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looketh on the heart. Lord departed from Saul, and

8 Then Jeffe called Abi- an evil fpirit from the Lord nadab, and made him pafs troubled him. before Samuel! And he faid, 15 And Saul's servant said Neither hath the Lord cho- unto him, Behold now, an fen this.'

evil spirit from God troubleth •9 Then Jesse made Sham- thee. mah to pass by:

And he 16 Let our lord now comfaid, Neither hath the Lord mand thy servants which are chosen this.

before thee to seek out a 10 Again, Jesse'made seven man who is a cunning player of his sons to pass before on an harp: and it shall come Samuel. And Samuel said to pass-when the evil spirit unto Jeffe, The Lord hath from God is upon thee, that not chosen these.

he shall play with his hand, TI And Samuel said and thou shalt be well. unto Jeffe, Are here all the 17 And Saul said unto his children? And he said, There servants, Provide me now a remaineth yet the youngest, man that can play well, and and behold, he keepeth the bring him to me. fheep. And Samuel said un 18 Then answered one of to fesse, Send and fetch him: the servants, and said, Befor we will not sit down till hold, I have seen a son of 'he come hither.

Jeffe the Beth -lehemite, that 12 And he sent, and is cunning in playing, and a brought him in. Now he mighty valiant man, and a was ruddy, and withal of a man of war, and prudent in beautiful countenance, and matters, and a comely pergoodly to look to. And son, and the Lord is with the Lord faid, Arife, anoint him. him : for this is he.

19 4 Wherefore Saul sent 13 Then Samuel took the messengers untó Jesse, and horn of oil, and anointed said, Send me Davidthy him in the midst of his bre-lon, which is with the sheep. thren. And the Spirit of 20 And Jesse took an ass the Lord came upon David laden with bread, and a from that day forward. So bottle of wine, and a kid, Samuel rose up, and went to and fent them by David his Ramah.

fon unto Saul. 14 7 Bút the Spirit of the 21 And David came to



Saul, and stood before him : la champion out of the camp and he loved him greatly, of the Philistines, nained and he became his armour- Goliath, of Gath, whole bearer.

height was fix cubits and a 22 And Saul sent to Jeffe, span. faying, Let David, I pray 5 And he had an helmet thee, itand before me : for of brass upon his head, and he hath found favour in my he was armed with a coat of fight.

mail : and the weight of the 23 And it came to pass coat was five thousand shea when the evil spirit from kels of brass. God was upon Saul, that 6 And he had greaves of David took an harp, and brass upon his legs, and a played with his hand : so target of brass between his Saul was refreshed, and was shoulders. well, and the evil spirit de 7 And the staff of his parted from him.

spear was like a weaver's

beam ; and his spear's head CHAP. XVII.

weighed fix hundred fhekels ow the Philistines ga- of iron: and one bearing a

thered together their fhield went before him. armies to battle, and were 8 And he stood and cried gathered together at Sho- unto the armies of Israel, choh, which belongeth to Ju- and said unto them, Why dah, and pitched between are ye come out to fet your Shochoh and Azekah, in battle in array ? am not I a Ephes-dammim.

Philistine, and ye fervants 2 And Saul and the men to Saul ? choose ye a man of Ifrael were gathered to for you, and let him come gether, and pitched by the down to me. valley of Elah, and let the 9 If he be able to fight battle in array against the with me, and to kill me, Philistines.

then will we be your fer3 And the Philistines stood vants : but if i prevail on a mountain on the one against him, and kill him, fide, and Israel stood on a then shall


be our servants, mountain on the other side: and serve us. and there was a valley be 10 And the Philistine faid, tween them.,

I defy the armies of Israel 4 & And there went out this day ; give me a man,



that we may fight together. their thousand, and look how

I When Saul and all thy brethren fare, and take Israel heard those words of their pledge. the Philiftine, they were dif 19 Now Saul, and they, mayed and greatly afraid. and all the men of Israel

12 Now David was were in the valley of Elah, the fon of that Ephrathite fighting with the Philistines. of Beth-lehem-judah whose 20 And David rofe up name was Jeffe: and he had early in the morning, and eight fons : and the man left the sheep with a keeper, went among men for an old and took, and went, as Jeffe man in the days of Saul. had commanded him; and

13 And the three eldeft he came to the trench as the sons of Jesse went, and fol- host was going forth to the lowed Saul to the battle : fight, and shouted for the and the names of his three battle. sons that went to the battle, 21 Far Israel and the Phiwere Eliab the first-born ; listines had put the battle in and next unto him, Abina- array, army against army. dab; and the third Sham 22 And David left his nah.

carriage in the hand of the 14 And David was the keeper of the carriage, and youngest : and the three ran into the army, and came eldest followed Saul.

and saluted his brethren. 15 But David went and 23 And as he talked with returned from Saul, to feed them, Behold, there came up his father's fheep at Beth- the champion, the Philistine lehem.

of Gath, Goliath by name, 16 And the Philistine drew out of the armies of the near morning and evening, Philistines, and spake accordand presented himself forty ing to the same words : and days.

