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shepherd, the stone of Israel: feffion of a burying-place.

25 Even by the God of 31 There they buried Athy father, who shall help braham and Sarah his wife ; thee, and by the Almighty, there they buried Ifaac and who shall bless thee with Rebekah his wife; and there blessings of heaven above, I buried Leah. blessings of the deep that 32 The purchase of the lieth under, blessings of the field and of the cave that is breasts and of the womb: therein, was from the child

26 The blessings of thy ren of Heth. father have prevailed above 33 And when Jacob the blessings of my progeni- had made an end of comtors, unto the utmost bound manding his fons, he gaof the everlasting hills: they thered up his feet into the shall be on the head of Jo- bed, and yielded up the ghost, seph, and on the crown of and was gathered unto his the head of him that was se- people. parate from his brethren.

CHAP. L. 27 Benjamin shall ravin ;

ND he shall devour the prey, and at night he shall divide the upon him, and kissed him. spoil.

2 And Joseph commanded 28 All these are the twelve his servants the physicians to tribes of Israel: and this is it embalm his father; and the that their father spake unto physicians embalmed Ifrael. them, and blessed them; 3 And forty days were every one according to his fulfilled for him (for so are blefling he blessed them. fulfilled the days of those

29 And he charged which are embalmed:) and them, and said unto them, I the Egyptians mourned for am to be gathered unto my him threescore and ten days. people : bury me with my 4 And when the days of fathers in the cave that is in his mourning were paít, Jothe field of Ephron the Hittite. feph (pake unto the house of

30 In the cave that is in Pharaoh, saying, If now I the field of Machpelah, which have found grace in your is before Mamre, in the land eyes, speak, I pray you, in of Canaan, which Abraham the ears of Pharaoni, saying, bought with the field of E 5 My father made me phron the Hittite, for a pof-swear, saying, Lo, I die : in


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let me go up,

pray thee,

my grave which I have dig-1 is beyond Jordan.
ged for me in the land of 12 And his sons did unto
Canaan, there shalt thou him according as he com-
bury me. Now therefore manded them.

13 For his fons carried and bury my father, and I him into the land of Canaan, will come again.

and buried him in the cave 6 And Pharaoh said, Goup of the field of Machpelah, and bury thy father, accord- which Abraham bought with ing as he made thee swear. the field, for a poffeffion of a

7 9 And Jofeph went up burying-place, of Ephron the to bury his father; and with Hittite, before Mamre. him went up all the servants 14 And Jofeph returned of Pharaoh, the elders of his into Egypt, he and his brehouse, and all the elders of thren, and all that went up the land of Egypt.

with him to bury his father, 8 And all the house of Jo- after he had buried his father. feph, and his brethren, and 15 And when Joseph's his father's houfe: only their brethren saw that their father little ones, and their flocks, was dead, they said, Joseph and their herds they left in will peradventure hate us, the land of Goshen.

and will certainly requite us 9 And there went up with all the evil which we did him both chariots and horse- unto him. men: and it was a very great

16 And they fent a mefcompany.

senger unto Joseph, saying, 1o And they came to the Thy father did command bethreshing-floor of Atad, which fore he died, saying; is beyond Jordan, and there 17 So shall ye say unto they mourned with a great Jofeph, Forgive, I pray thee and very sore lamentation; now, the trespass of thy breand he made a mourning for thren, and their fin; for they his father seven days.

did unto thee evil: and now, 11 And when the inhabi. we pray thee, forgive the tants of the land, the Ca- trespass of the servants of the naanites, saw the mourning God of thy father. And in the foor of Atad, they Joseph wept when they spake faid, This is a grievous unto him. mourning to the Egyptians: 18 And his brethren also wherefore the name of it was went and fell down before rolled Abel-mizraim, which his face: and they said, Be


hold, we be thy fervants. neration : the children also of

19 And Joseph said unto Machir, the son of Manafthem, Fear not: for am I in feh, were brought up upon the place of God?

Joseph's knees. 20 But as for you, ye 249 And Joseph said unto thought evil against me: but his brethren, I die: and God God meant it unto good, to will surely visit you, and bring to pass, as it is this bring you out of this land, day, to save much people unto the land which he fware alive.

to Abraham, to Ifaac, and to 21 Now therefore fear ye Jacob. not: I will nourish


and 25 And Joseph took an your little ones.

