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heaven: the stars in their fell down dead. courses fought against Si 28 The mother of Sisera jera.

looked out at a window, 21 The river of Kifhon and cried through the latswept them away, that an- tice, Why is his chariot so cient river, the river Ki-long in coming? why tarry shon : O my foul, thou hast the wheels of his chariot? trodden down strength.

29 Her wise ladies an-' 22 Then were the horse-swered her, yea, she returnhoofs broken by the means ed anfwer to herself, of the pranfings, the pran 30 Have they not fped ? fings of their mighty Gres. have they not divided the

23 Curse ye Meroz, faid prey, to every man a damsel the angel of the Lord, curse or two? to Sisera a prey of ye bitterly the inhabitants divers colours, a prey of thereof : because they came divers colours of needle

the help of the work, of divers colours of Lord, to the help of the needle-work on both sides, Lord against the mighty. meet for the necks of them

24 Blessed above women that take the spoil ? fhall Jael the wife of Heber 31 So let all thine enethe Kenite be, blessed shall mies perish, O Lord: but the be above women in the lei them that love him be as tent.

the fun when he goeth forth 25 He asked water, and in his might. And the land me gave him milk; she had reft forty years. brought forth butter in a lordly dish.

CHAP. XIII. 26 She put her hand to ND the children of Ilthe nail, and her right hand rael did evil again in to the workman's hammer: the fight of the Lord; and and with the hammer she the Lord delivered them inImote Sisera ; she fimote off to the hand of the Philistines his head, when she had forty years. pierced and stricken through 2 And there was a cerhis temples.

tain man of Zorah, of the 27 At her feet he bowed, family of the Danites, whose he fell, he lay down : name was Manoah; and his her feet he bowed, he fell : wife was barren, and bare where he bowed, there he not,




3 And

3 And the angel of the God which thou didst seni, Lord appeared unto the wo come again unto us, and man, and said unto her, Be- | teach us what we shall do hold now, thou art barren, unto the child that shall be and bearest not: but thou born. Ihalt conceive, and bear a 9 And God hearkened unto fon.

the voice of Manoah; and 4 Now therefore, beware, the angel of God came aI pray thee, and drink not gain unto the woman, as the wine, nor strong drink, and fat in the field: but Manoah eat not any unclean thing.

her husband was not with 5 For lo, thou shalt con- her. ceive, and bear a fon; and IO And the woman made no razor shall come on his haste, and ran, and shewed head: for the child shall be her husband, and said unto a Nazarite unto God from him, Behold, the man hath the womb: and he shall be appeared unto me, that came gin to deliver Israel out of unto me the other day. the hand of the Philistines. II And Manoah arose,

6 Then the woman and went after his wife, and came and told her husband, came to the man, and said saying, A man of God caine unto him, Art thou the man unto me, and his counte- that spakelt unto the won nance was like the counte- man? And he said, I an. nance of an angel of God, 12 And Manoah said, Now very terrible: but I asked let thy words come to pats: himn not whence he was, nei- How thall we order the ther told he me his name. child? and bozu shall we do

7 But he said unto me, unto him? Behold, thou shalt conceive, 13 And the angel of the and bear a fon; and now Lord said unto Manoah, Of drink no wine, nor strong all that I said unto the wodrink, neither eat any un man let her beware. clean thing: for the child 14 She may not eat of shall be a Nazarite to God any thing that cometh of the from the womb to the day vine, neither let her drink of his death.

wine or strong drink, nor 89 Then Manoah in- eat any unclean thing: all treated the Lord, and said, that I commanded her, let 0 my Lord, let the man of her observe.

15 And Manoah faid | Manoah and to his wife. unto the angel of the Lord, Then Manoah knew that he I pray thee, let us detain was an angel of the Lord. thee until we shall have made 22 And Manoah said unto ready a kid for thee. his wife, We shall surely die,

16 And the angel of the because we have seen God. Lord said unto Manoah,

23 But his wife said unto Though thou detain me, I him, If the Lord were pleafwill not eat of thy bread: ed to kill us, he would not and if thou wilt offer a have received a burnt-offerburnt-offering, thou must ing, and a meat-offering, at offer it unto the Lord. For our hands, neither would he Manoah knew not that he have shewed us all these was an angel of the Lord. thing's, nor would, as at this 17

And Manoah faid un- time, have told us such things to the angel of the Lord, as these. What is thy name, that when 249 And the woman bare thy sayings come to pass we a son, and called his name may do thee honour?

