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God, ye people of Gomor 18 Come now, and let us rah.

reason together, faith the 11 To what purpose is the Lord : though your fins be multitude of your facrifices as scarlet, they shall be as unto me? faith the Lord : I white as fnow; though they am full of the burnt-offer- be red like crimson, they ings of rams, and the fat of shall be as wool. fed beasts, and I delight not 19 If ye be willing and in the blood of bullocks, or obedient, ye shall eat the good of lambs, or of he-goats. of the land :

12 When ye come to ap 20 But if ye refufe and pear before me, who hath re- rebel, ye shall be devoured quired this at your hand to with the sword: for the tread my courts?

mouth of the Lord hath [po13 Bring no more vain ken it. oblations, incense is an abo 21 How is the faithful mination unto me, the new city become an harlot! it was moons and fabbaths, the cal- full of judgment, righteousling of assemblies I cannotness lodged in it; but now away with, it is iniquity, murderers. even the folemn meeting, 22 Thy silver is become

14 Your new-moons, and dross, thy wine mixed with your appointed feasts my soul water. hateth : they are a trouble 23 Thy princes are reunto me, I am weary to bellious, and companions of bear them.

thieves: every one loveth 15 And when ye spread gifts, and followeth after reforth your hands, I will hide wards: they judge not the famine eyes from you: yea, therless, neither doth the when make many prayers, cause of the widow come I will not hear : your hands unto them. are full of blood.

24 Therefore faith the 16 g Wash ye, make you Lord, the Lord of hosts, the clean, put away the evil of Mighty One of Israel, Ah, I your doings from before mine will ease me of mine advereyes, cease to do evil ;

saries, and avenge me of mine 17 Learn to do well ; seek enemies. judgment, relieve the oppres 259 And I will turn my sed, judge the fatherless, plead hand upon thee, and purely for the widow.

purge away the dross, and



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take away all thy tin.

hills; and all nations shall 26 And I will restore thy Alow unto it. judges as at the first, and thy 3 And many people shall counsellors as at the begin- go and say, Come ye, and ning: afterward thou thaltlet us go up to the mountain be called, The city of righter of the Lord, to the house of ousness, the faithful city. the God of Jacob, and he

27 Zion shall be redeem- will teach us of his ways, ed with judgment, and her and we will walk in his paths; converts with righteousness. for out of Zion shall


forth 28 g And the destruction the law, and the word of the of the tranfgreffors and of Lord from Jerufalem. the finners shall be together, 4 And he shall judge aand they that forsake the mong the nations, and shall Lord shall be consumed.. rebuke many people: and

For they shall be a- they shall beat their swords shamed of the oaks which ye into plow-Ihares, and their have desired, and ye shall be spears into pruning-hooks : confounded for the gardens nation shall not lift up sword that ye have chosen. against nation, neither shall

30 For shall be as an they learn war any more. oak whose leaf fadeth, and as 5 0 house of Jacob, come å garden that hath no water. ye, and let us walk in the

31 And the strong shall be light of the Lord. as tow, and the maker of it 69 Therefore thou hast

a spark, and they shall | forsaken thy people the house both burn together, and of Jacob, because they be renone shall quench them. plenished from the east, and

are foothsayers like the PhiCHAP. II.

listines, and they please themHE word that Isaiah'selves in the children of

the son of Amoz faw, strangers. concerning Judah, and Je Their land also is full rusalemi

of silver and gold, neither is 2 And it shall come to there any end of their treapass in the last days, that the fures: their land is also full mountain of the Lord's house of horses, neither is there any shall established in the end of their chariots. top of the mountains, and 8 Their land also is full shall be exalted above the of idols: they worship the

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work of their own hands, | Lord alone shall be exalted that which their own fingers in that day. have made.

18 And the idols he shall 9 And the mean man utterly abolish. boweth down, and the great 19 And they shall go into man humbleth himfelf: there- the holes of the rocks, and fore forgive them not. into the caves of the earth,

10 q Enter into the rock, for fear of the Lord, and and hide thee in the dust, for for the glory of his majesfear of the Lord, and for the ty, when he ariseth to shake glory of

his majesty. terribly the earth. 11 The lofty looks of 20 In that day a man fhall man shall be humbled, and cast his idols of silver, and the haughtiness of men shall his idols of gold, which they be bowed down, and the made, each one for himself Lord alone shall be exalted to worship, to the moles, and in that day.