And he oath of the children of Israel, comforted them, and spake saying, God will surely visit kindly unto them.

you, and ye shall carry up 22 And Joseph dwelt in my bones from hence. Egypt, he and his father's

269 So Joseph died, being house: and Joseph lived an an hundred and ten years hundred and ten years,

old : and they embalmed 23 And Joseph saw Ephra- him, and he was put in a im's children of the third gacoffin in Egypt.

From the Book of EXODUS.



CHAP. XIX. altogether on a smoke, be169 ND it came to pass cause the Lord defcended

on the third day in upon it in fire: and the the morning, that there were smoke thereof ascended as thunders, and lightnings, and the smoke of a furnace, and

thick cloud upon the the whole mount quaked mount, and the voice of the greatly. trumpet exceeding loud; fo 19 And when the voice that all the people that was of the trumpet sounded long, in the camp trembled. and waxed louder and louder,

17 And Moses brought Mofes fpake, and God anforth the people out of the swered him by a voice. camp to meet with God, and 20 And the Lord came they stood at the nether part down upon mount Sinai, on of the mount.

the top of the mount: and 18 And mount Sinai was the Lord called Moses up to

the top of the mount, and other gods before me. Mofes went up.

4 Thou fhalt not make 21 And the Lord said unto unto thee any graven image, Mofes, Go down, charge or any likeness of any thing the people, left they break that is in heaven above, or through unto the Lord' to that is in the earth beneath, gaze, and

of them


or that is in the water under rith.

the earth : 22 And let the priests al 5 Thou shalt not bow fo, which come near to the down thyself to them, nor Lord, fanctify themselves, left serve them: for I the Lord the Lord break forth upon thy God am a jealous god, them.

visiting the iniquity of the 23 And Moses said unto fathers upon the children the Lord, The people cannot unto the third and fourth gecome up to mount Sinai: for neration of them that hate thou chargedst us, faying, me; Set bounds abound


6 And shewing mercy unto mount, and sanctify it.

thousands of them that love 24 And the Lord faid me, and keep my commandunto him, Away, get thee ments. down, and thou shalt come 7 Thou shalt not take the up, thou and Aaron with name of the Lord thy God thee: but let not the priests in vain: for the Lord will and the people break through, not hold him guiltless that to come up unto the Lord, taketh his name in vain. left he break forth upon

8 Remember the fabbaththem.

day, to keep it holy. 25 So Moses went down 9 Six days shalt thou la.. unto the people, and spake bour, and do all thy work: unto them.

10 But the seventh day is

the fabbath of the Lord thy. CHAP. XX.

God: in it thou shalt not do ND God spake all any work, thou, nor thy

these words, saying, fon, nor thy daughter, thy 2 I am the Lord thy God, man-fervant, nor thy maidwhich have brought thee out fervant, nor thy cattle, nor of the land of Egypt, out of thy stranger that is within the house of bondage. thy gates. 3 Thou shalt have rio II For in six days the



Lord made heaven and earth, any thing that is thy neigh-
the sea and all that in them bour's.
is, and rested the seventh 18 And all the people saw
day; wherefore the Lord the thunderings, and light-
blessed the fabbath-day, and nings, and noise of the trum-
hallowed it.

pet, and the mountain smoak-
12 Honour thy father and ing: and when the people
thy mother: that thy days saw it, they removed, and
may be long upon the land stood afar off.
which the Lord thy God 19 And they said unto
giveth thee.

Moses, Speak thou with us, 13

Thou shalt not kill. and we will hear: but let 14 Thou shalt not com- nòt God speak with us, left mit adultery,

15 Thou shalt not steal. 20 And Moses said unto 16 Thou shalt not bear the people, Fear not; for false witness

witness against thy God is come to prove you, neighbour.

and that his fear may be 17 Thou shalt not covet before your faces, that ye fin thy neighbour's house, thou not. fhalt not covet thy neigh 21 And the people stood bour's wife, nor his mán- afar off, and Moles drew fervant, nor his maid-servant, near unto the thick darkness nor his ox, nor his ass, nor where God was.

we die.

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From the Book of N UM BER S.


CHAP. XXII. children of Israel.
ND the children of 4 And Moab faid unto

Ifrael set forward, and the elders of Midian, Now pitched in the plains of Mo- fhall this company lick up ab, on this fide Jordan by all that are round about us, Jericho.

as the ox licketh up the grass 2 And Balak the son of of the field. And Balak the Zippor faw all that Ifrael son of Zippor was king of had done to the Amorites. the Moabites at that time.

3 And Moab was sore 5 He sent messengers afraid of the people, because therefore unto Balaam the they were many: and Moab fon of Beor, to Pethor, which was diffrefled becaule of the is by the river of the land



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