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T the Lord hath spoken,

after him.

I will testify against thee: I 18 Though while he lived, am God, even thy God, he blefied his soul: and men 8 I will not reprove thee will praise thee, when thou for thy sacrifices, or thy burntdoeft well to thyself. offerings to have been conti

19 He shall go to the ge- nually before me. neration of his fathers, they 9 I will take no bullock shall never see light. out of thy house, nor he-goats

20 Man that is in honour, out of thy folds. and understandeth not, is 10 For every beast of the like the beasts that perish. forest is mine, and the cattle

upon a thousand hills. Psalm L.

11 I know all the fowls of

the mountains : and the wild HE mighty God, even beasts of the field are mine,

12 If I were hungry, I and called the earth, from would not tell thee, for the the rising of the sun unto the world is mine, and the fulness going down thereof.

thereof. 2 Out of Zion, the per 13 Will I eat the flesh of fection of beauty, God hath bulls, or drink the blood of Thined. 3 Our God shall come,

unto God and shall not keep silence: a thanksgiving, and pay thy fire shall devour before him, vows unto the most High. and it shall be very tempef 15 And call upon me in: tuous round about him.

the day of trouble ; I will de4 He shall call to the hea- liver thee, and thou shalt vens from above, and to the glorify me. earth, that he may judge his 16 But unto the wicked people.

God faith, What haft thou 5 Gather my faints toge- to do to declare my statutes, ther unto me: those that have or that thou shouldest take my made a covenant with me by covenant in thy mouth? facrifice.

17 Seeing thou hatest in6 And the heavens shall ftruction, and castest my declare his righteousness : for words behind thee. God is judge himself. Selah. -18 When thou fawest a

7 Hear, O my people, and thief, then thou confentedit I will speak; o Ifrael, and with him, and haft been par


goats ?

14 Offer

Y a

taker with adulterers. evil in thy fight : that thou

19 Thou givest thy mouth mightest be justified when to evil, and thy tongue thou speakest, and be clear frameth deceit.

when thou judgeft. 20 Thou fittest and speak 5 Behold, I was shapen in est against thy brother; thou iniquity; and in fin did my flanderest thine own mother's mother conceive me. fon.

6 Behold, thou defirest 21 These things hast thou truth in the inward parts : done, and I kept silence : thou and in the hidden part thou thoughtest that I was altoge- fhalt make me to know wifther such an one as thyself: dom. but I will reprove thee, and 7 Purge me with hyssop, fet them in order before thine and I shall be clean: wash eyes.

me, and I shall be whiter than 22 Now consider this, ye snow, that forget God, left I tear 8 Make me to hear joy you in pieces, and there be and gladness: that the bones none to deliver.

which thou hast broken may 23 Whoso offereth praise, rejoice. glorifieth me: and to him

9 Hide thy face from my that ordereth his conversation fins; and blot out all mine aright, will I shew the falva- iniquities. tion of God.

1o Create in me a clean PSALM LI.

heart, O God; and renew

a right spirit within me. AVE mercy upon me,

ii Caft me not away from O God, according to thy presence; and take not thy loving kindness : accord thy holy spirit from me. ing unto the multitude of thy 12 Rettore unto me the tender mercies blot out my joy of thy falvation : and uptransgressions.

hold me with thy free spirit. 2 Wash me throughly 13

Then will I teach transfrom mine iniquity, and gressors thy ways, and sinners cleanse me from my fin. Thall be converted unto thee,

3 For I acknowledge my Deliver me from bloodtranfgreffions: and my sin is guiltiness, O God, thou God ever before me.

of my falvation : and my 4 Against thee, thee only tongue shall fing aloud of have I linned, and done this thy righteousness.

15 O Lord,



15 O Lord, open thou my, iniquity no knowledge? who lips, and my mouth shall shew eat up my people as they eat forth thy praise.

bread; they have not called 16 For thou desirest not upon God. facrifice, else would I give it : 5 There were they in thou delightest not in burnt-great fear, where no fear was: offering,

for God hath scattered the 17 The facrifices of God bones of him that encampeth are a broken spirit: a broken against thee, thou hast put and a contrite heart, O God, them to shame, because God thou wilt not despise.

hath despised them. 18 Do good in thy good 6 0 that the salvation of pleasure unto Zion: build Israel were come out of Zion! thou the walls of Jerusalem. when God bringeth back the

19 Then shalt thou be captivity of his people, Jacob
pleased with the sacrifices of Ihall rejoice, and Israel shall
righteousness, with burnt- be glad.
offering, and whole burnt-

offering : then
offer bullocks

E merciful unto me, altar.


soul trusteth in Psalm LIII.


