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what is mine iniquity ? and 7 If he say thus, 'l' is what is my fin before thy well; thy servant shall have father, that he seeketh my peace : but, if he be very life?

wroth then be sure that evil 2 And he faid unto him, is determined by him. God forbid; thou shalt not 8 Therefore thou shalt die: behold, my father will deal kindly with thy servant; do nothing, either great or for thou hast brought thy small, but that he will shew servant into a covenant of it me: and why should my the Lord with thee: notfather hide this thing from withstanding, if there be in me? it is not so?

me iniquity, say me thyself; 3 And David fware more for why shouldest thou bring over, and said, Thy father me to thy father? certainly knoweth that I

9 And Jonathan said, Far have found grace in thine be it from thee: for if I eyes; and he saith, Let not knew certainly, that evil Jonathan know this, left he were determined by my fabe grieved: but truly as the ther to come upon thee, Lord liveth, and as thy soul then would not I tell it thee? liveth, there is but a step 10 Then said David to between me and death. Jonathan, Who shall tell

4 Then faid Jonathan un-me? or what if thy father to David, Whatsoever thy answer thee roughly? foul defireth, I will even do II 4 And Jonathan said it for thee.

unto David, Come, and let 5 And David said unto us go out into the field. Jonathan, Behold, to-mor- And they went out both of row is the new-moon, and them into the field. I should not fail to fit with 12 And Jonathan said unthe king at meat: but let to David, O Lord God of me go, that I may hide my- Ifrael, when I have founded self in the field unto the my father, about to-morrow third day at even.

any time, or the third day, 6 If thy father at all miss and behold, if there be good me, then say, David earnest- toward David, and I then ly asked leave of me, that he fend not unto thee, and thew might run to Beth-lehem his it thee ; city: for there is a yearly fa 13 The Lord do so and crifice there for all the fa- much more to Jonathan : inily.

but if it please my father to


If I ex

do thee evil, then I will arrows on the side thereof,
shew it thee, and send thee as though I shot at a mark.
away, that thou mayest go 21 And behold, I will
in peace: and the Lord be send a lad, saying, Go, find
with thee, as he hath been out the arrows.


pressly fay unto the lad, Be. 14 And thou shalt not hold, the arrows are on this only, while yet I live, shew fide of thee, take them; then me the kindness of the Lord, come thou: for there is that I die not:

peace to thee, and no hurt; 15 But also thou shalt not as the Lord liveth. cut off thy kindness from 22 But if I say thus unto my house for ever: no not the young man, Behold, the when the Lord hath cut off arrows are beyond thee; go the enemies of David, every thy way: for the Lord hath one from the face of the sent thee away. earth.

23 And as touching the 16 So Jonathan made a matter which thou and I covenant with the house of have spoken of, behold, the David, saying, Let the Lord Lord be between thee and even require it at the hand me for ever. of David's enemies.

24 g So David hid him17 And Jonathan caused self in the field: and when David to swear again, be- the new-moon was' come, cause he loved him: for he the king fat him down to cat loved him as he loved his meat. own soul.

25 And the king sat upon 18 Then Jonathan said to his feat, as at other times, David, To-morrow is the even upon a seat by the wall: new-moon: and thou shalt and Jonathan arose, and Abbe miffed, because thy feat ner fat by Saul's fide, and

David's place was empty. 19 And when thou haft 26 Nevertheless, Saulspake stayed three days, then thou not any thing that day : for shalt go down quickly, and he thought, Some thing hath

to the place where befallen him, he is not clean; thou didst hide thyself, when surely he is not clean. the business was in hand, 27 And it came to pass and shalt remain by the stone on the morrow, which was Ezel.

the second day of the month, 20 And I will shoot threel that David's place was emp


will be empty.



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ty: and Sauļ said unto Jo-1: 33 And Saul cast a javenathan his son, Wherefore lin at him to smite him: cometh not the son of Jeffe whereby Jonathan knew that to ineat, neither yesterday it was determined of his fanor to-day?

