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the fish of the fea, and what- / rael shall be glad.
foever passeth through the
paths of the sea.

PSALM XY. 9 O Lord our Lord, how excellent is thy name in all in thy tabernacle? who the earth.

shall dwell in thy holy hill?

2 He that walketh upPSALM XIV.

rightly, and worketh righteHE fool hath said in ousness, and speaketh the

his heart, There is truth in his heart. no God: they are corrupt, 3 He that backbiteth not they have done abominable with his tongue, nor doeth works, there is none that evil to his neighbour, nor doeth good.

taketh up a reproach against 2. The Lord looked down his neighbour. from heaven upon the chil 4 In whose eyes a vile dren of men ; to see if there person is contemned: but were any that did understand, he honoureth them that fear and seek God,

the Lord.: he that sweareth 3 They are all gone afide, to his own hurt, and changthey are all together become eth not. Althy : there is none that 5 He that putteth not out doeth good, o not one. his money to usury, nor

4 Have all the workers taketh reward against the inof iniquity no knowledge ? nocent. He that doeth these who eat up my people as things, shall never be moved. they eat bread, and call not

PSALM XVI. 5 There were they in Reserve me, O God : great fear : for God is in

for in thee do I put the generation of the righte- my trust.

2 O my foul, thou hast 6 Ye have fhamed the said unto the Lord, Thou counsel of the poor ; because art my Lord: my goodness the Lord is his refuge. extendeth not to thee :

70 that the salvation of 3 But to the saints that Ifrael were come out of Zion! are in the earth, and to the when the Lord bringeth back excellent, in whom is all the captivity of his people, my delight. Jacob fhall rejoice, and if 4. Their farrows shall be

upon the Lord?

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multiplied, that hasten after deliverer : my God, my another god : their drink- strength, in whom I will trust, offerings of blood will I not my buckler, and the horn of offer, nor take up their my salvation, and my high names into my lips.

tower. 5 The Lord is the por 3 I will call upon the tion of mine inheritance, Lord, who is worthy to be and of my cup: thou main- praised : fo shall I be saved taineft my lot.

from mine enemies. 6 The lines are fallen 4 The sorrows of death unto me in pleasant places; compassed me, and the floods yea, I have a goodly heri- of ungodly men made me tage.

afraid. 7 I will bless the Lord, 5 The sorrows of hell who hath given me counsel : compassed me about: the my reins also instruct me in snares of death prevented the night-seasons.

8 I have fet the Lord al 6 In my distress I called ways before me : because he

upon the Lord, and cried is at my right hand, I shall unto my God: he heard my not be moved.

voice out of his temple, and 9.

9. Therefore my heart is my cry came before him, glad, and my glory rejoiceth: even into his ears. my flesh also shall rest in

7 Then the earth fhook hope.

and trembled; the founda10 For thou wilt not leave ticns also of the hills moved my soul in hell; neither wilt and were shaken, because he thou fuffer thine holy One was wroth. to fee corruption.

8 There went up a smoke II Thou wilt fhew me out of his noftrils, and fire the path of life: in thy pre- out of his mouth devoured : sence is fulness of joy, at coals were kindled by it. thy right hand there are 9 He bowed the heavens pleasures for evermore, alsó and came down: and

darkness was under his feet, PSALM XVIII,

10 And he rode upon 2 Will love thee, O Lord cherub, and did fly: yea, he my strength.

did fly upon the wings of the 2. The Lord is my rock, wind. and my fortress, and my

ii He made darkness his



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fecret place : his. pavilion soufness, according to the round about him were dark cleanness of my hands hath waters, and thick clouds of he recompensed me, the skies.

21 For I have kept the 12 At the brightness that ways of the Lord, and have was before him his thick not wickedly departed from clouds paffed, hail-ftones, and my God. coals of fire.

22 For all his judgments 13 The Lord also thun- were before me, and I did dered in the heavens, and not put away his statutes the Highest gave his voice; from me. hail-/tones, and coals of fire.

