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for in thy fight shall no man loul out of trouble. living be justified.

12 And of thy mercy cut 3 For the enemy hath off mine enemies, and de persecuted my foul: he hath Itroy all them that afflict my fmitten my life, down to the souli: for I am thy fervant. ground: he hath made me to dwell in darkness, as those

PSALM CXLIV. that have been long dead." LESSED be the Lord

4. Therefore is my spirit my strength, which overwhelmed within me: my teacheth my hands to war, heart within me is defolate: and my fingers to fight.

5 I reinember the days of 2 My goodness, and my old; I meditate on all thy fortrefs; my high tower, works; I mufe on the work and my deliverer ; my shield, of thy hands.

and be in whom I truft ; 6 I stretch forth my hands who subdueth my people ununto thee: my soul thirsteth der me. after thee as a thirty land. 3 Lord, what is man, that Selah.

thou' takest knowledge of Hear me speedily, 0 him? or the son of man, Lord :

my spirit faileth that thou makest account of hide not thy face from me, him? left I be like unto them that 4. Man is like to vanity : go down into the pit.

his dayare as a shadow that 8 Cause me to hear thy passeih away. loving-kindness in the morn 5. Bow thy heavens, O ing; for in thee do I truft: Lord, and come down touch cause me to know the way the mountains, and they shall wherein. I should walk; for smoke. I lift-up my soul unto thee. 6 Cast forth lightning,

9. Deliver me, O Lord, and scatter them: Thoot out from mine enemies: I fiee thine arrows, and destroy unto thee to hide me.

them. 10 Teach me to do thy 7. Send thine hand from will; for thou art my (od: above; rid me and deliver thy {pirit is good; leads me ne out of great waters, from into the land of uprightness. the hand of strange chil.

II Quicken me, O Lord, 4 dren; for thy name's fake: for thy 8 Whose mouth fpeaketh righteoufnefs fake bring my vanity, and their right hand


is a right hand of falfhood. thy name for ever and ever.

9 I will fing a new fong 2 Every day will I bless unto thee, O God: upon thee: and I will praise thy a psaltery, and an instrument name for ever and ever. of ten strings will I fing 3 Great is the Lord, and praises unto thee.

greatly to be praised: and 10. It is he that giveth his greatness is unfearch salvation unto kings : who able. delivereth David his fervant

4. One generation shall from the hurtful sword.

praise thy works to another, II. Rid me, and deliver and thall declare thy mighty me from the hand of strange acts. children, whose mouth speak 5 I will speak of the glo eth vanity, and their right rious honour of thy majesty, hand is a right hand of false- and of thy wondrous works. hood:

6 And men thall speak of 12 That our fons may be the might of thy terrible as plants grown up in their acts: and I will declare thy youth : that our daughters greatness. may be as corner-stones pois 2.7 They shall abundantly lished after the similitude of utter the memory of thy a palace :

great goodness, and shall fing 13 That our garners may of thy righteoufness. be full, affording all manner 8 'The Lord is gracious, of store ; that our sheep may and full of compaffion; flow bring forth thousands and ten to anger, and of great mercy. thousands in our streets : 9 The Lord is good to

14 That our oxen may be all: and his tender mercies strong to labour; that there are over all his works. be no breaking in, nor going 10 All thy works shall out; that there be. no-com- praise thee, O Lord, and plaining in our streetse, thy faints tńall bless thee.

15 Happy is that people 11 They shall speak of that is in such a case: yea, the glory of thy kingdom, happy is that people whole and talk of thy power ; God is the Lord.

12 To make known to

cathe sons of men his mighty PSALM CXLV.

Bracts, and the glorious maI Will extol thee; my God, jesty of his kingdom. O Kingand I will bless 13 Thy kingdom is an

everlasting kingdom, and thy :3 Put not your trust in dominion endureth through- princes, nor in the fon of out all generations. man, in whom there is no

14. The Lord upholdeth help. all that fall, and raiseth up all 4 His breath goeth forth, those that be bowed down. he returneth to his earth: in

15 The eyes of all wait that very day his thoughts upon thee; and thou giveft perish. them their meat in due sea 5 Happy is be that hath fon.

the God of Jacob for his 16 Thou openest thine help, whose hope is in the hand, and satisfieft the desire Lord his God i of every living thing.

6 Which made heaven and 17 The Lord is righteous earth, the sea and all that in all his ways, and holy in therein is : which keepeth all his works,

truth for ever : 18 The Lord is nigh un 7 Which executeth judgto all them that call upon ment for the oppressed, which him, to all that call upon giveth food to the hungry. him in truth.

