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12 The

Ir He that loveth pureness the words of truth : that thou of heart, for the grace of his mightest answer the words lips the king ball be his of truth to them that fend fijeud.

unto thee?
of the Lord 22 Rob not the


be preserve knowledge, and he cause he is poor: neither opoverthroweth the words of press the afflicted in the gate : the tranfgreffor.

23 For the Lord will 13 The flothful man faith, plead their cause, and spoil There is a lion without, I shall the soul of those that spoiled be Dain in the streets. them.

14 The mouth of strange 24 Make no friendship women is a deep pit; he with an angry man, and with that is abhorred of the Lord a furious man thou shalt not ihall fall therein.

go: 15 Foolishness is bound

25 Left thou learn his in the heart of a child: but ways, and get a snare to thy the rod of correction shall foui. drive it far from him.

26 Be not thou one of them 16 He that opprefseth the that strike hands, or of them poor to increase his riches, that are sureties for debts. and he that giveth to the rich, 27 If thou haft nothing to Jhall surely come to want. pay, why should he take away

17. Bow down thine ear, thy bed from under thee ? and hear the words of the 28 Remove not the anwise, and apply thine heart cient land-mark which thy unto my knowledge. fathers have set.

18 For it is a pleasant 29 Seeft thou a man dilithing if thou keep them with-gent in his business ? he shall in thee; they fall withal be stand before kings; he shall fitted in thy lips.

not stand before mean men. 19 That thy trust may be

CHAP. XXIII. in the Lord, I have made known to thee this day, even

HEN thou fittest to thee.

to eat with a ruler, 20 Have not I written to consider diligently what is thee excellent things in coun- before thee : sels and knowledge,

2 And put a knife to thy 2i That I might make throat, if thou be a man given thee know the certainty of to appetite.




Be not dersious of his ver his soul from hell. dainties : for they are de 15 My fonu, if thine heart ceitful meat.

be wise, my heart shall re4 Labour not to be rich:joice, even mine. cease from thine own wife 16 Yea, my reins shall redom.

joice, when thy lips speak 5 Wilt thou set thine eyes right things. upon

that which is not for 17 Let not thine heart enriches certainly make them- vy sinners : but be thou in selves wings; they fly away the fear of the Lord all the as an eagle toward heaven. day long :

6 Eat thou not the bread 18 For furely there is an of him that hath an evil eye, end ; and thine expectation neither desire thou his dainty shall not be cut off. meats:

19 Hear thou, my son, 7 For as he thinketh in and be wise, and guide thine his heart, fo is he: Eat and heart in the

way. drink, faith he to thee; but 20 Be not amongst winehis. heart is not with thee. bibbers ; amongst tiotous

8 The morsel which thou eaters of flesh : haft eaten shalt thou vomit 21 For the drunkard and up, and lose thy sweet words. the glutton hall come to po

9 Speak not in the ears of verty: and drowsiness shall a fool : for he will despise the clothe a man with rags. wisdom of thy words.

22 Hearken unto thy fa10 Remove not the old ther that begat thee, and defa land-mark : and enter not in- pise not thy mother when the to the fields of the fatherleis : l is old.

II For their Redeemer is 23 Buy the truth, and fell mighty: he shall plead their it not; also wisdom, and incause with thee.

struction, and understand12 Apply thine heart unto ing. instruction, and thine ears to 24 The father of the the words of knowledge. righteous fhall greatly re

13 With-hold not correc-joice: and he that begetteth tion from the child : for, if a wise child shall have joy of thou beatest him with the him. rod, he shall not die :

25 Thy father and thy 14 Thou shalt beat him mother shall be glad, and she with the rod, and shalt deli- that bare thee shall rejoice.

26 My

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26 My son, give me thine heart, and let thine


eyes serve my ways:

E not thou envious 27 For a

against evil men, neiditch : and a strange woman ther desire to be with them ; is a narrow pit.

2 For their heart studieth 28 She also lieth in wait destruction, and their lips as for a prey, and increaseth talk of mischief. the tranfgreffors among men. 3 Through wisdom is an

29 Who hath woe? who house builded ; and by unhath forrow? who hath con- derstanding it is establishtentions ? who hath bab-ed: bling? who hath wounds 4. And by knowledge shall without cause ? who hath the chambers be filled with redness of eyes?

all precious and pleasant 30 They that tarry long riches. at the wine, they that go to 5 A wise man is strong : seek mixed wine.

yea, a man of knowledge in 31 Look not thou upon creaseth strength. the wine when it is red, when 6 For by wife counsel it giveth his colour in the thou shalt make thy war : cup, when it moveth itself and in multitude of counsel

lers there is safety. 32 At the last it biteth like 7 Wisdom is too high for a ferpent, and stingeth like a fool: he openeth not his an adder.

mouth in the gate. 33 Thine eyes shall be 8 He that deviseth to do hold strange women, and evil shall be called a mischieve thine heart ihallutter perverse ous person. things.

