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13 the undersigned corziscicr pecintes by you on April 11, 1970, replacing the coraitiee appcinica y cieron.Cuaries Bolianula to commuot un investigacion into the causa on ihe ninc explosion zich occured at the Hovor City rüne 01 t..chelon aning coupany on April 10,1970 and subritë 3 Terozi on our findines and recoiu.cndations, have completed our investigation and here:cin submit the follorin rapozio

I: his report reets with your approval, please send one copy to lizei Horvain, Supto, of the fielen lining Company, P.O.Boz Draker Dis Howr City, Pa.,15743

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Go Kepharminc insector 15th bituminous District

ck 121720.00 Jonca, Criar Ming Inspector 19th Bituminous District

Mbin O.Johnson, Alectrical. Inspector 16th Bituminous District

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The H02.0r City mine, nie liria, Cozpany operating in the "E" Sewa (up or arcoporü) is located sourozanately 1 iilc lorthiest of the viliage of Corai, 220, on the Ivec cide on iso.wute 3202140

Presenë mine openix's consisüs om 2 viio compartment slope, on 27 angle o1 16. degrees, 29-1? icet in length wita belt instailed in the top deck and track on the bottom for the transportation of rien material and supplies. A single compartment shaft 603 feet in de tă edhausting.

Tno mine employes 141 ren of which 121 are employes underground on 3 shifts a day producing 1,100 tons of coal 5 days a week by 3 2031 iue Norse donors and I Joy 210m miner, all of wich are continuous tymo mining machines, the coal is transported froin the face areas to conveyor belis by sational läne Service Compary lozkars when it is then transported to the surface to coal storage silos through a metering station to the Homer City Generating Station.

Power is supplied to the mine by an AC surface sub-station at 13.2 XV, transitied underground by high voltage transmission cables to siitch houses, which in turn supply to combination load centers where the power is reduced to faco ubilization voltage.

Ventilation is provided by a propeller type fan capable of producing 300,000 CFM at a 5 inch water gauge, and which at present is producing 170,300 CFM at a 2 inch water gauge. The fan is installed in accordance with the requirements of the Bituminous Coal Mining "aws of Pennsylvania.

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At 4 AN, April 10,1970 ,, Nine Inspector oi tho cisūrici received a telephone call from collfred Homatin, suot or the Horar city jine, of the icien fining company informing ren of troue at the inc, but that he had no information as to what thc pzouzlo was oz persond effected, I received ühe secona call acdiatciy terazu from r. Thomas Musick, Vice residenü and General Manager of the company siating that there had been an ignition but that he had no further information as to the location, number of persons involved or extent of darlago done.

I instructed ressers, Horvath and Musick to disconrisct all pover from the mind and ruinove the men at once , and that I was leaving for the rine immediately, I then contacted Inspector G.Afephart and Electrical Inspector Albin O.johnson requesting their assitance and informing them 02 the limited information I had, and that I was proceding to the mine and would contact the Egensburg Of ice from there.

Arriving at the mine at 4:20 AM I received tho folloring information; Ine explosion had occured in the No.7 Entry 02 Cross Over mains at 3:40 AM, 3 men had been burned and were being broucht to the surface but that they could not locate one man, I inquired as to whether there wa were any fires burning and was informed that there were no fires.

Messers; J.Nip:es and Thomas Lausick inquired at this time as to ether they could have enough men to partly restore the ventilation enough to locate the missing man, aiter contacting the insido to insure wain wy possible fires and reviewing the mine mes I wroed. I then contacted jm.D.D.Millvard, Director of Safety, Dept, Mines ő Mineral Incustries at 4:25 AM inžorming him of the explosion and related the information mich was avalible at this tire, líraillward surgested that Chie? Inspector

airrence Jones, at this time I received word what the missing man had Seen found and vas being brought to the surface and that he was dead.

At 4:32 I directed b. Horiach, lune Sunio and J.Ninpes, Proüuction “anajer to temporarily establish sufficient ventilation to pouvert the possibiliü; of 2 seco... eziosion then remove ali persons 1.0. the inco 3:35 An I proceed 1201the mine office to the lamp housu were I cuestioned Peter -.zeraticn the miner operatorio had boer. Operating the mince in this cury Siera the explosion .cd occured porazdins the explosion, te süstea inat he saw the explosion start on tre ieft side of the face at the rooi. I also questioned John Strini a shuüile car operator who was with him, 120 stated that he had not üresci the explosion becauss he was running shuttle car in the No.3 ta; of South *ains. Ai this time. asiied l*.Strini to obtain the names of the other rerbers of the South mains and Cross Over mains crews while I let with life thobert Dart of the Civil Defence Crow and the three ulance drivers who were asking for me and till I could contact the mire supt. and J.vippes who were in the mine for a progress report.