ther to slay David. 28 And Jonathan answer 34 So Jonathan arose ed Saul, David carnestly from the table in fierce anasked leave of me, to go to ger, and did eat no meat the Beth-lehem:

fecond day of the month : 29 And he said, Let me for he was grieved for Dago, I pray thee, for our fa- vid, because his father had mily hath a facrifice in the done him shame. city, and my brother, he 35 q And it came to pass hath commanded me to be in the morning, that Jonathere ; and now if I have than went out into the field, found favour in thine eyes, at the time appointed with let me get away, I pray David, and a little lad with thee, and see my brethren: him. Therefore he cometh not 36 And he said unto his unto the king's table, lad, Run, find out now the 30 Then Saul's

anger was

arrows which I shoot. And kindled against Jonathan, and as the lad ran, he shot an he said unto him, Thou son arrow beyond him. of the perverse rebellious 37 And when the lad was woman, do not I know that come to the place of the arthou hast chosen the son of row which Jonathan had Jeffe to thine own confu- fot, Jonathan cried after fion, and unto the confusion the lad, and said, Is not the of thy mother's nakedness?

arrow beyond thee? 31 For as long as the son 38 And Jonathan cried of Jesle liveth upon the after the lad, Make speed, ground, thou shalt not be hatte, ftay not. And Jonaestablished, nor thy king-than's lad gathered up the dom: wherefore now send arrows, and caine to his and fetch him unto me, for master. he hall surely die,

39 But the lad knew not 32 And Jonathan answer- any thing: only Jonathan ed Saut his father, and said and David knew the matter. unto him, Wherefore shall 40 And Jonathan gave his he be lain? whathath he donc? artillery unto his lad, and

faid unto him, Go, carry place, them to the city.

3 Now therefore what is 41 And as foon as the under thine hand? give me lad was gone; David arose five loaves of bread in mine out of a place toward the hand, or what there is presouth, and fell on his face to fent. the ground, and bowed him 4. And the priest answered self three times: and they David, and said, There is no kissed one another, and wept common bread under mine one with another, until Da-hand, but there is hallowed vid exceeded.

bread ; if the young men 42 And Jonathan said to have kept themselves at least David, Go in peace, foraf- from women. much as

we have sworn 5 And David answered the both of us in the name of priest, and said unto him, Of the Lord, saying, The Lord a truth, women have been be between me and thee, kept from us about these and between my seed and three days, since I came out, thy seed for ever. And he and the vessels of the

young arofe and departed : and Jo- men are holy, and the bread nathan went into the city.

is in a manner common, yea,

though it were fanctified this CHAP. XXI.

day in the vessel. HEN came David to 6 So the priest gave him

Nob to Ahimelech the hallowed bread; for there priest: and Ahimelech was was no bread there, but the afraid at the meeting of Da- shew-bread that was taken vid, and said unto hiin, Why from before the Lord, to art thou alone, and no man put hot-bread in the day with thee?

when it was taken

away. 2 And David said unto


Now a certain Ahiinelech the priest, The the servants of Saul, was king hath commanded me a there that day, detained bebusiness, and hath faid unto 'fore the Lord, and his name me, Let no man know any was Doeg an Edomite, the thing of the business where-chiefest of the herd-men that about I send thes, and what belonged to Saul. I have commarded thee: 89 And David said unto and I have appointed ny för- Ahimelech, And is there not vants to fuch and such a here under thine hand fpear


man of


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or sword? for I have neither man is mad: wherefore then brought my sword nor my have ye brought him to me? weapons with me, because 15 Have I need of madthe king's business required men, that ye have brought hafte.

this fellow to play the mad9 And the priest said, The man in my presence? Ihall fword of Goliath the Phi- this fellow come into my listine, whom thou slewest in house? the valley of Elah, behold,

CHAP. XXII. it is here wrapt in a cloth behind the ephod: if thou AVID therefore dewilt take that, take it: for parted thence, and efthere is no other fave that, caped to the cave Adullam : here. And David said, There and when his brethren, and is none like that, give it me. all his father's house heard

10 q And David arose and it, they went down thither fled that day for fear of Saul, to him. and went to Achish the king 2 And every one that was of Gath.

in distress, and every one II And the servants of that was in debt, and every Achish said unto him, Is one that was discontented, not this David the king of the gathered themselves unto land? did they not fing one to him, and he became a capanother of him in dances, say- tain over them : and there ing, Saul hath sain his thou were with him about four fands, and David his ten hundred men. thousands ?

3 And David went 12 And David laid up thence to Mizpeh of Moab: these words in his heart, and and he said unto the king was fore afraid of Achish the of Moab, Let my father and king of Gath.

my mother, I pray thee, 13 And he changed his come forth, and be with you, behaviour before them, and till I know what God will feigned himself mad in their do for me, hands, and scrabbled on the 4 And he brought them doors of the gate, and let his before the king of Moab : spittle fall down upon his and they dwelt with him beard.

all the while that David was Then said Achish unto in the hold. his servants, Lo, you see the 5 And the prophet Gad


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