9 The thought of foolish34 Yea, thou shalt be as ness is fin: and the scorner he that lieth down in the is an abomination to men. midst of the sea, or as he that 10 If thou faint in the day lieth upon the top of a mast. of adversity, thy strength is

35 They have stricken small. me, shalt thou say, and I was 11 If thou forbear to denot' fick : they have beaten liver them that are drawn unme, and I felt it not: when to death, and those that are fhall I awake? I will seek it ready to be flain ; yet again,

12 If thou sayest, Behold,


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we knew it not: doth not he 21 My son, fear thou the
that pondereth the heart con- Lord, and the king : and
sider it? and he that keepeth meddie not with them that
thy soul, doth not he know are given to change :
it? and shall not he render to 22 For their calamity shall
every man according to his rise fuddenly ; and who

knoweth the ruin of them
13 My son, eat thou ho- both ?
ney, because it is good; and 23 These thing's also belong
the honey-comb, which is to the wise, It is not good to
fweet to thy taste :

have relpect of persons in 14 So hall the knowledge judgment. of wisdom be unto thy foul : 24. He that faith unto the when thou hast found it, then wicked, Thou art righteous, there shall be a reward, and himn shall the people curse, thy expectation shall not be nations thall abhor him: cut off.

25 But to them that re15 Lay not wait, O wicked buke him shall be delight, and man, against the dwelling of a good bleffing fhall come the righteous; spoil not his upon them. resting-place :

26 Every man shall kiss 16 For a just man falleth his lips that giveth a right feven times; and riseth up answer. again: but the wicked shall 27 Prepare thy work withfall into mischief.

out, and make it fit for thy17 Rejoice not when thine self in the field; and afterenemy falleth, and let not wards build thine house. thine heart be glad when he 28 Be not a witness a. stumbleth:

gainst thy neiglıbour without 18 Left the Lord fee it, caufe ; and deceive not with and it difplease him, and he thy lips. turn away his wrath from 29 Say not, I will do fo to him.

him as he hath done to me: 19 Fret not thyself be- I will render to the man cause of evil men, neither be according to his work. thou envious at the wicked : 30 I went by the field of

20 For there shall be no the flothful; and by the vinereward to the evil man; the yard of the man void of un- ' candle of the wicked shall be derstanding;

31 And lo, it was all 4


put out,





grown over with thorns, and great men : nettles had covered the face


For better it is that it be thereof, and the stone wall said unto thee, Come up hithereof was broken down. ther ; than that thou should

32 Then I saw, and con- est be put lower in the presidered it well : I looked fence of the prince whom upon it, and received instruc- thine eyes have seen. tion.

8 g Go not forth hastily 33 Yet a little sleep, a lit- to strive, left thou know, not tle flumber, a little folding of what to do in the end therethe hands to sleep :

of, when thy neighbour hath 34 So shall thy poverty put thee to shame. come as one that travelleth, 9 Debate thy cause with and thy want as an armed thy neighbour himself; and

discover not a secret to anoCHAP. XXV.

10 Left he that heareth it HESE are also pro- put thee to shame, and thine

verbs of Solomon, infamy turn not away. which the men of Hezekiah II A word fitly spoken is king of Judah copied out. like apples of gold in pictures

2. It is the glory of God of silver, to conceal a thing : but the 12 As an ear-ring of gold, honour of kings is to search and ornament of fing Qut a matter.

gold, fo is a wise reprover 3 The heaven for height, upon an obedient ear. and the earth for depth, and 13 As the cold of snow in the heart of kings is un- the time of harvest, fo is a searchable.

faithful messenger to them 4 Take away the drofs that sent him for he refrom the silver, and there fresheth the soul of his masa fhall come forth a vessel for ters. the finer :

14 Whoso boasteth him5 5. Take away the wicked self of a false gift, is like from before the king, and his clouds and wind without throne shall be established in rain. righteousness.

15 By long forbearing is 6 Put not forth thyself in a prince persuaded, and a soft the presence of the king, and tongue breaketh the bone. kand not in the place of 16 Hast thou found ho



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