to the bats: 12 For the day of the 21 To go into the clefts Lord of hosts mall be upon of the rocks, and into the every one that is proud and tops of the ragged rocks, lofty, and upon every one for fear of the Lord, and for that is lifted up, and he shall the glory of his majesty, be brought low;

when he ariseth to hake 13 And upon all the ce-terribly the earth. dars of Lebanon, that are 22



from man high and lifted up, and upon whose breath is in his nofall the oaks of Bafhan, trils : for wherein is he to be

14 And upon all the high accounted of? mountains, and upon all the

CHAP. V. hills that are lifted up, 15 And upon every

OW will I sing to my tower, and upon every fen well-beloved, a song ced wall,

of my beloved touching his 16 And upon all the ships vineyard : My well-beloved of Tarshish, and upon all hath a vineyard in a very pleasant pictures.

fruitful hill. 17 And the loftiness of 2 And he fenced it, and man shall be bowed down, gathered out the stones thereand the haughtiness of men of, and planted it with the thall be made low: and the choiceft vine, and built a


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tower in the midst of it, and field to field, till there be no
also made a wine-press there- place, that they may
in : and he looked that it ed alone in the midst of the
should bring forth grapes, earth.
and it brought forth wild 9 In mine ears said the

Lord of hofts, Of a truth
3 And now, O inhabi- many houses shall be defo .
tants of Jerusalem, and men late, even great and fair with-
of Judah, judge, I pray you, out inhabitant.
betwixt me and my vine 10 Yea, ten acres of vine-

yard shall yield one bath, 4 What could have been and the seed of an homer shall done more to my vineyard, yield an ephah. that I have not done in it?

Woe unto them that wherefore when I looked rise up early in the morning, that it should bring forth that they may follow strong grapes, brought it forth wild drink, that continue until grapes ?

night, till wine inflame them. 5 And now go to ; I will 12 And the harp, and the tell

you what I will do to my viol, the tabret and pipe, and vineyard; I will take away wine are in their feafts: but the hedge thereof, and it they regard not the work of shall be eaten up: and break the Lord, neither consider down the wall thereof, and the operation of his hands. it shall be trodden down. 139 Therefore my people

6 And I will lay it waste: are gone into captivity, beit shall not be pruned, nor cause they have no knowdigged, but there shall come ledge: and their honourable up briers and thorns: I will men are familhed, and their also command the clouds that multitude dried


with they rain no rain upon it. thirst.

7 For the vineyard of the 14 Therefore hell hath Lord of hosts is the house enlarged herself, and opened of Israel, and the men of her mouth without measure: Judah his pleasant plant: and and their glory, and their he looked for judgment, but multitude, and their pomp, behold, oppression; for right- and he that rejoiceth shall eousness, but behold, a cry. defcend into it.

8 q Woe unto them that 15 And the mean man oin house to house, that lay thall be brought down, and


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the mighty man shall be righteous from him. humbled, and the eyes of the 24. Therefore as the fire lofty shall be humbled. devoureth the stubble, and

16 But the Lord of hosts the flame consumeth the shall be exalted in judgment, chaff, so their root shall be and God that is holy, shall as rottenness, and their blofbe fanctified in righteouf- fom shall go up as dust: beness.

cause they have cast away 17 Then shall the lambs the law of the Lord of hofts, feed after their manner, and and despised the word of the the waste places of the fat Holy One of Israel. ones shall strangers eat. 25 Therefore is the anger

18 Woe unto them that of the Lord kindled against draw iniquity with cords of his people, and he hath vanity, and sin as it were stretched forth his hand awith a cart-rope :

gainst them, and hath fmit19 That say, Let him ten them : and the hills did make speed, and hasten his tremble, and their carcases work, that we may see it : were torn in the midst of the and let the counsel of the Itreets : For all this his anHoly One of Israel draw nigh ger is not turned away, but and come, that we may know his hand is stretched out ftill.

26 g And he will lift up 20 q Woe unto them that an ensign to the nations from call evil good, and good evil; far, and will hiss unto them that put darkness for light, from the end of the earth: and light for darkness; that and behold, they shall come put bitter for sweet, and with speed swiftly. sweet for bitter.

27 None shall be weary 21 Woe unto them that nor stumble among them: are wise in their own eyes, none shall number nor sleep; and prudent in their own neither shall the girdle of fight.

their loins be loosed, nor the 22 Woe unto them that latchet of their shoes be bro. are mighty to drink wine, ken. and men of strength to min 28 Whose arrows gle ftrong drink :

sharp, and all their bows 23 Which juftify the wic-bent, their horses hoofs shall ked for reward, and take a-be counted like fint, and way the righteousness of the their wheels like a whirlwind.


29 Their

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