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my fin?


advantage will it be unto Almighty regard it. thee? and, What profit shall 14. Although thou sayest I have, if I be cleansed from thou shalt not see him, yet

judgmentis before him, there4 I will answer thee, and fore trust thou in him. thy companions with thee. 15 But, now because it is

5 Look unto the heavens, not so, he hath visited in his and fee, and behold the anger, yet he knoweth it not clouds, which are higher than in great extremity : thou,

16 Therefore doth Job 6 If thou finnest, what open his mouth in vain : he doeft thou against him? or multiplieth words without if thy transgressions be mul- knowledge. tiplied, what doest thou unto

CHAP. XXXVI. him? 7 If thou be righteous,

LIHU also proceeded, what givest thou him? or

and said, what receiveth he of thine 2 Suffer me a little, and hand!

I will shew thee that I have 8 Thy wickedness may yet to speak on God's behurt a man as thọų art, and half. thy righteousness may profit 3 I will fetch my knowthe son of man.

ledge 'from afar, and will 9 By reason of the multi- ascribe righteousness to my tude of oppressions, they make Maker. the oppressed to cry: they cry 4 For truly my words out by reason of the arm of all not be false :' he that the mighty.

is perfect in knowledge is ļo But none faith, Where with thee, is God my Maker, who 5 Behold, God is mighty, giveth songs in the night? and despiseth not any : he is

11 Who teacheth us more mighty in strength and wisthan the beasts of the earth, dom. and maketh us wiser than the 6 He preserveth not the fowls of heaven.

life of the wicked: but giveth 12 There they cry (but right to the poor. none giveth answer) because 7 He withdraweth not his of the pride of evil men, eyes from the righteous; but

13 Surely God will not with kings are they on the bear vanity, neither will the throne: yea, he doth establish


them for ever, and they are judgment and justice take exalted.

hold on thee. 8. And if they be bound 18 Because there is wrath, in fetters, and be holden in beware left he take thee away cords of affliction :

with his stroke: then a great 9 Then he sheweth them ransom cannot deliver thee. their work; and their trans 19 Will he esteem thy gressions that they have ex- riches ? no, not gold, nor ceeded.

all the forces of strength. 10 He openeth also their 20 Desire not the night, ear to discipline, and com- when people are cut off in mandeth that they return their place. from iniquity.

21 Take heed, regard not 11 If they obey, and serve iniquity; for this haft thou bim, they shall spend their chosen rather than affliction. days in prosperity, and their 22 Behold, God exalteth years in pleasures.

by his power: who teacheth 12 But if they obey not, | like him? they shall perish by the sword, 23. Who hath enjoined and they shall die without him his way

y? or who can knowledge.

say, Thou haft wrought ini13 But the hypocrites in quity ? heart heap up wrath : they 24 Remember that thou .cry not when he bindeth magnify his work, which them.

men behold. 14 They die in youth, 25 Every man may fee and their life is among the it; man may behold it afar unclean.

off. 15 He delivereth the poor 26 Behold, God is great, in his affliction, and openeth and we know him not, neitheir ears in oppression. ther can the number of his

16 Even so would he years be searched out. have removed thee out of 27 For he maketh fmall the strait into a broad place the drops of water : they where there is no ftra tness, pour down rain according to and that which should be set the


thereof: on thy table should be full of 28 Which the clouds do fatnefs.

drop, and distil upon mag 17 But thou hast fulfilled abundantly. the judgment of the wicked: 29 Also, can any under


stand the spreading of the 6 For he faith to the clouds, or the noise of his fnow, Be thou on the earth; tabernacle?

likewise to the small rainy 30 Behold he spreadeth and to the great rain of his his light upon it, and co- ftrength. vereth the bottom of the 7 He fealeth up the hand fea.


every man; that all men 31 For by them judgetl may know his work. he the people; he giveth 8 Then the beasts go into meat in abundance.

dens, and remain in their 32 With clouds he co-places. vereth the light: and com 9 Out of the fouth cometh mandeth it not to fine, by the whirlwind : and cold out the cloud that cometh be- of the north. twixt.

10 By the breath of God 33 The noise thereof shew- frost is given; and the breadth eth concerning it, the cattle of the water is straitened. also concerning the vapour. II Also by watering he

wearieth the thick cloud : he CHAP. XXXVII.

fcattereth his bright cloud : T this also my heart 12 And it is turned round

trembleth, and is moved about by his counsels: that out of his place.

they may do whatsoever he 2 Hear attentively, the commandeth them upon the noise of his voice, and the face of the world in the sound that goeth out of his earth. mouth.

