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faid unto David, Abide not '10 And he enquired of in the hold, depart, and get the Lord for him : and gave thee into the land of Judah. him victuals, and gave him Then David departed, and the sword of Goliath the came into the forest of Ha- Philistine. reth.

II Then the king sent, 69 When Saul heard to call Ahimelech the priest, that David was discovered, the son of Ahitub, and all and the men that were with his father's houfe, the priests him, (now Saul abode in that were in Nob: and they Gibeah under a tree in Ra- came all of them to the king. mah, having his spear in 12 And Saul said, Hear his hand, and all his fervants now, thou son of Ahitub: were standing about him). and he answered, Here I am,

7. Then Saul said unto his my lord. fervants that stood about


And Saul said unto him, Hear now, ye Benja- him, Why have ye conspired mites, Will the son of Jelle, against me, thou and the son give every one of you fields of Jesse, in that thou hast and vineyards, and make you given him bread, and a all captains of thousands, sword, and hast enquired of and captains of hundreds : God for him, that he should

8 That all of you have rise against me, to lie in wait, conspired against me: and as at this day? there is none that sheweth 14 Then Ahimelech anme that my fon hath made a swered the king, and said, league with the son of Jeffe, And who is so faithful aand there is none of you that mong all thy servants, as is forry for me, or sheweth David, which is the king's unto me that my son hath son-in-law, and goeth at stirred up my fervant against thy bidding, and is honourame, to lie in wait, as at this ble in thine house?

15 Did I then begin to 99 Then answered Doeg enquire of God for him? the Edomite (which was be it far from me: let not set over the servants of Saul) the king impute any thing and said, I saw the son of unto his servant, nor to all Jeffe coming to Nob, to the house of my father : for Ahimelech the fon of Ahi thy servant knew nothing tuba

of all this, less or more.

16 And



16 And the king faid, there, that he would surely Thou shalt surely die, Ahi- tell Saul: I have occasioned melech, thou, and all thy fa- the death of all the persons of ther's house.

thy father's house. 17 . And the king faid 23 Abide thou with me, unto the footmen that stood fear not: for he that seeketh about him, Turn and say the my life, feeketh thy life: but priests of the Lord; because with me thou shalt be in safetheir hand also is with Da-guard. vid, and because they knew

CHAP. XXIV. when he fled, and did not shew it to me. But the ser ND it came to pass vants of the king would not when Saul was returnput forth their hand to fall ed from following the Phiupon the priests of the Lord. liftinés, that it was told him,

18 And the king said to saying, Behold, David is in Doeg, Turn thou and fall the wilderness of En-gedi. upon the priests. And Doeg 2 Then Saul took three the Edomite turned, and he thousand chosen men out of fell upon the priests, and all Ifrael, and went to seek flew on that day fourscore David and his men upon the and five persons that did wear rocks of the wild goats. a linen ephod.

3 And he came to the 19 And Nob, the city of sheep-cotes by the way, where the priests, smote he with was a cave, and Saul went in the edge of the sword, both to cover his feet: and Damen and women, children vid and his inen remained in and fucklings, and oxen, and the sides of the cave. afles, and theep, with the 4. And the men of David edge of the sword.

faid unto him, Behold the 20 4 And one of the sons day of which the Lord said of Ahimelech the son of unto thee, Behold, I will deAbitub, named Abiathar, ef- liver thinc enemy into thine caped and fed after David. hand, that thou mayest do to

21 And Abiathar fhewed him as it shall seem good unDavid, that Saul had flain to thee. Then David arofe, the Lord's prieits.

and cut off the skirt of Saul's 22. And David faid unto robe privily. Abiathar, I knew it that day, 5 And it came to pass efwhen Doeg the Edomite was terward, that David's heart 5



his way.

smote him, because he had cut | I cut off the skirt of thy robe' off Saul's skirt.

and killed thee not; know 6 And he said unto his thou and see that there is neimen, The Lord forbid that I ther evil nor transgression in should do this thing unto my mine hand, and I have not master the Lord's anointed, finned against thee; yet thou to stretch forth mine hand huntest my soul, to take it. against him, seeing he is 12 The Lord judge bethe anointed of the Lord. tween me and thee, and the

7. So David stayed his ser- Lord avenge me of thee : vants with these words, and but mine hand thall not be suffered them not to rise a- upon thee. gainft Saul: but Saul rose up 13 As faith the proverb of out of the cave, and went on the ancients, Wickedness

proceedeth from the wicked: 8 David also arose after- but mine hand shall not be ward, and went out of the upon thee. cave, and cried after Saul, 14 After whom is the saying, My lord the king king of Israel come out ?'after And when Saul looked be- whom doft thou pursue ? hind him, David stooped after a dead dog, after a flea. with his face to the earth, 15 The Lord therefore be and bowed himself.

