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er, as all



not deliver him unto the will tegrity, and settest me before 318 SACRED EXTRACT

fumed by the blow of thine me, he speaketh vanity: his hand.

heart gathereth iniquity to 11 When thou with re- itself, when he goeth'abroad, bukes doit correct man for he telleth it. iniquity, thou makeft his 7 All that hate me whis. beauty to consume away like per together against me: aa moth : surely every man is gainst me do they devise my vanity. Selah.

hurt. 12 Hear my prayer,

0 8 An evil disease, say they, Lord, and give ear unto my cleaveth fast unto him: and cry, hold not thy peace at now that he lieth, he shall my tears : for I am a strang- rise up no more. er with thee, and a sojourn 9 Yea, mine own familiar


fathers friend, in whom I trusted, 13 ( [pare me, that I which did eat of my bread, may recover strength, before hath lift up his heel against I go hence, and be no more. Psal. XLI.

10 But thou, O Lord, be

merciful unto me, and raise LESSED is he that

me up, that I may requite confidereth the poor ; them. the Lord will deliver him in 11 By this I know that time of trouble.

thou favourest me, because 2 The Lord will preserve, mine enemy doth not trihim, and keep him alive, and umph over me. he shall be blessed upon the

12 And as for me, thou the earth; and thou wilt upholdest me in mine inof his enemies.

thy face for ever. 3 The Lord will strength

13 Blessed be the Lord en him upon the bed of lan- God of Israel, from everguishing thou wilt make lasting, and to everlasting. all his bed in his fickness.



amen, 4 I said, Lord, be merciful unto me; heal my soul,

Psal. XLII. for I have sinned against thee. S the hart panteth after

5 Mine enemies speak evil the water-brooks, so of me: When shall he die, panteth my soul after thee, and his name perish? O Gød. 6 And if he come to see 2 My soul thirstethi for

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God, for the living God: gotten me? why go I mournwhen shall I come and ap- ing because of the oppression pear before God?

of the enemy? 3 My tears have been my 10 As with a sword in my meat day and night, while bones, mine enemies rethey continually say unto me, proach me: while they say Where is thy God?

daily unto me, Where is thiy 4 When I remember these God? things, I pour out my soul 11 Why art, thou east in me; for I had gone with down, O my

soul? and why the multitude, I went with art thou disquieted within them to the house of God; me? hope thou in God, for with the voice of joy and I shall yet praise him, whe praise, with a multitude that is the health of my countekept holy-day.

nance, and my God. 5. Why art thou cast down,

PSAL. XLIII. O my soul? and why art thou disquieted in me? hope UDGE


O God, thou in God, for I shall yet and my cause praise him for the help of gainst an ungodly nation ; his countenance.

O deliver me from the de6 O my God, my soul is ceitful and unjust man. cast down within me: there 2 For thou art the God fore will I remember thee of my strength, why dost from the land of Jordan, and thou cast me off? why go I of the Hermonites, from the mourning because of the ophill Mizar.

pression of the enemy? 7 Deep calleth unto deep 3 ( send out thy light: at the noise of thy water- and thy truth; let them lead spouts : all thy waves and me, let them bring me unto thy billows are gone over thy holy hill, and to thy ta

bernacles. 8 Yet the Lord will com


Then will I go unto the mand his loving kindness in altar of God, unto God the day-time, and in the my exceeding joy: yea, upon night his song mall be with the harp will 1 praise thee, me, and my prayer unto the O God, my God. God of my life.

5 Why art thou cast down, 9. I will say unto God mylo my soul? and why arç rock, Why 'halt thou for- thou disquieted within me? ...




hope in God, for I shall

8 All thy garments smell yet praise him, who is the of myrrh, and aloes, and health of my countenance, caflia; out of the ivory paånd my God.

laces, whereby they have PSAL. XLV.

made thee glad.

9 Kings' daughters were Y heart is inditing a among thy honourable wo

good matter : I speak men: upon thy right hand of the things which I have did stand the queen in gold made touching the king : of Ophir. my tongue is the pen of a 10 Hearken, daughter, teady writer.

and consider, and incline E 2 Thou art fairer than thine ear; forget also thine the children of men: grace own people, and thy father's is poured into thy lips : house. therefore God hath bleiled II So shall the king thee for ever.

greatly desire thy beauty: fór 3 Gird thy sword upon he is thy lord, and worship thy thigh, Omost mighty: thou him. with thy glory and thy ma 12 And the daughter of jesty.

