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hand in his bag, and took tent. thence a stone, and lang it, 55 And when Saul saw and {mote the Philistine in David go forth against the his forehead, that the stone Philistine, he said unto Abner funk into his forehead; and the captain of the host, he fell upon his face to the Abner, whose son is this carth.

youth? And Abner faid, As 50 So David prevailed thy soul liveth, Oking, I over the Philistine with a cannot tell. Ning and with a stone, and 56 And the king said, {mote the Philistine and flew Enquire thou whole fon the him ; but there was no sword stripling is. in the hand of David.

57 And as David returned 51 Therefore David ran from the slaughter of the and stood upon the Philistine, Philistine, Abner took him and took his sword, and and brought him before Saul, drew it out of the sheath with the head of the Phis thereof, and flew him, and listine in his hand. cut off his head therewith. 58 And Saul said to him, And when the Philistines Whofe fon art thou, then saw their champion was dead, young man? And David

answered, I am the son of 52 And the men of If thy fèrvant Jesse the Beth rael and of Judah arole, and lehemite. shouted, and pursued the Phi

CHAP. XVIII. listines, until thou come to the valley, and to the gates of ND it came to pass Ekron. And the wounded when he had made an of the Philistines fell down end of speaking unto Saul, by the way to Shaaraim, that the soul of Jonathan even unto Gath, and unto was knit with the foul of Ekron.

David, and Jonathan loved 53 And the children of him as his own soul, Israel returned from chasing 2 And Saul took him that after the Philistines, and they day, and would let him go spoiled their tents.

no more home to his father's 54 And David took the house. head of the Philistine, and 3 Then Jonathan and Dabrought it to Jerusalem ; but vid made a covenant, bea he put his armour in his cause he loved him as his

P 3

they fled.



own soul.

10 g And it came to pass 4 And Jonathan stripped on the morrow, that the evil himself of the robe that was spirit from God came upon upon him, and gave it to Saul, and he prophesied in David, and his garments, the midst of the house: and even to his sword, and to David played with his hand, his bow, and to his girdle. as at other times : and there

5 9 And David went out was a javelin in Saul's whitherfoever Saul sent him, hand. and behaved himself wisely : II And Saul

cast the and Saul set him over the javelin ; for he said, I will men of war, and he was smitè David even to the wall accepted in the fight of all with it: and David avoided the people, and also in the out of his presence twice. fight of Saul's fervants.

12 | And Saul was afraid 6 And it came to pass as of David, because the Lord they came, when David was was with him, and was dereturned from the slaughter parted from Saul. of the Philistine, that the wo 13 Therefore Saul remen came out of all the cities moyed him from him, and of Israel, singing and dancing, made him his captain over a to meet king Saul with ta- thousand ; and he went out brets, with joy, and with in- and came in before the peoItruments of music.

ple. 7 And the women 14 And David behaved swered one another as they himself wisely in all his ways; played, and faid, Saul hath and the Lord was with him. flain his thousands, and Da 15 Wherefore when Saul vid his ten thousands.

saw that he behaved himself 8 And Saul was very very wisely, he was afraid of wroth, and the faying dil- him. pleased him; and he said, 16 But all Israel and Judah They have ascribed unto loved David, because he went David ten thousands, and to out and came in before them. mne they have ascribed but

17 & And Saul said to Dathousands : and what can he vid, Behold, my elder daugh. have more but the king-ter Merab, her will I give dom?

thee to wife : only be thou 9 And Saul cyed David valiant for me, and fight the from that day and forward. Lord's battles : for Saul said,



Let not mine hand be upon man, and lightly esteemed? him, but let the hand of the 24 And the servants of Philistines be upon him. Saul told him, saying, On

18 And David said unto this manner spake David. Saul, Who am I? and what 25 And Saul said, Thus is my life, or my father's fa- shall ye fay to David, The mily' in Israel, that I should king desireth not any dowry; be son-in-law to the king ?

but an hundred foreskins of 19 But it came to pass at the Philistines, to be avenged the time when Merab Saul's of the king's enemies. But daughter should have been Saul thought to make David given to David, that she was fall by the hand of the Phigiven unto Adriel the Me- listines. holathite to wife.