13 He causeth it to come, 3 He directeth it under whether for correction, of for the whole heaven, and his his land, or for mercy. lightning unto the ends of

14 Hearken unto this, O the earth.

Job: stand still, and consider 4 After it a voice roareth : the wondrous works of God. he thundereth with the voice 15 Dost thou know when of his excellency, and he will God disposeth them, and not stay them when his voice causeth the light of his cloud is heard.

to shine ? 5 God thundereth mar 16 Doft thou know the velloufly with his voice: great balancings of the clouds, the things doeth he, which we wondrous works of him which cannot comprehend. is perfect in knowledge?



17 How thy garments are mand of thee, and answer warm, when he quieteth the thou earth by the fouth wind? 4 Where wast thou when

18 Haft thou with him I laid the foundations of spread out the sky, which is the earth ? declare, if thou strong, and as a molten haft understanding. looking-glass ?

5 Who hath laid the mea19 Teach us what we shall fures thereof, if thou knowsay unto him: for we can- est? or who hath stretched not order our speech by reason the line upon it? of darkness.

6 Whereupon are the 20 Shall it be told him foundations thereof fastened? that I speak? if a man speak, or who laid the corner-stone surely he shall be swallowed thereof? up.

7 When the morning. 21 And now men sec not stars fang together, and all the bright light which is in the fons of God shouted for the clouds : but the wind joy? pafseth, and cleanseth them. 8 Or who shut up the sea

22 Fair weather cometh with doors, when it brake out of the north: with God forth as if it had issued out is terrible majesty,

of the womb ? 23 Touching the Almighty, 9 When I made the cloud we cannot find him out: he the garment thereof, and is excellent in power, and in thick darkness a swaddlingjudgment, and in plenty of band for it, justice: he will not afflict. 10 And brake up for it

24 Men do therefore fear my decreed place, and set hin: he respecteth not any bars and doors, that are wise of heart.

And faid, Hitherto

shalt thou come, but no furCHAP. XXXVIII.

ther : and here shall thy proud HEN the Lord an waves be stayed ?

swered Job out of the 12 Hast thou commanded whirlwind, and said, the morning since thy days;

2 Who is this that darken- and caused the day-spring to eth counsel by words with know his place; out knowledge?

13 That it might take 3 Gird up now thy loins hold of the ends of the earth, like a man: for I will de that the wicked might be 8




shaken out of it?

14 It is turned as clay to 24 By what way is the the feal, and they stand as a light parted, which fcattergarment.

eth the east wind upon the 15 And from the wicked earth? their light is with-holden, 25 Who hath divided a and the high arm shall be water-course for the overbroken.

flowing of waters? or a way 16 Hast thou entered into for the lightning of thunthe springs of the sea ? or der ; haft thou walked in the 26 To cause it to rain on search of the depth?

the earth, where no man is : 17 Have the gates of death on the wilderness wherein been opened unto thee? or there is no man; hast thou seen the doors of 27 To satisfy the desolate the shadow of death? and waste ground, and to

18 Haft thou perceived cause the bud of the tender the breadth of the earth ? | herb to spring forth? declare, if thou knoweit it 28 Hath the rain a father? all.

or who hath begotten the 19 Where is the way drops of the dew? where light dwelleth? and 29 Out of whose womb as for darkness, where is the came the ice ? and the hoary place thereof,

frost of heaven who hath gerr20 That thou shouldeff dered it? take it to the bound thereof, 30 The waters are hid as and that thou shouldest know with a stone: and the face -the paths to the house there- of the deep is frozen. of?

31 Canit thou bind the 21 Knoweft thou it be- sweet influences of Pleiades, cause thou wast then born? or loose the bands of Orion? or because the number of thy 32 Canst thou bring forth days is great ?

Mazzaroth in his season? or 22 Haft thou entered into canst thou guide Arcturus the treasures of the snow ? with his fons? or halt thou seen the trea .33 Knowest thou the ozfures of the hail,

dinances of heaven? canft 23 Which I have reserved thou set the dominion thereof against the time of trouble, in the earth? against the day of battle and 34 Canft thou lift up thy

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