Tyre shall be there with a 4. And in thy majesty ride gift, even the rich among prosperously, because of truth the people shall intreat thy and meekness, and righteouf- favour. Mess: and thy right hand 13 The king's daughter shall teach thee terrible is all glorious within; her things.

clothing is of wrought gold. 5 Thine arrows are sharp 14 She shall be brought In the heart of the king's unto the king in raiment of énemies; whereby the peo- needle-work : the virgins ple fall under thee.

her companions that follow 6 Thy throne, O God; is her, shall be brought unto for ever and ever: the scep-thee. tre of thy kingdom is a right 15 With gladness and rea fceptre.

joicing Mall they be brought: ng Thou loveft righteous- they shall enter into the nels, and hatest wickedness: king's palace. therefore God, thy God hath 16 Instead of thy father's anointed thee with the oil of shall be thy children, whom gladness above thy fellows. thou mayest make princes in




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all the earth.

tions he hath made in the 17 I will make thy name earth. to be remembered in all

9 He maketh wars

to nerations : therefore shall the cease unto the end of the people praise thee for ever earth, he breaketh the bow, and ever.

and cutteth the spear in fun

der, he burneth the chariot PSALM XLVI.

in the fire.

to Be still, and know that OD is our refuge and I am God: I will be exalted J strength, a very pre- among the heathen, I will sent help in trouble.

be exalted in the earth. 2 Therefore will not we 11 The Lord of hosts is fear, though the earth be re- with us, the God of Jacob moved, and though the is our refuge. Selah. mountains be carried into the midst of the fea.

PSALM XLVII. 3 Though the waters there

Clap your hands, all of roar, and be troubled,

ye people, shout unto though the mountains shake God with the voice of triwith the swelling thereof. umph : Selah.

2 For the Lord most high 4. There is a river, the is terrible; he is a great King streams whereof shall make over all the earth. glad the city of God: the 3 He shall subdue the holy place of the tabernacles people under us, and the of the most High.

nations under our feet. 5 God is in the midst of 4 He shall choose our inher; she shall not be moved: heritance for us, the excelGod shall help her, and that lency of Jacob whom he right early.

loved. Selah. 6 The heathen raged, the 5 God is gone up with a kingdoms were moved : he shout, the Lord with the uttered his voice, the earth sound of a trumpet. melted.

6 Sing praises to God, The Lord of hosts is fing praises : fing praises unwith us, the God of Jacob to our King, sing praises. is our refuge. Selah.

7 For God is the King of 8 Come, behold the works all the earth, fing ye praises of the Lord, what desola- with understanding.


8 God

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8 God reigneth over the for ever, and not see corrupheathen: God fitteth upon tion. the throne of his holiness. 10 For he feeth that wife

9 The princes of the peo- men die, likewise the fool ple are gathered together, and the brutish person peeven the people of the God rish, and leave their wealth of Abrahain : for the shields to others. of the earth belong unto 11 Their inward thought God: he is greatly exalted. is, that their houses shall con

tinue for ever, and their PSALM XLIX.

dwelling-places to all gene

rations; they call their lands EAR this, all ye peo- after their own names.


12 Nevertheless, man behabitants of the world : ing in honour, abideth not:

2 Both low and high, he is like the beasts that perich and poor together. rilh..

3 My month shall speak 13 This their way is their of wisdom: and the medita- folly; yet their posterity aption of my heart shall be of prove their sayings.

Sea understanding.

lah. 4 I will incline mine ear 14 Like sheep they are to a parable ; I will open my laid in the grave, death fall dark faying upon the harp. feed on them; and the up

5 Wherefore should I fear right shall have dominion in the days of evil, when the over them in the morning, iniquity of my heels shall and their beauty shall concompaís me about?

fume in the grave, from 6 They that trust in their their dwelling, wealth, and boast themselves 15 But God will redeem in the multitude of their my soul from the power of riches :

the grave; for he shall re7 None of them can by ceive me. Selah. any means redeeem his bro 16 Be not thou afraid ther, nor give to God a ran- when one is made rich, som for, him:

when the glory of his house 8 (For the redemption of is increased. their fou is precious, and it 17 For when he dieth, he ceaseth for ever.)

fhall carry nothing away : 9 That he should still live his glory shall not descend,


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