Samson. And the child 18 And the angel of the grew, and the Lord blessed Lord said unto him, Why him. askelt thou thus after my 25 And the spirit of the name, feeing it is secret?

Lord began to move him at 19

So Manoah took a kid, times in the camp of Dan, with a meat-offering, and between Zorah and Ethtaol. offered it upon a rock unto the Lord. And the angel

CHAP. XIV. did wonderouflv, and Ma ND Samson went down noah and his wife looked on. to Timnath, and faw

20 For it came to país, a woman in Timnath, of the when the flame went up to - daughters of the Philistines: ward heaven from off the 2 And he came up and altar, that the angel of the told his father and his moLord afcended in the flame ther, and said, I have seen a of the altar. And Manoah woman in Timnath, of the and his wife looked on it, daughters of the Philistines: and fell on their faces to the now therefore get her for ground.

me to wife. 21 But the angel of the 3 Then his father and Lord did no more appear to his mother faid unto him,



me well.

Is there
a woman 9

And he took thereof in among the daughters of thy his hands, and went on eatbrethren, or among all my ing, and came to his father people, that thou goeft to and mother, and he gave take a wife of the uncircum- them, and they did eat: but cised Philistines? And Sam- he told not them that he had son said unto his father, Get taken the honey out of the her for me; for the pleaseth carcase of the lion.

IO So his father went 4. But his father and his down unto the woman, and mother knew not that it Samson made there a feaft: was of the Lord, that he for so used the young men fought an occasion against to do, the Philistines : for at that 11 And it came to pass time the Philistines had do- when they saw him, that minion over Israel.

they brought thirty compa5 Then went Samson nions to be with him. down, and his father and his 12 And Samson Laid mother, to Timnath, and unto them, I will now put came to the vineyards of forth a riddle unto you: if Timnath : and behold, a ye can certainly declare it young lion roared against me within the seven days of him.

the feast, and find it out, 6 And the spirit of the then I will give you thirty Lord came mightily upon theets, and thirty change of him; and he rent him as he garments. would have rent a kid, and 13 But if ye cannot dehe had nothing in his hand : clare it me, then shall ze but he told not his father or give me thirty sheets, and his inother what he had done. thirty change of garments.

7 And he went down and And they said unto him, Pat talked with the woman ; and forth thy riddle, that we muzy The pleased Samion well. hear it.

8 And after a time, he 14 And he said unto them, returned to take her, and he Out of the eater came forth turned aside to see the car- meat, and out of the strong case of the lion: and behold came forth sweetness. And there was a swarm of bees, they could not in three days and honey in the carcase of expound the riddle. the lion.

15 And it came to pass on


the feventh day, that they took their spoil, and gave
faid unto Samson's wife, change of garments unto
Entice thy husband, that he them which expounded the
may declare unto us the rid- riddle. And his anger was
dle, left we burn thee and kindled, and he went up to
thy father's house with fire : his father's house.


called us to take that 20 But Samson's wife was we have? is it not so? given to his companion,

16 And Samson's wife whom he had used as his wept before him, and said, friend. Thou dost but hate me, and

CHAP. XV. loveft me not: thou hast put forth a riddle unto the chil UT it came to pass dren of my peopleand

within a while after, not told it me. And he said in the time of wheat harvest, unto her, Behold, I have not that Samson visited his wife told it


father nor my mo- with a kid, and he said, I ther, and fhail I tell it thee? will go in to my wife into

17 And she wept before the chamber. But her fahim the seven days, while ther would not suffer him to their feast lasted : and it came


in. to pass on the seventh day, 2 And her father said, I that he told her, because she verily thought that thou hadst lay fore upon him: and the utterly hated her; therefore told the riddle to the children I gave her to thy compaof her people.

nion: is not her younger 18 And the men of the fifter fairer than the ? take city said unto him on the her, I pray thee, instead of seventh day, before the fun her. went down, What is sweeter 39 And Samfon faid conthan honey? and what is cerning them, Now shall I stronger than a lion? And be more blameless than the he said unto them, If ye had Philistines, though I do them not plowed with my heifer, a displeasure. ye had not found out my 4 And Samson went and riddle.

caught three hundred foxes, 19 And the Spirit of the and took fire-brands, and Lord came upon him, and he turned tail to tail, and put went down to Ashkelon, and a fire-brand in the midst befew thirty men of them, and tween two tails.

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