* 5 * I returiod to che ring orrice 20. stie ca o üze isice, 20 che sare tine Inspector Goikephari and D...antioj oi the user mited and I reiwes the inicmzuion i had cü this time to


ht 5:30 di still being unabis to contact wione w.dezound prepared to underground ccccpenice by I. Junölcs, leärir. 19:03cto:

chori on the suriace at the, ac this time electrical opucica Alvin O.Joncos arrived and süüyca ich Inspector kopio I procureur wdorjuun to a poi mi just inby 2 arnt incie ie60 the mind out. J. ipres, Production sans es, I inquired as to the safesy oi his ma con

utier av fires had been found, they 1.2 that the men roze site 2.d thai 20 Ares iere bursi. I virecüed the supi to remove il pessons 120... the mine who had been enraged in parily restoring the ventilation, and that ir.fiuilcy and myself soula 1:2it at Roos entry or Cross over and for him to send the inspectors for the Depülü erinera. Industries, and including ühe USBM ana Kne Saiety Commitice in.

Upon arrival in the mires of the inspectors , the investigation was started at 8 AM, April 10.1970.

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sivursucüc oz Noob ay üü corücücd's coct 20Cuzica mucosio, no tost as pero, 3 ceci io. cür indicaica

og ubic zi: ruotid 29 n.Cucizci in ihre chiachroch keine Rooi is? Scary choicc 1,500 cm in a movilita a chuir oz other.o. -20 lii.e cw1V23 and checks út chis cinc been parily recto odio

clerico Dio sive accumulation of rouane. He ut Vaiced to the face oi o encanto aid obacine inune reüliigs us iollows; Lciü sice o? icco o7is Cria, right side of iice .6;: C:\", bchind the Erc cevas ine

amii vy on heasured was 960 CE min. 55 CHIL. ne cesd can cutoicouch iron No.6 to 7 the folloiring methane reading. ut we iaceo; wert side 1.3 Clit, right side 1.5 CH4 with 3 benin the line canvas. We then proceded through last open cut-through to noo? Batzy.

Ine visibie evidence of coke on the roof and ribs in the cut-through indicated the income had also traveled toward nwser ú 9.2023', pon arrivix in the intersecüion 01 No.7 'ntry the commission Towna bahini the line canvas tich had been restored that a muner of 04: ciist bas had beon on do as a result of the explosion jurther cridence showed the line canvas had been up but the force of the oplosion had wraped the plastic line canvas areound the post, ..elted it out and the balince vaso strong back toward the retum in No.? wiary, this would also account for the coke found in the cut-through Setricen aos. & 7 Entry which could have deflected the flame in this direction.

Car investigation of 1!0.7 Eitry provided the idhingya incomation;ine face on the left side had been advanced 107 ieec iniy the cüinthrough, the face on the righë side and extending into iho Swip cut had been driven 121 fecü from the cut-through with a Joy Ecciei Civ. Continuous miner and Toricar behind it seviin in the swip cüi, che deuth of the sump cut being 14 it.5 inches rith a bicia of vine cui beina ll ft. 6 inches, and the operator had been cutüins boch top and bottom rock, the rock at the roof had becn blackened while the Lotto rock under the head c: showed inite, the height oi the coal 25 ló inches with a sulpher sireak across the face 18 inches from the Lotton, the top rock was of a rolly hard sardrocko

ests for methane vere talden and the follo:ring readings cecorice; on the lert side in the sw.o cut 7 ieet from the face the CCS 1.3 on tho right side in theo cung cut also 7 ieet from the zuce the case was 1.6% and 5 co ó fect in front of the controls on the rimer the Chili was 1.1, the line carves vias 20 ito 6 inches from ülic Zace of the sun cuč. cr measured behind the line canvas which had beon po the cab of the miner with a coa oi 12 square fest and 2 velocäty 02 225 2 showed a quantity oi 2,700 CFM and a methane content of bíó, the idth 02 the entry just cuiby the surne cut being 192 its and the line canvas that had been up just prior to the explosion was raped sound the post and relted off :ith the balance strung. back toward the


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