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God : man knoweth wine with a merry heart: either love or hatred by all for God now accepteth thy that is before them.

works. 2 All things come alike to 8 Let thy garments be all: there is one event to the always white; and let thy righteous, and to the wick- head lack no ointment. ed; to the good, and to the 9 Live joyfully with the clean, and to the unclean; wife whom thou lovest all to him that facrificeth, and to the days of the life of thy vahim that facrificeth not: as nity which he hath given thee is the good, so is the finner; under the sun, all the days of and he that sweareth, as he thy vanity: for that is thy that feareth an oath,

portion in this life, and in thy 3 This is an evil among labour which thou takest unall things that are done under der the fun. the sun, that there is one 10 Whatsoever thy hand event unto all: yea, also the findeth to do, do it with thy heart of the sons of men is might: for there is no work, full of evil, and madness is in nor device, nor knowledge, their heart while they live, nor wisdom, in the grave, and after that they go to the whither thou goeft. dead.

11 I returned, and saw un4 For to him that is der the sun, that the race is joined to all the living there not to the swift, nor the batis hope: for a living dog is tle to the strang, neither yet better than a dead lion. bread to the wise, no: yet

5 For the living know riches to men of understandthat they shall die : but the ing, nor yet favour to men of dead know not any thing, skill: but time and chance neither have they any more happeneth to them all. a reward ; for the memory

12. For man also knoweth of them is forgotten.

not his time: as the fishes 6 Also their love, and their that are taken in an evil hatred, and their envy is now net, and as the birds that are perished ; neither have they caught in the snare : fo are any more a portion for ever the sons of men snared in an in any thing that is done un-evil time, when it falleth sudder the sun.

denly upon them. 7 & Go thy way, eat thy 139 This wisdom have I bread with joy, and drink thy seen also under the sun, and it




gainst it :

seemed great unto me: 4 If the spirit of the ruler

14 There was a little city, rise up against thee, leave not and few men within it; and tby place: for yielding pacithere came a great king a- fieth great offences. gainst it, and besieged it, 5 There is an evil which and built great bulwarks a- I have seen under the sun, as

an error which proceedeth 15 Now there was found from the ruler: in it a poor wise man, and he

6 Folly is set in great by his wisdom delivered the dignity, and the rich fit in city: yet no man remem- low place. bered that same poor man.

7 I have seen servants up16 Then said I, Wisdom on horses, and princes walkis better than strength: ne ing as servants upon the vertheless, the poor man's earth. wisdom is despised, and his 8 He that diggeth a pit words are not heard. shall fall into it; and whoso

17 The words of wise men breaketh an hedge, a serpent are heard in quiet more than Mall bite him. the cry of him that ruleth 9 Whoso removeth stones

shall be hurt therewith : and 18 Wisdom is better than he that cleaveth wood shall weapons of war: but one fin- be endangered thereby. ner destroyeth much good. 10 If the iron be blunt,

and he do not whet the edge, CHAP. X.

then must he put to more EAD flies cause the strength: but wisdom is pro

ointment of the apo- fitable to direct. thecary to send forth a stink II Surely the serpent will ing favour: fo doth a little bite without enchantment; folly him that is in reputa- and a babbler is no better. tion for wisdom and honour. 12 The words of a wife

2 A wise man's heart is man's mouth are gracious : at his right hand; but a but the lips of a fool will fool's heart at his left. swallow up hinself.

3 Yea also, when he that 13 The beginning of the is a fool walketh by the way, words of his mouth is foolhis wisuom faileth him, and ifhness : and the end of his he faith to every one that he talk is mischievous madness. is a fool.

14 A focl also is full of

words :

among fools.


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shall not reap.

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words: a man cannot tell be


the earth. what shall be; and what 3 If the clouds be full of shall be after him, who can rain, they empty themselves tell him ?

upon the earth : and if the 15 The labour of the tree fall toward the south, or foolish wearieth every one of toward the north; in the them, because he knoweth place where the tree falleth not how to go to the city.

there it shall be. 16 & Wo to thee, O land, 4 He that observeth the when thy king is a child, wind shall not sow; and he and thy princes eat in the that regardeth the clouds morning

17 Blessed art thou, O 5 As thou knowest not land, when thy king is the what is the way of the spirit, son of nobles, and thy princes nor how the bones do grow in eat in due season, for strength, the womb of her that is with and not for drunkenness! child ; even so thou knowelt