26 And when his servants 20 And Michal Saul's told David these words, it daughter loved David': and pleased David well to be the they told 'Saul, and the thing king's son-in-law : and the pleased him.

days were not expired. 21 And Saul said, I will 27 Wherefore David arose give him her, that she may and went, he and his men, be a snare to him, and that and slew of the Philistines the hand of the Philistines two hundred men; and Damay be against him. Where- vid brought their foreskins, foré Saul said to David, Thou and they gave them in full shalt this day be my son-in- tale to the king, that he law, in the one of the twain. might be the king's son-in

22 9 And Saul command-law : and Saul gave him ed his fervants, saying, Com- Michal his daughter to wife. mune with David secretly, 28 And Saul faw and and say, Behold, the king knew that the Lord was with hath delight in thee, and all David, and that Michal Saul's his servants love thee : 'now daughter loved him. therefore be the king's son 29 And Saul was yet the in-law.

more afraid of David; and 23 And Saul's servants Saul became David's enemy spake those words in the ears continually. of David: and David said, 39 Then the princes of Seemeth it to you a light the Philistines went forth : thing to be a king's son-in- and it came to pass after they law, seeing that I am a poor' went forth, that David be



set by.


haved himself more wisely, then wilt thou sin against than all the servants of Saul, innocent blood, to say David so that his name was much without a cause?

6 And Saul hearkened

unto the voice of Jonathan : Chap. XIX.

and Saul swire, As the Lord ND Saul spake to Jo- liveth, he shall not be slain,

nathan his son, and to 7 And Jonathan "called all his servants, that they David, and Jonathan Thewed thould kill David.

him all those things: and 2 But Jonathan Saul's son Jonathan brought David to delighted much in David : Saul, and he was in his preand Jonathan told David, fence as in times past. laying, Saul my father feek 8 q And there was war eth to kill thee: now there again : and David went out, fore, I pray thee, take heed and fought with the Phito thyself until the morning, listines, and flew them with and abide in a secret place, a great slaughter ; and they and hide thyself :

fled from him. 3 And I will go out and 9 And the evil spirit from Stand beside my father in the the Lord was upon Saul, as field where thou art, and I he fat in his house with his will commune with my fa- javelin in his hand : and ther of thee; and what I fee, David played with his hand. that I will tell thee,

10 And Saul fought to 4 9 And Jonathan spake smite David even to the wall good of David unto Saul his with the javelin, but he flipped father, and said unto him, away out of Saul's presence, Let not the king fin against and he fimote the javelin into his servant, against David: the wall: and David fled, because he hath not finned and escaped that night. against thee, and because his 'FI Saul also fent mefena works have been to thee-gers unto David's house, to ward very good.

watch him, and to slay hiin 5 For he did put his life in the morning : and Michal in his hand, and flew the David's wife told him, fayPhilistine, and the Lord ing, If thou fave not thy life wrought a great salvation to-night, to-morrow thou for all Ifrael: thou sawest it, shalt be sain. and didft rejoice : wherefore 12 I So Michal let David


down through a window :f when they saw the company and he went, and Aed, and of the prophets prophesying, escaped.

and Samuel standing as ap: 13 And Michal took an pointed over them, the Spirit image, and laid it in the of God was upon the melbed, and put a pillow of sengers of Saul, and they goats hair for his bolster, also prophesied. and covered it with a cloth. 21 And when it was told

14. And when. Saul fent Saul, he sent other messenmessengers to take David, gers, and they prophesied the said, He is sick.

likewise ; and Saul fent mes. 15 And Saul sent the messengers again the third time, sengers again to fee David, and they prophesied also. faying, Bring him up to me 22 Then went he also to in the bed, that I may day Ramah, and came to a great him.

well that is in Şechu: and 16 And when the mcflen- he asked and said, Where gers were come in, behold, are $amuel and David ? there was an image in the And one faid, Behold, they bed, with a pillow of goats be at Naioth in Ramah. hair for his bolster.

23 And he went thither 17 And Saul said unto to Naioth in Ramah : and Michal, Why halt thou the Spirit of God was upon deceived me so, and sent him also, and he went on away mine enemy, that he and prophesied, until he came is escaped ? and Michal an- to Naioth in Ramah. swered Saul, He faid unto 24. And he stripped off me, Let me go; why should his clothes allo, and prophcI kill thee?

fied before Samuel in like 18 & So David fled, and manner, and lay down naked escaped, and came to Samuel all that day and all that to Ramah, and told him all night. Wherefore they say, that Saul had done to him : Is Saul also

ainong and he and Samuel went and phets ? dwelt in Naioth.

CHAP. XX, 19 And it was told Saul, faying, Behold, David is at ND David Aed from Naioth in Ramah.

Naioth in Ramah, and 20 And Saul fent mer- came and faid before JonaSengers to take David : and than, What have I done?


the pro


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