David heard them. 17 And Jeffe faid unto 24 And all the men of David his son, Take now Ifrael, when they saw the for thy brethren an ephah of man, fled from him, and were this parched corn, and these fore afraid. ten loaves, and run to the 25 And the men of Ifrael camp to thy brethren.

said, Have ye seen this man 18 And carry these ten that is come up ? surely to cheeles unto the captain of defy Ifrael is he come up.


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And it shall be that the man him again after the former who killeth him, the king manner. will enrich him with great 31 And when the words riches, and will give him his were heard which David daughter, and make his fa-spake, they rehearsed them ther's house free in Israel, before Saul. And he sent

26 And David spake to for him. the men that stood by him, 32 And David said to saying, What shall be done Saul, Let no man's heart to the man that killeth this fail because of him ; thy Philistine, and taketh away fervant will go and fight with the reproach from Israel? for this. Philistine. who is this uncircumcised 33 And Saul said to DaPhilistine, that he should defy vid, Thou art not able to the armies of the living God? go against this Philistine to

27 And the people an- fight with him : for thou art fwered him after this man- but a youth, and he a man ner, saying, So shall it be of war from his youth. done to the man that killeth 34 And David said unto him.

Saul, Thy servant kept his 28 q And Eliab his eldest father's Theep, and there brother heard when he spake came a lion, and a bear, unto the men ; and Eliab's and took a lamb out of the anger was kindled against flock : David, and he said, Why 35 And I went out after camest, thou down hither? him, and (mote him, and deand with whom haft thou livered it out of his mouth: left those few sheep in the and when he arose against wilderness? I know thy pride, me I caught him by his and the naughtiness of thine beard, and smote him, and heart; for thou art come few him. down that thou mightest see 36 Thy servant slew both the battle.

the lion and the bear: and 29 And David said, What this uncircumcised Philistine have I now done? is there shall be as one of them, seenot a cause ?

ing he hath defied the armies 30 And he turned from of the living God. him towards another, and 37 David faid moreover, fpake after the same manner. The Lord that delivered me And the people answered out of the paw of the lion,

P 2



and out of the paw of the staves ? and the Philistine
bear, he will deliver me out cursed David by his gods.
of the hand of this Philistine. 44 And the Philistine laid
And Saul faid unto David, to David, Come to me, and
Go, and the Lord be with I will give thy flesh unto the

fowls of the air, and to the
38 [ And Saul armed beasts of the field.
David with his armour, and 45 Then said David to
he put an helmet of brass the Philistine, Thou comest
upon his head, also he armed to me with a sword, and
him with a coat of mail. . with a spear, and with a

39 And David girded his shield; but I come to thee sword upon

his armour, and in the name of the Lord of he aflayed to go; for he had hofts, the God of the armies not proved it. And David of Israel, whom thou haft said unto Saul, I cannot go defied: with these : for I have not 46 This day will the Lord proved them. And David deliver thee into mine hand, put them off him.

and I will fmite thee, and 40 And he took his staff take thine head from thee; in his hand, and chose him and I will give the carcases five fmooth stones out of the of the host of the Philistines brook, and put them in a this day unto the fowls of the shepherd's bag which he diad, air, and to the wild beasts of cven in a scrip; and his fling the earth; that all the earth was in his hand : and he may know that there is a drew near to the Philistine. God in Israel.

41 And the Philistine came. 47 And all this afsembly on, and drew trear unto Da- shall know that the Lord vid; and the man that bare faveth not with sword and the shield went before him. spear: for the battle is the

42 And when the Phi- Lord's, and he will give you liftine looked about and saw into our hands: David, he disdained him: 48 And it came to pass for he was but a youth, and when the Philistine arose, ruddy, and of a fair counte- and came and drew nigh to

meet David, that David haft43 And the Philistine laid ed, and ran toward the army unto David, Am I a dog, that to meet the Philistine. thou comeft come with 49 And David put his



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