The Lord looseth the pri19 He will fulfil the de- foniers : fire of them that fear him : 8 The Lord openeth the he also will hear their cry, eyes of the blind; the Lord and will save them.

raiseth them that are bowed 20 The Lord preserveth down: the Lord loveth the all them that love him: but righteous. all the wicked will he de 9 The Lord preserveth stroy.

the strangers, he relieveth 21 My mouth shall speak the fatherless and widow: the praise of the Lord; and but the way of the wicked he let all Aesh bless his holy turneth upside down. name for ever and ever. 10 The Lord shall reign PSALM CXLVI.

for ever, even thy God,

Zion, into all generations.
RAISE ye the Lord.
Praife the Lord, O my

Praise ye the Lord.

PSALM CXLVII. 2 While I live will I praise the Lord; I will sing praises RAISE ye the Lord: unto my God while I have

for it is good to sing any being.

praises unto our God, for it Aa 2


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is pleasant, and praise is ened the bars of thy gates : somely.

he hath blessed thy children 2 The Lord doth build up within thee. Jerusalem : he gathereth to 14 He maketh peace in gether the outcasts of Il- thy borders, and filleth thee rael.

with the fineft of the wheat. 3 He healeth the broken

15 He fendeth forth his in heart, and bindeth up their commandment upon earth : wounds.

his word runneth

very 4 He telleth the number swiftly. of the stars; he calleth them

16 He giveth fnow like all by their names.

wool: he scattereth the hoar5 Great is our Lord, and frost like ashes. of great power : his under 17 He cafteth forth his standing is infinite.

ice like morsels: who can 6 The Lord lifteth up the stand before his cold? meek: he casteth the wicked 18 He sendeth out his down to the ground. word, and 'melteth them; he

7 Sing unto the Lord with caufeth bis wind to blow, and thanksgiving : fing praises the waters flow. upon the harp unto our God.


He theweth his word 8 Who covereth the hea- unto Jacob, his statutes and ven with clouds, who prepa- his judgments unto Ifrael. reth rain for the earth, who 20 He hath not dealt fe maketh grafs to grow upon with any nation : and as for the mountains.

his judgments, they have not 9 He giveth to the beast known them. Praise the his' food, and to the young Lord. ravens which cry. 10 He delighteth not in

PSALM CXLVIII. the strength of the horse: he RAISE


the Lord. taketh not pleasure in the legs of a man.

the heavens : praife him in • 1 The Lord taketh plea- the heights. fure in them that fear him, in 2 Praise ye him, all his anthose that hope in his mercy. gels : praise ye, him, all his

12 Praise the Lord, O Je-hosts. rusalem ; praise thy God, o 3 Praise ye him, fun and Zion.

moon : praise him, all ye stars 13 For he hath Arength of light.

4 Praise

that be above the heavens.. PRAISE ve the Lord;

4 Praise him, ye heavens

PSALM CXLIX. of heavens, and ye waters


the sing unto a name of the Lord: for her new song, and his praise in commanded, and they were the congregation of saints. created.

2 Let Ifrael rejoice in him 6 He hath also stablished that made him : let the them them for ever and ever: children of Zion be joyful in he hath made a decree which their King. shall not pass,

3 Let them praise his 7 Praise the Lord from name in the dance, let them the earth, ye dragons, and all sung praises unto him with deeps : )

the timbrel and harp, tu..8 Fire and hail : snow 4. For the Lord taketh

and vapour : stormy wind pleasure in his people: he will fulfilling his word; beautify the meek with fala

9 Mountains, and all hills;vation. fruitful trees, and all cedars; .5 Lèt the faints be joyful

10 Beasts and all cattle; in glory: let them fing aloud creeping things, and flying upon their beds. II Kings of the earth, and


RAISE ye the Lord. judges of the earth;

12 Both young men and tuary: praise him in the firm maidens ; old men and chil-mament of his power.

2 Praise him for his mighty 13 Let them praise the acts: praise him according name of the Lord; for his to his excellent greatness. name alone is excellent; his 3 Praise him with the glory is above the earth and sound of the trumpet : praise heaven.

him with the psaltery and 14 He also exalteth the harp. horn of his people, the praise 4 Praise him with the of all his faints; even of the timbre! and dance :' praise children of Israel, a people him with stringed inftrunear unto him. Praise ye ments and organs. the Lord,

5 Praise him upon the



all people, princes, and all P Praile God in his fanc


Aa 3

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