23 I was also upright be14 Yea, he sent out his fore him : and I kept myself arrows, and scattered them ; from mine iniquity. and he shot out lightnings, 24 Therefore' hath the and discomfited them. Lord recompensed me ac

15 Then the channels of cording to my righteousness, waters were seen, and the according to the cleanness foundations of the world of my hands in his eyewere discovered : at thy re-fight. buke, O Lord, at the blast 25 With the merciful of the breath of thy nof-thou wilt shew thyself mertrils.

ciful, with an upright man 16 He sent from above, thou wilt shew thyself uphe took


he drew me out right. of many waters.

26 With the pure thou 17 He delivered me from wilt shew thyself pure, and my strong enemy, and from with the froward thou wilt them which hated me : for shew thyself froward. they were too strong for 27 For thou wilt save the

afflicted people : but wilt 18 They prevented me in bring down high looks. the day of my calamity: but 28 For thou wilt light the Lord was my stay.

my candle : the Lord my 19 He brought me forth God will enlighten my darkallo into a large place: he ness. delivered me, because he de 29 For by thee I have lighted in me.

run through a troop: and 20 The Lord rewarded by my God have I leaped me according to my righte-over a wall.


to war,

: 30 As for God, his way 40 Thou hast also given is perfect : the word of the me the necks of mine eneLord is tried : he is a buck- mies: that I might destroy ler to all those that trust in them that hate me. him.

41 They cried, but there 31 For who is God save was none to save them : even the Lord? or who is a rock unto the Lord, but he anfave our God?

swered them not. 32 It is God that girdeth 42 Then did I beat them me with strength, and maketh small as the dust before the my way perfect.

wind: I did cast them out 33 He maketh my feet as the dirt in the streets. like hinds feet, and setteth 43 Thou hast delivered me upon my high places. me from the strivings of the 34 He teacheth my hands people: and thou hast made

so that a bow of me the head of the heathen: steel is broken by mine a people whom I have not arms.

known shall serve me. 35 Thou hast also given 44 As soon as they hear me the field of thy falva- of me, they shall obey me: tion : and thy right hand the strangers fhall submit hath holden me up, and thy themselves unto me. gentleness hath made me 45 The strangers shall great.

fade away, and be afraid out 36 Thou hast enlarged of their clofe places. my steps under me ; that 46 The Lord liveth, and my feet did not flip. blessed be my rock: and let

37 I have pursued mine the God of my salvation be enemies, and overtaken them: exalted. neither did I turn again till 47 It is God that avengthey were consumed. eth


and subdueth the 38 I have wounded them, people under me. that they were not able to 48 He delívereth me from rise : they are fallen under mine enemies :



liftest me up above those that 39 For thou hast girded me rise up against me: thou haft with strength unto the battle: delivered me from the viothou hast subdued under me lent man. those that rose up against 49 Therefore will I give

thanks unto thee, O Lord,


my feet.



among the heathen: and heart: the commandment of fing praises unto thy name. the Lord is pure, enlight

50 Great deliverance givening the eyes. eth he to his king: and thew. 9 The fear of the Lord eth mercy to his anointed, to is clean, enduring for ever : David, and to his feed for the judgments of the Lord

are true, and righteous alto

gether. PSALM XIX.

10 More to be desired are HE heavens declare they than gold, yea, than

the glory of God: much fine gold : fweeter and the firmament Theweth also than honey, and the his handy-work.

honey-comb. 2 Day unto day uttereth ni Moreover, by them is fpeech, and night unto night thy servant warned': and in theweth knowledge. keeping of them there is great

3 There is no speech nor reward. language, where their voice 12 Who can understand is not heard.

his errors ? cleanse thou me 4 Their line is gone out from fecret faults. through all the earth, and 13 Keep back thy servant their words to the end of also from presumptuous sins, the world: in them hath he let them not have dominion let a taberuacle for the fun,

over me: then shall I be up5 Which is as a bride- right; and I shall be innogroom coming out of his cent from the great tranfchamber; and rejoiceth as a gression. strong man to run a race. 14 Let the words of my

6 His going forth is from mouth, and the meditation the end of the heaven, and of my heart, be acceptable his circuit unto the ends of in thy fight, O Lord, my it: and there is nothing hid strength and my redeemer. from the heat thereof. 7 The law of the Lord is

PSALM XXII. perfect, converting the foul : Y God, my God the testimony of the Lord why haft thou fora is sure, making wise the faken me? why art thou fo fimple.

far from helping me, and 8 The statutes of the from the words of Lord are' right, rejoicing the ing?


my roar

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