: yea, in the shadow of HE fool hath said in thy wings will I make my re

his heart, There is no fuge, until these calamities be God; corrupt are they, and overpast. have done abominable ini 2 I will cry unto God quity: there is none that do- most high: unto God that eth good.

performeth all things for me. 2 God looked down from


He shall send from heaheaven upon the children of ven, and save me from the remen, to see if there were any proach of him that would that did understand, that did swallow me up; Selah. God seek God.

shall send forth his mercy and 3 Every one of them is his truth. gone back, they are altoge 4 My soul is among lions, ther become filthy; there is and I lie even among them none that doeth good, no not that are set on fire, even the

sons of inen, whose teeth ure 4 Have the workers of spears and arrows, and their

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tongue a sharp sword.

4 They only consult to 5 Be thou exalted, O God, cast him down from his exabove the heavens : let thy cellency, they delight in lies: glory be above all the earth. they bless with their mouth,

6. They have prepared a but they curse inwardly. net for my steps, my foul is, Selah. bowed down : they have dige 5 My soul, wait thou only ged a pit before me, into the upon God: for my expectamidst whereof they are fallen tion is from him. themselves. Selah.

6 He only is my rock and 7 My heart is fixed, O my salvation ; be is my deGod; my heart is fixed: I. fence; I shall not be moved. will fing and give praise. 7 In God is my salvation 8 Awake up my glory, and my glory: the rock of

, awake plaltery and harp: I my strength, and my refuge myself will awake early. is in God.

I will praise thee, O 8 Trust in him at all times; Lord, among the people: Iye people, pour out your heart will sing unto thee among before him: God is a refuge the nations.

Selah. 10 For thy mercy is great

9 Surely men of low deunto the heavens, and thy gree are vanity, and men of truth unto the clouds. high degree are a lie: to be

II Be thou exalted, Olaid in the balance, they are God, above the heavens: let altogether lighter than vanity. thy glory be above all the 10 Trust not inoppreffion, earth.

and become not vain in robPSALM LXII.

bery: If riches increase, set

not your heart upon them. RULY my soul wait ií God hath spoken once ;

for us.

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him cometh my falvation.

power belongeth unto God. 2 He only is my rock and 12 Also unto thee, O Lord, my falvation: he'is my de- belongeth mercy : for thou fence; I shall not be greatly renderest to every man acnoved.

cording to his work. 3 How long will ye imagine mischief against a man?

PSALM LXIII. Te shall be slain all of

you : as a bowing wall Mall ye be, GOD, thou art my And as a tottering fence.

early I seek


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thee: my soul thirsteth for we shall be satisfied with the
thee, niy fie ih longeth for goodness of thy house, even of
thee in a dry and thirsty land, thy holy temple.
where no water is :

5 By terrible things in 2 To see thy power and righteousness wilt thou an. thy glory, so as I have seen Twer us, O God of our salthee in the sanctuary.

vation : who art the confi. 3 Because thy loving kind dence of all the ends of the. nels is better than life, my earth, and of them that are lips shall praise thee. afar off upon the sea.

4 Thus will I bless thee 6 Which by his strength while I live : I will lift up setteth fast the mountains ; my hands in thy name. being girded with power.

5 My soul shall be satisfied 7 Which stilleth the noise as with marrow and fatness; of the seas, the noise of and my mouth shall praise their waves, and the tumult ihee with joyful lips :

of the people. 6 When I remember thee 8 They also that dwell in upon my bed, and medi- the uttermost parts are afraid tate on thee in the night- at thy tokens: thou makelt watches.

the out-goings of the morn7 Because thou haft been ing and evening to rejoice. my help ; therefore in the

Thou visitest the earth, shadow of thy wings will I and waterest it: thou greatly rejoice.

enrichest it with the river of

God, which is full of water :* PSALM LXV.

thou preparest them corn, RAISE waiteth for thee, when thou haft so provided

O God, in Sicn: and for it. unto thee shall the vow be Thou watereft the performed.

ridges thereof abundantly : 20 thou that hearest thou settleft the furrows prayer, unto thee shall all thereof: thou makes it soft fesh come.

with showers, thou blefielt 3 Iniquities prevail against the springing thereof. me: as for our transgressions, II Thou crownest the thou shalt purge them away. year with thy goodness, and

4 Blessed is the man whom thy paths drop fatness. thou chooseít, and causest to 12 They drop upon the approach unto thee, that he the pastures of the wilderhę may dwell in thy courts : 'nefs : and the little hills re




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