptied, and utterly spoiltogether: they shall lay their ed: for the Lord hath spoken hand upon Edom and Moab, this word. and the children of Ammon 4. The earth mourneth shall obey them.

and fadeth away, the world 15 And the Lord fhall ut- languisheth and fadeth away, terly destroy the tongue of the haughty people of the the Egyptian fea, and with earth do languish. his mighty wind shall he 5 The earth also is defiled shake his hand over the ri. under the inhabitants therever, and shall smite it in the of: because they have transseven streams, and make men gressed the laws, changed the go over dry-thod.

ordinance, broken the ever


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lasting covenant.

15 Wherefore glorify ye 6 'Therefore hath the curse the Lord in the fires, even devoured the earth, and they the name of the Lord God that dwell therein arę deso- of Israel in the isles of the late: therefore the inhabi-fea. tants of the earth are burned, 16 4 From the uttermoft and few men left.

part of the earth have wę 7 The new wine mourn- heard songs, even glory to eth, the vine languisheth, all the rigluteous : but I said, the merry-hearted do figh. My leanness, my leanness,

8 The mirth of tabrets woe unto me! the treacherous ceaseth, the noise of them dealers have dealt treache, that rejoice endeth, the joy roully, yea, the treacherous of the harp ceaseth.

dealers have dealt very trea-9 They shall not drink cherously, wine with a song, strong 17 Fear, and the pit, and drink shall be bitter to them the snare are upon thee, O that drink it.

inhabitant of the earth. 10 The city of confusion 18 And it shall come to is broken down: every house pass, that he who feeth from is shut up,

the noise of the fear, shall fall come in.

into the pit; and he that 11 There is a crying for cometh up out of the midst wine in the streets, áll joy is of the pit, shall be taken in darkened, the mirth of the the fnare: for the windows

from on high are open, and 12 In the city is left dcfo- the foundations of the earth lation, and the gate is finit- do shake. ten with destruction,

19 The earth is utterly 13 When thus it shall broken down, the earth is be in the midst of the land clean disfolyed, the earth is among the people, there hall moved exceedingly. be as the shaking of an olive 20 The earth shall reel to tree, and as the gleaning- and fro like a drunkard, and grapes when the. vintage is shall be removed like a cotdone.

tage, and the transgression 14 They shall lift up their thereof ihall be heavy upon voice, they shall fing for the it, and it shall fall, and not majelty of the Lord, they rise again. tall cry aloud from the sea. 21 And it shall come to


that no man may

land is gone.


pafs in that day, that the terrible ones is as a storm
Lord shall punish the host of against the wall.
the high ones that are :5 Thou shalt bring down
high, and the kings of the the noise of strangers, as the
earth upon the earth. heat in a dry place; even

22 And they shall be ga- the heat with the shadow of
thered together as prisoners a cloud: the branch of the
are gathered in the pit, and terrible ones shall be brought
Thall be shut up in the prison, low.
and after many days shall they 6 And in this mountain
be visited.

shall the Lord of hosts make 23 Then the moon shall unto all people a feast of fat be confounded, and the fun things, a feast of wines on ashamed, when the Lord of the lees, of fat things full of hosts shall reign in mount marrow, of wines on the lees Zion and in Jerusalem, and well refined. before his ancients gloriously. 7 And he will destroy in

this mountain the face of the CHAP. XXV.

covering cast over all peo

OGOR Dilema pleand the weil that is spread

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God, I will exalt thee, over all nations. I will praise thy name; for 8 He will swallow up thou hast done wonderful death in victory, and the įhings; thy counsels of old Lord God will wipe away are faithfulness and truth.

tears from off all faces, and 2 For thou hast made of a the rebuke of his people fhall city, an heap; of a defenced he take away from off all the city, a ruin: a palace of earth: for the Lord hath strangers to be no city, it spoken it. shall never be built.

9 7 And it shall be said in 3. Therefore shall the that day, Lo, this is our God, strong people glorify thee, we have waited for him, and the city of the terrible na- he will save us: this is the tions shall fear thee.

Lord, we have waited for 4. For thou hast been a him, we will be glad and restrength to the poor, a joice in his salvation. strength to the needy in his 10 For in this mountain distress, a refuge from the hall the hand of the Lord storm, a shadow from the rest, and Moab shall be trodacat, when the blast of the den down under him, even

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