18 g By much slothfulness not the works of God who the building decayeth; and maketh all. through idleness of the hands 6 In the morning fow thy the house droppeth through. seed, and in the evening with

19 T A feast is made forhold not thine hand: for thou laughter, and wine maketh knoweft not whether shall merry: but moncy answer- profper, either this or that, eth all things.

or whether they both foall be 201 Curse not the king, alike good. no, not in thy thought; and 7 Truly the light is curse not the rich in thy bed sweet, and a pleafant thing it chamber: for a bird of the is for the eyes to behold the air shall carry the voice, and fun: that which hath wings shall

8 But if a man live

many. tell the matter.

years, and rejoice in them all;

yet let him remember the CHAP. XI.

days of darkness; for they VAST thy bread upon the thall be many.

All that waters : for thou shalt cometh is vanity. find it after many days.

9 & Rejoice, O young 2 Give a portion to feven, man, in thy youth, and let and also to eight: for thou thy heart cheer thee in the knoweft not what evil ihall days of thy youth, and walk



in the ways of thy heart, and fand fears fall be in the way in the fight of thine eyes : and the almond-tree thall but know thou, that for all flourish, and the grashopper these things God will bring shall be a burden, and dethee into judgment:

fire shall fail : because man 10 Therefore remove for-goeth to his long home, and row from thy heart, and put the mourners go about the away evil from thy flesh; for streets : childhood and youth are va

6 Or ever the silver cord nity.

be loosed, or the golden bowl

be broken, or the pitcher be CHAP. XII.

broken at the fountain, or the EMEMBER now thy wheel broken at the cistern.

creator in the days of 7 Then shall the dust rethy youth, while the evil days turn to the earth as it was, come not, nor the years draw and the spirit shall return unnigh when thou shalt fay, I to God who gave it. have no pleasure in them; 8 a Vanity of vanities,

2 While the sun, or the faith the Preacher : all is valight, or the moon, or the nity. stars be not darkened, nor 9 And moreover, because the clouds return after the the Preacher was wise, he rain :

still taught the people know3 In the day when the ledge; yea, he gave good keepers of the house shall heed, and sought out, and set tremble, and the strong men in order many proverbs. Thall bow themselves, and the 10 The Preacher fought grinders cease because they to find out acceptable words: are few, and those that look and that which was written out of the windows be dark- was upright, even words of ened,

truth, 4 And the doors shall be 11 The words of the wife thut in the streets, when the are as goads, and as nails found of the grinding is low, fastened by the masters of afand he shall rise up at the femblies, which are given voice of the bird, and all the from one shepherd. daughters of musick shall be 12 And further, by these, brought low:

my son, be admonished: of 5 Alfo when they shall be making many books there is afraid of that which is high, no end, and much study is a


weariness of the flesh.

14 For God shall bring 13 9 Let us hear the con- every work into judgment, clusion of the whole matter: with every secret thing, wheFear God, and keep his ther it be good, or whether it commandments; for this is be evil. the whole duty of man.

From the Book of the Prophet ISAIAH.



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whole head is sick, and the HE vision of Isaiah whole heart faint. the son of Amoz,

6 From the fole of the which he saw concerning Ju-foot even unto the head, there dah and Jerusalem, in the is no soundness in it; but days of Uzziah, Jotham, A-wounds, and bruises, and puhaz, and Hezekiah, kings of trifying fores: they have not Judah.

been closed, neither bound 2 Hear, o heavens, and up, neither mollified with give ear, earth: for the ointment. Lord hath spoken, I have 7 Your country is defonourished and brought up late, your cities are burned children, and they have re- with fire: your land, stranbelled against me.

gers devour it in your pre3 The ox knoweth his sence, and it is defolate as owner, and the ass his maf- overthrown by strangers. ter's crib : but Israel doth not

8 And the daughter of know, my people doth not Zion is left as a cottage in confider.

a vineyard, as a lodge in a 4 Ah sinful nation, a peo- garden of cucumbers, as a ple laden with iniquity, a besieged city: seed of evil doers, children 9 Except the Lord of hosts that are corrupters, they have had left unto us a fery small forsaken the Lord, they have remnant, we should have provoked the Holy One of been as Sodom, and we Israel unto anger, they are should have been like unto gone away backward.

Gomorrah. 5 g Why should ye be 10 g Hear the word of the ftricken any more? ye will Lord, ye rulers of Sodom; revolt more and more : the give ear unto the law of our



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