judge, and judge between me 9 And David said to and thee, and fee, and plead Saul, Wherefore hearest thou my cause, and deliver me out men's words, saying, Behold, of thine hand. David fee keth thy hurt? 16 g And it came to pass

10 Behold this day thine when David had made an end eyes have seen how that the of speaking these words unto Lord had delivered thee to Saul, that Saul said, Is this day into mine hand in the thy voice, my fon David ? cave : and some bade me kill And Saul lifted up his voice, thee, but mine eye spared and wept. thee, and I said, I will not 17 And he said to David, put forth mine hand against Thou art more righteous my lord; for he is the Lord's than 1: for thou halt reanointed.

warded me good, whereas I II Moreover, my father, have rewarded thee evil. see, yea, see the skirt of thy 18 And thou haft fhewed robe in my hand : for in that this day how that thou hast


dealt well with me : foras 3

And the battle went fore much as when the Lord had against Saul, and the archers delivered me into thine hand, hit him, and he was fore thou killedst me not.

wounded of the archers. 19 For if a man find his 4 Then said Saul unto his enemy, will he let him go armour-bearer, Draw thy well away? wherefore the sword, and thrust me through Lord reward thee good for therewith ; left these ancirthat thou hast done unto me cumcised come and thrust this day.

me through, and abuse me. 20 And now behold, I But his armour-bearer would know well that thou shalt not; for he was fore afraid: surely be king, and that the therefore Saul took a sword, kingdom of Israel shall be ef- and fell upon it. tablithed in thine hand. 5 And when his armour

21 Swear now therefore bearer saw that Saul was unto me by the Lord, that dead, he fell likewise upon thou wilt not cut off my feed, his sword, and died with after me, and that thou wilt him. not destroy my name out of 6 So Saul died, and his my father's house.

three sons, and his armour22 And David (ware un- bearer, and all his men that to Saul: and Saul went same day together. home; but David and his 7 q And when the men men gat them up unto the of Israel that were on the hold.

other fide of the valley, and CHAP. XXXI.

they that were on the other fide Jordan, saw that the men of ,

N fought again't Ifrael: and his fons were dead

, they

and the men of Israel fled forlook the cities, and Aled : from before the Philistines, and the Philistines came and and fell down slain in mount dwelt in them. Gilboa.

8 And it came to pass on 2 And the Philistines fol- the morrow, when the Philowed hard upon Saul, and listines came

to ftrip the upon his fons : and the Phi- flain, that they found Saul litines flew Jonathan, and and his three sons fallen in Abinadab, and Malchi-thuah, mount Gilboa. Saul's fons.

9 And they cut off his


head, and stripped off his ar- heard of that which the Phimour, and sent into the land | listines had done to Saul ; of the Philistines round a 12 All the valiant men bout, to publish it in the arose, and went all night, and house of their idols, and took the body of Saul, and among the people.

the bodies of his fons, from 10 And they put his ar the wall of Beth-than, and mour in the house of Afh- came to Jabesh, and burnt taroth : and they fastened his them there. body to the wall of Beth 13 And they took their Than.

bones, and buried them under II. And when the in-a tree at Jabesh, and fafted habitants of Jabesh - gilead | seven days.

From the Second Book of SAMUEL.


he answered, That the peoCHAP. I.

ple are fled from the battle, OW it came to pass and many of the people also

after the death of Saul, are fallen and dead, and Saul when David was returned and Jonathan his son are from the flaughter of the dead also. Amalekites, and David had 5 And David faid unto the abode two days in Ziklag ; young man that told him,

2 It came even to pass on How knowest thou that Saul the third day, that behold, a and Jonathan his son be man came out of the camp dead? from Saul; with his clothes 6 And the young man rent, and earth upon his that told him, faid, As I head : and so it was when he happened by chance upon came to David, that he fell to mount Gilboa, behold, Saul the earth, and did obeisance. leaned upon his spear: and

3 And David said unto lo, the chariots and horsemen him, From whence comest followed hard after him. thou? And he said unto him, 7 And when he looked beOut of the camp of Israel am hind him, he saw me, and I escaped.

called unto me: and I an4 And David said unto swered here am I. him, How went the matter? 8 And he said unto me, I pray thee, tell me. And Who art thou ? and I ana



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